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The Mash

Collaborating with friends old and new, we've bundled up some of our favorite events into the Brooklyn Brewery Mash, for the fourth consecutive year in 2016. The Mash is a week of parties, comedy, pop-up supper clubs and enlightening discussions, all featuring humanity’s favorite beverage in 9 cities around the world.  Each installment of the Mash brings together people looking for something new with local artists, food producers and brewers to shine a light on the best and brightest of each city we visit. The Mash stars some of our most exciting neighbors here in Brooklyn as well as their local counterparts in each tour stop.

NYC food and art organizations have been closely linked to the Brooklyn Brewery from the beginning. Be it a beer dinner, a cook-off, a concert or a film festival, the ethos of these happenings has consistently mirrored the consideration and creativity behind the making of the Brewery’s beer. Paired with the flavor and flair of Brooklyn, classic nightlife like eating out and going to a movie are reinvented into a more intimate and interactive experience. We have sought out creative people with the same passions in cities around the world for The Mash, plugging in to these communities to learn and celebrate all they’ve done.

We hope to see you on the 2016 Mash Tour. 


We traveled around the world with the Mash in 2016, stopping at: 

LONDON, UK: May 11-15
STOCKHOLM, SE: May 26-29
CHICAGO, IL: August 11-14
PHILADELPHIA, PA: August 25-28
PARIS, FR: September 14-18
WASHINGTON, DC: October 6-9
BOSTON, MA: October 13-16
AUSTIN, TX: November 10-14
NEW ORLEANS, LA: November 17-20