The Brooklyn Brewery Mash

Collaborating with friends old and new, we've bundled up some of our favorite events into The Brooklyn Brewery Mash, America's largest traveling food and arts festival. The Mash is a week of parties, comedy, concerts, pop-up supperclubs and readings, all featuring humanity’s favorite beverage in 12 American and European cities. Each installment of The Mash manages to bring together those that wish to find out something new while showing off their area of experties. On paper, the events themselves don't differ from your normal every day recreational activities: eating, watching movies, going to shows, etc. EXCEPT they definitely do differ from your normal every day recreational activities. We guarantee you'll never have as much fun in a non-adult movie theater as you do at Found Footage. We're certain that you'll not soon forget the multi-sensory experience of a Slow Supper. And we're pretty psyched to share our favorite new bands with you too.  

As we tour the world, collaborating with chefs, sharing stories with local breweries and meeting new comics, we'll also be raising some money for the non-profit Slow Food U.S.A. and all her local chapters in the towns we visit. Read more about Slow Food's mission to advocate for good, safe and fair food on our partners page. 

“We’re absolutely delighted to have the support of the Brooklyn Brewery as it launches its Mash tour,” says Richard McCarthy, Executive Director of Slow Food USA. “Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver has been a Slow Food supporter for a long time and we’re looking forward to the celebrations in the various local communities.”

NYC food and art organizations have been closely linked to Brooklyn Brewery from the beginning. Be it a beer dinner, cook-off, concert or film festival, the ethos of these happenings has consistently mirrored the consideration and creativity behind the making of The Brewery’s beer. Paired with the flavor and flair of Brooklyn, classic nightlife like eating out and going to a movie are reinvented into a more intimate and interactive experience.

Helping color in The Mash, NBNY, the organizers of Brooklyn’s Bring to Light festival, will create their immersive installations of light and projection art at the closing concert of each week. 

“The Mash is an expression of Brooklyn art, music, food and the cultural links we see with many cities around the world,” says Brooklyn Brewery President & Co-founder Steve Hindy. “There is a revolution happening in the world of food and the world of beer, and we are happy to celebrate this revolution with our friends around the US.” Speaking of revolutions, Steve will be on tour with The Mash talking about his new book "Craft Beer Revolution: How a band of microbrewers is transforming the world's favorite drink". In every citiy we visit he'll engage the leaders of that community's beer scene in coversation at a local brewery. Stories will be told and beers will be had.  We can't think of a better way to celebrate the things we love with the various communities that drink our beer. Here's to seeing you at The Mash.


Every installment of The Mash is custom tailored to the cities it visits. Go to for info.

NASHVILLE, TN: March 2 - 8
NEW ORLEANS, LA: March 30 - April 5
CHICAGO, IL: April 27 - May 3
STOCKHOLM, SWE: May 18 - 24
WASHINGTON, DC: June 1 - 7
PITTSBURGH, PA: June 22 – 28
LONDON, UK: July 27 - August 2
TWIN CITIES: August 10 - 16
PHILADELPHIA, PA:  September 28 - October 4
BOSTON, MA: October 12 – 18
MIAMI, FL: October 26 - November 1
AUSTIN, TX: November 16 - 22