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The Mash

For the beer drinkers of the world we live in a glorious time. A time marked by nearly unlimited choice, yeastly experiments, collaborations, grain power, one-upmanship, hop worship and variations on the theme of delicious adventure. Beer has been around as long as history and yet we can confidently call our time a golden age of beer. As brewers, we feel that all this adds up to a mighty good reason to party.

Partying is as part of the beer industry as anything else -- it comes with the territory. Brewers are called to start the party, join the party, and sometimes, end the party. After a while, one gets pretty good at it. The Mash represents our opportunity to take all that experience and put our best partying foot forward. This year The Mash takes the form of one grand undertaking: Beer Mansion.

With Beer Mansion we aim to serve you our favorite beers within the context of their flavor spectrum and the aesthetics & activities that they inspire. We have built a different kind of beer festival. The usual tropes are here -- a ticket to gain entrance, a glass for all one’s beers, and many, many tasty hand-crafted beers to taste. There is no massive white tent, no vacuous convention center, no fluorescent lighting and no endless line of indistinguishable plastic beer dispensers. In attendance and at your service are some of the most intelligent, passionate and creative people in the beer industry, coming at you from both our ranks and those of our friends. Eater has brought their best local pals from the ever-changing food world. Some of our friends are in bands; they’ll be there. Some of our friends make augmented reality. You’ll be able to check that out too. And then there’s rest of our companions, whose talents you’ll have to see for yourself.

The only crime one can only truly commit at Beer Mansion is to sit still*. There isn’t a guide book or a map to lead you around. You have to let your thirst do that. Cheers!

Ben Hudson Marketing Director, The Brooklyn Brewery

*there are other crimes that can be committed at Beer Mansion, like murder. We highly discourage them too.

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