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Dinner Party No. 2 with Brooklyn Grange


Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a collaborative, multi-course feast with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson & dedicated to spotlighting local producers. Head to Humboldt & Jackson on August 7 at 6:30 PM for the second installment of our Dinner Party series. Dinner Party No. 2 will … Continue reading


Mash Files: Pittsburgh 2014

I never thought I would say this, but Pittsburgh really has this Philly boy over the moon with its incredible culinary scene. Our first Pittsburgh Mash was great, but this year was bonkers, bubbly, fermented, and delicious. There is a … Continue reading


SLIDELUCK Staten Island Recap

[Text by Jen Plaskowitz] [Photos by David Deng] “My hat is off to all who made their way to my home, Clear Comfort, Saturday evening; Staten Island has always been difficult to get to but I think we all agree … Continue reading


Cheese Pairing | Week of July 21st

Brooklyn Hammarby Syndrome with Adelegger. Meaty, nutty, and complex, this cheese is part of the German new wave of alpine cheeses. It’s nuttiness will pair well with the fruitiness of the brew. Martin Johnson runs The Joy of Cheese, a … Continue reading


Live from Pittsburgh: The Craft Beer Revolution

Craft Beer Revolution Live presents our discussions with brewers across the country about the rise and risk of the craft beer industry. Each city will be posted here on our blog as well as our Soundcloud page. Taste with your ear buds. On June 22nd, the Mash rolled … Continue reading


Who’s That Beer? Brooklyn Best Bitter

Who’s That Beer? puts a spotlight on some of the Brooklyn Brewery beers you might not see often, but could still encounter in the wild. Enjoy meeting some of our favorite brews. Cask-conditioned beer or “real ale” has inspired a … Continue reading