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Get Ready For The #DefendDenton Artist Immersion

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Brace yourselves, Denton: The Defender is coming to town on Saturday, November 5 from 2-6 PM for the first-ever #DefendDenton Artist Immersion. Bring your walking and drinking shoes as you swing between:

Now, us being a brewery, you know there’s going to be plenty of Defender IPA and tons of other beers. But each bar will also team up with a local artist to create their own rendition of our Defender character. Chalk, paint, oils, whatever– they’re bringing their A game, and making it all happen right before your eyes. You’ll also be able to purchase original work from each artist and support the local art scene.

We know that some people find it tough to schedule a full day of beer and art. To add a little more inspiration, we’re giving away prizes to the first one hundred people to collect a stamp from all five locations on the immersion. In addition to a free Brooklyn Defender Pint Glass, you’ll take home free tickets to the Heroes in the Making exhibit at the Patterson Appleton Arts Center. And hey, even if you don’t make it to every bar, you’ll still be able to pick up a custom Defender screenprinted shirt from Nice Dudes. We’ll see you on the trail.

Learn more about the featured artists below:

Matthew Gordon Sallack is the creative force behind Otter Illustration. He sells prints, buttons, greeting cards, plushed animals, postcards, magnets, stickers, and has even published a couple books. His style of artwork is self-described as whimsical surrealism. His subject matter regularly rotates to anything from Horror Movies to Board Games. Michael Jackson to Kristin Wiig. And let’s not forget about animals, pizza, and puns. He works as a freelance artist, designing logos, event posters, and anything else one can dream of drawing. He regularly sells his wares at the Denton Community Market (Saturday mornings at the Denton Historic Park, 9am-1pm.) You can also find his stuff at The DIME Store, where he works on the co-op. You can also find his work in Denton destinations like A Creative Art Studio, The Bearded Monk, and Freaks & Geeks.

Jamie McRoberts learned to love the world from the vast and neverending cosmos, deep in the bosom of the universe, and in his travels through space and time found Earth as a temporary home. Earth, the little blue marble teeming with life and love, death and hate, magic and destruction and limitless potential for beauty. It was on this goofy globe that his spirit was brightened by the glow of Saturday morning cartoons, the creatures and characters flashing on the TV screen created in the image of man by the hand of man. He saw potential…Potential in the form of creation. To breathe life into characters, created in his image, by his hand. Through these creepy dudes, Jamie brings a playful joy to the misery of existence, bright colors and cute characters underscoring a deep dive into the emotional depths of human experience.

Cameron Cox is a Metalsmith and fashion accessory designer from rural Alaska. She attended university at Murray State of Kentucky; where she received her Bachelors in Fine Arts. She works to combine non-traditional objects with traditional metalsmithing techniques, in the process of which creating a menagerie of adorning curiosities, some of which you can view here on her website. She is currently residing in Texas as gallery director and working as an artist of mixed media. You can view more works in process on Instagram at @Camcocasati.

Travis Sykes was born in Spring, Texas in 1989 and spent the majority of his life in the greater Houston area. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a BFA in Watercolor.  Travis currently lives in Denton, Texas.  He is a well-versed artist that crosses over into many different mediums.  He enjoys Norwegian style meads, Devo, fireworks, Big Trouble in Little China, and blaming it on the dog.

Joe Duncan is a Kentucky-born illustrator living and working in North Texas. He is Southern enough to tell a good joke, but sophisticated enough to know when not to.

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