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Monster’s Log: Tuesday, February 7

One of our Brand Managers showed me a collection of recently-discovered paintings that have been unveiled to an enthralled art world by this Russian Web Site. The pieces depict a lethargic cat thrust into various classical scenarios, i.e. riding a shell, relaxing in a meadow, floating through Salvador Dali’s subconscious, etc., which got me thinking about the countless pieces of art that will one day commemorate my own legacy. I’d rather not be remembered for giving the king of Spain a lift down the valley, so I’m getting off my malt bag and onto the treadmill.

Velazquez, Philip IV on Catback

  • Zarathustra the Cat

    Hello, Our brother Monster, thank you for your appreciation of Our art! We just found your blog and We like it very much. So nice to meet another cat blogger!
    Your brother,
    Zarathustra the Cat from Russia

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