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Monster’s Log: Tuesday, March 6

So what did you do yesterday? Got a bunch of stuff done? Good for you!

I did this. Took me all day, but well worth the effort. Little known fact that koalas are actually vicious fighters and were originally bred to protect farmers against raiding dingo gangs. Perched on high above the Australian plains, they’d drop down on those dogs like fluffy thunder, and with razor sharp claws make quick work of their foe. Which reminds me: the people up in the office told me I need to start talking about Brooklyn Brewery more and less about my Internet findings, so here goes:

Hey everyone! It’s spring! Drink our spring seasonal Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout in responsible quantities! And get this shirt, too! Cheers!

That should do…

  • Jspica

    you sound bored. can i write for you? here’s a taste:
    Hi Brooklynites! I missed you at the tasting last Friday, but I plan to be there again this week. A friend is in from Mexico and she thinks we don’t make real beer here! At 5 for $20, we’ll press our case. Lets talk St. Patrick, and prepare for Spring.Cheers, J. Spicawell what do you think? See you Friday at 5pm.

  • BugginWord

    And then they give you chlamydia. Filthy koalas.

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