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All photos by Eric Schwortz

We gathered at The Boathouse in Prospect Park with Ovenly and The Meathook to celebrate the arrival of Brooklyn Detonation Ale. Friends, family, the beer bloggeratti, all showed up for mirth and merriment.

All we can say is that Detonation worked. Not for free either. Tickets sold plus tips collected earned the inimitable Prospect Park Alliance $3,262.

Mad Hops over at BeerGoggins had this to say about the party:

Brooklyn Brewery’s Detonation Ale Explodes Onto The Scene

On Monday, August 16, the skies opened up and some heavy rains washed down over New York. Walking toward the Boathouse at the Audubon House in Prospect Park, a park official cut us off. “Can’t go this way,” he said. “It’s flooded down that way.”

The reason? Brooklyn Brewery’s newest creation blew a hole in the sky.

Damp and overlooking a pond rife with fallen leaves and paddling ducks, bloggers and beer lovers gathered under gray clouds to celebrate Garrett Oliver’s newest brewmaster’s reserve, aptly dubbed Detonation Ale.

Taking their BLAST! IPA and upping the ante, Detonation Ale features seven – count ‘em, seven – different kinds of hops. As my sudsy pseudonym suggests, this pleased me very much. This hop-heavy pale ale is a dark copper in color, heavy on the citric aromas and very, very easy to drink.

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More photos here.

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