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Buscemi Fargo

Tom Shillue excited for Thursday’s “Funny Story” (Oct 18 @ The Brooklyn Brewery)

[My voice and Steve Buscemi in Fargo (I'm about to die)]

From the man behind Funny Story himself, Tom Shillue:

I recently did some ADR work on the film Batchelorette. Whats that, you ask? Oh, good, I get to explain an obscure part of my professional life. ADR stands for “additional dialogue replacement”, where actors go into the studio and dub the voices of the various characters on the periphery of the scene-bartenders, dog walkers, etc. Every film has them, and if they are anywhere on screen, they need an actor to provide their voice. Sometimes I get to do some really juicy replacement sounds that were not picked up during shooting for whatever reason. When the director yells, “forget it- we’ll do it in post!” that is welcome news for the ADR artist. Here is a famous scene in which I got to provide the dying sounds of a murdered officer in Fargo. My voice comes in at 1:31, and it is basically the sounds of a struggling and dying man:

Yeah, that was me! Dying guy in Fargo.

So when I went in to the studio to work on Batchelorette, to my surprise, there on the screen was the amazing Arden Myrin playing the character of Melissa. We did a film together! And now she is going to appear live on Funny Story at The Brewery!

This will be an amazing show with incredible funny stories from Gabe Liedman who has one of the best comedy shows in town “Big Terrific”, and one of the best comics in New York, Jared Logan.

Funny Story at The Brooklyn Brewerywith:
+ Tom Shillue
+ Arden Myrin
+ Jared Logan
+ Gabe Liedman

Thursday October 18, $10:

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