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Vintage Brooklyn bar 1905

Vintage Photo of the Week: Brooklyn Celebrates Repeal Day

Charles Schindler standing behind his busy bar, ca. 1905, v1972.1.1064; Early Brooklyn and Long Island photograph collection, ARC.201; Brooklyn Historical Society.

From the Brooklyn Historical Society, 12/5/12:

“For those of you who are unaware, today is Repeal Day!  It’s the anniversary of the day that the National Prohibition Act was repealed in 1933.  For 11 unfortunate years, the United States banned the production, sale, and transport of alcohol much to the delight of teetotalers across the country.  You can read more about the history of Prohibition in Brooklyn in my 2010 Repeal Day blog post.”

Repeal Day may be past, but that’s no reason to stop celebrating the end of an altogether silly era in American history.  Raise a glass to those who passed the 21st amendment tonight.

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