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Garrett Oliver Takes His Place At The Table(s)

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Our Brewmaster Garrett Oliver has had a busy year, from winning the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional, to training the brewers at our new sister brewery Nya Carnegie in Stockholm, to designing new brewing courses at the Culinary Institute of America. For the first time this year, you’ve got two chances to catch Garrett in his element at dinner in New York City. Grab your tickets today and get a chance to see the Brewmaster, hear about the new beers and projects he’s working on, and admire his hats.

-Nya Carnegie Beer Dinner with Chefs Billy White and Andrew Gerson @ NORTH Festival: On September 18th at the NORTH Festival Pop-Up, Garrett will join the diners at our Nya Carnegie Beer Dinner. Chef Billy White from Nya Carnegie and Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson will be teaming up to re-create the pairing menu Chef White has created at our sister brewery in Stockholm. This is the first, and maybe the last, time beers from Nya Carnegie will be available in the US, so Garrett will step up as the man behind the recipes and brewer training to discuss the beers, the pairings and perhaps some of his adventures in Stockholm.

-Dinner Party No. 3 With Garrett Oliver: Garrett will collaborate with Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson on September 24th for our third Dinner Party to create a menu celebrating his 20 years with the brewery and his ever-expanding roster of experimental beers. A number of new Ghost Bottlesbeers so rare they almost never see the light of daywill be on hand to illustrate some of Garrett’s most exciting new work and pair up with some of Garrett and Chef Andrew’s favorite foods to make. Brand new beers and the man who dreamed them up make this a can’t-miss evening for all fans of Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn Defender Sightings Confirmed!


We’re proud to team up with New York Comic Con to bring the Brooklyn Defender back for a third year. What was once a bright, amber IPA with a golden-haired hero before receiving a gritty reboot alongside a darkly hoppy ale last year, this year’s Defender, a bold new hero penned by artist Amy Reeder, is an explosive red IPA. She’s ready for any battle…but who is The Defender, you may ask?

There was a time when bars were vibrant and full of life, packed with people lovingly debating the merits of their favorite taps. The people were happy but careless, unprepared for the evil that lurked just beyond the shine of the bar top. In crept The Blandness, and the Dark Times began. Flavor and song drained from the people’s tongues, and the beer, once so beloved, fled into distant memory. Then, after many years in the dark…*WHAP*! *CRUNCH*! *POW*! Out of the red dawn strode a hero: The Defender!

*CRASH*! Like a bolt of lightning she struck, at first too fast to be seen, and then suddenly too bold to be missed, beating back the shadows and sending flavorless swill skulking down the drains. Now the time has come for the people to remember the old ways and the soulful, wild beers they once cheered. Beers that grab you by the collar and make you sing along to songs you thought you’d forgotten. Beers worth defending…beers worthy of ourselves and our champion!

Some say the power of The Defender derives from red malts, which give her the bold color and rich roasted flavors she brings to the fray. Others say the secret is the explosive Mosaic hop that punches the nose with a rich fruity aroma, withering The Blandness with a hearty laugh. She moves gracefully but swiftly, a rambunctious blur assuring victory for all!

The Defender is worth celebrating, but like any celebration she’ll only be here so long before duty calls in some other dim city. You have your taps back and must defend them in her stead. Be strong. Keep an eye out for The Defender at your favorite bars, and be ready to sing and toast at her elbow when you do see her. The Dark Times have passed. It’s time for The Defender.

Where can you find The Defender? Across the city leading up to New York Comic Con, wherever good beer is poured and The Blandness is vanquished. At each of the events below, a pair of three-day passes to New York Comic Con is yours for the taking:

9/18: Pony Bar HK, Manhattan, NY
9/24: Woodwork, Brooklyn, NY
9/26: New Haven, CT Bar Crawl at: BAR, Prime 16, Ordinary, & Cask Republic.
9/29: Barcade, Brooklyn, NY
9/29: Barcade, Manhattan, NY
9/30: Sunswick, Queens, NY
10/1: Beer Culture, Manhattan, NY


NORTH Festival at Brooklyn Brewery


From September 12th-20th, Scandinavia is coming to New York City for the second annual NORTH Nordic Food Festival. The festival will feature classes, demonstrations, pop-up restaurants, roundtable discussions, kitchen collaborations around the city, and more. You’ll be able to find Brooklyn Brewery beers across the festival, and we’ll be hosting a handful of events found below. These events will be the first time our sister brewery, Nya Carnegie’s beers are available on this side of the Atlantic, so don’t miss your only chance to try them outside of Sweden before the taps run dry.

Nordic Street Food Festival @ Brooklyn Brewery: Tasting stations throughout the brewery will feature samples of traditional Nordic street food, from fried herring to reindeer wraps. We’ll be pouring both Brooklyn Brewery and Nya Carnegie beers, so be sure to come give those new beers a warm welcome alongside some delicious samples.

Nya Carnegie Beer Dinner with Chefs Andrew Gerson and Billy White @ NORTH Festival Pop Up: Chef Andrew Gerson from Brooklyn Brewery and Chef Billy White of Nya Carnegie will come together at the NORTH Pop-Up space to recreate the menu found at the tasting room of Nya Carnegie in Stockholm. The beers of Nya Carnegie will take the spotlight as our chefs show off the food Chef White’s kitchen has designed to perfectly pair with each.

Nordic Hot Dog Championship @ Brooklyn Brewery: Nordic hot dog chefs both professional and amateur will come together to duke it out for eternal hot dog glory right here at the Brooklyn Brewery. Tickets include a sample of each entry, coffee, beer from Brooklyn Brewery and Nya Carnegie, and the chance to watch someone’s dreams come true.

Nya Carnegie Beers @ Brooklyn Brewery: NORTH is one of the very, very rare occasions that beers from our sister brewery will cross the Atlantic and be available in the US. While you can find them during NORTH events, we’ll also be pouring them in the Tasting Room. Stop by for a taste of:

An unfiltered, golden German-style lager.
5.9% ABV

Elderflower wit
A Belgian-style witbier spiced with handpicked elderflowers and lemon.
5.3% ABV

A witbier brewed with aquavit spices (star anise, fennel seeds, caraway seeds and lemon zest).
5.6% ABV

A session IPA with a bright pine and citrus hop character.
4.5% ABV

Lumens in tenebris
A dark aaison with Tasmanian black pepper, long pepper from Bali and Cubeb pepper from Madagascar.
6.7% ABV

Primus Lux
A strong dark ale, or winter warmer, brewed with Muscovado sugar.
7.2% ABV

A classic, malty amber ale.
4.8% ABV

An Imperial Stout brewed with palm tree sap sugar (brought home from Java by Brewer Josefine).
8.5% ABV





Brooklyn Brewery & The Bowery Presents want you to have a great Thursday night, and we’ve got the giveaway to prove it. Up for grabs are two spots on a Small Batch tour & tasting of the Brewery , and two tickets to Reigning Sound on Thursday, August 28th.  You and your +1 can tour the brewery & sip some beers before heading over to the Bowery Ballroom for the show.

On tour for their first full-length album since 2009′s Love & Curses, Reigning Sound is ready to show you “what Saturday night in America used to sound like, [...] that reckless abandon and all its nostalgia pulls” with Shattered LP, “a boldly traditional, and fantastically well-rounded album of rock ‘n’ roll.”

Sound like your kind of night? Entering is easy: Follow both Brooklyn Brewery &The Bowery Presents on Instagram, like the event photo, and you’re in the running. Contestants must be 21+ to enter, and winners will be announced this Wednesday, August 27th. Happy Instagramming!

This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze


This Week in Beer is an aggregator of stories we thought were important or fun in our world of potables. If you saw something we missed or hate something we listed, let us know in the comments. And stop trying to correct everyone all the time, it’s unnerving.

Does you team have the best beer in baseball? The Washington Post has a handy infographic to help you find out.

For years, one man has approved virtually every beer label design in the United States. Among brewers, he’s a tyrant. A legend.” Meet the Beer Bottle Dictator.

In not-so-surprising Booze News: it’s pretty hard to tell one light macro beer from another.

Check out this video about “a crazy little beer law, and the people trying to change it.”

Brooklyn Brewery BrooklynBrewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Brewery Mash Garrett Oliver Steve Hindy Brooklyn Lager BrooklynLager Sorachi #GoldDots

The Mash takes the Twin Cities: August 9th-16th


As home to the United States’ second-oldest family run brewery (which also happens to be the largest & oldest brewery in Minneapolis), the Twin Cities are already firmly entrenched as a craft beer bastion. Beer-friendly legislature meant an 81% increase in breweries between 2011 and 2012, and between that and the amazing time we had there on the Mash last year, of course we wanted to go back. Check out the lineup below.

Brooklyn Beer Here
Saturday August 9th – Friday, August 15th, varied locations: All week long during the Mash we’ll have cooking demos, beer pairings, Tap Attacks, and the chance to grab a limited-edition Mash apparel collab.

Dinner On the Farm w/ Haute Dish
Sunday, August 10th, 3pm Luster Lands Organic Farm$55Head to Luster Lands Organic Farm for a family-style farm dinner made by Chef Andrew and Haute Dish with Brooklyn beer, local food, live music, and games.

Craft Beer Revolution
Monday, August 11th, 6:30pm, Fulton Brewing Company, $6: 
Steve Hindy is joined by local heroes of brewing from Fulton, Schell, and Urban Growler to discuss all things craft beer.

Brooklyn Ha Ha
Tuesday, August 12th, 7pm, Nomad World Pub, $6New York comedy comes to the Twin Cities with Matt Koff, Jesse Popp, & Michael Lehrer.

Found Footage Festival
Tuesday, August 12th, 8pm, Fine Line Music Cafe, $13Relive the Golden Age of bizarre VHS tapes by watching them in all their lo-res glory.

Mash EDU: Beer & Spice Making Nice
Wednesday, August 13th, 7pm, Kitchen in the Market, $15Learn the art of pairing beer and food with Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson.

Summer Feast & Soiree w/ Chef Thomas Boemer
Thursday, August 14th, 7pm, Secret TBA location, $75Chef Andrew teams up with Thomas Boemer of Corner Table for a multi-course beer dinner with live music in a pop-up location.

Mash EDU: Homebrewer Edition
Saturday, August 16th, 2pm, Northern Brewer, free with RSVPExperienced homebrewers teach you how to make beer from the comfort of your own stove.

Mash Bash
Saturday, August 16th, 8pm, Amsterdam Bar & Hall, free: The Mash ends on a high note with Marnie Stern, BNLX, and Pink Mink.


This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze


This Week in Beer is an aggregator of stories we thought were important or fun in our world of potables. If you saw something we missed or hate something we listed, let us know in the comments. And stop trying to correct everyone all the time, it’s unnerving.

The country with the highest beer consumption per capita is… not the US. Challenge accepted.

Drinks Business has rounded up 10 Weird Ways to Open a Bottle. Or you could just get the right tool for the job.

The Art of Eating is giving $10,000 to the best food book of the year, and our Brewmaster Garrett Oliver gets to weigh in.

Researchers in Spain found a group of chemicals in beer, known as poly-phenols, reduced whole-body inflammation, and that’s as good a reason as any to have a pint.

Brooklyn Brewery BrooklynBrewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Brewery Mash Garrett Oliver Steve Hindy Brooklyn Lager BrooklynLager Sorachi #GoldDots

Dinner Party Prep: Get to Know Brooklyn Grange


Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a collaborative dinner series with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson, dedicated to spotlighting local producers. This month, we team up with Brooklyn Grange.

“People come to visit Brooklyn Grange for a variety of reasons,” says Ben Flanner, president and head farmer at Brooklyn Grange.  Among them, visitors come to learn “about city planning, water management, green development, healthy eating, and of course, farming.” And definitely to enjoy the view,as well.


So what is Brooklyn Grange? A marvel of urban engineering, for one thing. Two roofs in Long Island City and the Brooklyn Navy Yard hold the world’s largest rooftop soil farms which grow 50,000lbs of organic produce per year. Currently in season, and making an appearance at Dinner Party No. 2 are heirloom tomatoes, Red Belle and French Breakfast radishes, shishito peppers, fairytale eggplants, and a whole lot more.

The Grange is also, as Flanner says, “an inspiration, training ground, and a sort of incubator for hundreds of young farmers […].  We launched regular workshops this season, and have taken our teaching to a greater level. ” It’s their commitment to raising awareness of sustainable local food (plus some amazing ground cherries) that made Chef Andrew Gerson want to partner with Brooklyn Grange and Flanner for Dinner Party No. 2.


Both Flanner and Chef Gerson find inspiration outside of their communities. Chef Gerson spends much of the year on the road with The Mash, collaborating with local chefs and artisans, but always comes home to Brooklyn full of new ideas. “Nearly every place I travel, I go to visit farms,” says Flanner, ”and I always come away with some observations about different ways of doing things.  As a farmer you are constantly aggregating all of these observations in your mind, and then drawing on them.” Flanner’s spirit of collaboration surely strikes a chord with Chef Gerson, who recently told Greenpoint News that “I am constantly learning and becoming a better chef by working with others. It is amazing to make so many friends and lasting relationships in the food world, but most importantly I feel that collaboration leads to better and more interesting food and beer pairings.”


But what makes a good dinner party for the man with a farm on his roof? Great ingredients, of course, and good company. “It’s always a pleasure to sit down next to a few fun and outgoing people, learn something new from them, and maybe even become friends.It’s quite like traveling.” We have a feeling there will be plenty of both, plus some very rare Brooklyn beer, this coming Thursday. Feast your eyes on the menu below, then get your tickets and join us and Brooklyn Grange’s, Alia Ornstein for Dinner Party No. 2 on August 7th.


Tickets are available for Dinner Party No. 2 here. Keep your eyes on the blog, or follow us on Twitter for information about Dinner Party No. 3 on September 24th, celebrating Garrett Oliver’s 20th anniversary as our Brewmaster.

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Brooklyn Brewery x The Bowery Presents: A Night on the Town Giveaway


Brooklyn Brewery & The Bowery Presents want you to have a great Saturday night, and we’ve got the giveaway to prove it. Up from grabs are 10 Tasting Room beer tokens and two tickets to The Antlers on Saturday, July 26th.  You and your +1 can kick back with some beers on us during Public Hours from 12-8pm before heading over to Webster Hall for the show.

On tour for their newest release, Familiars, The Antlers have been garnering critical acclaim left and right. As Pitchfork says, “Against all odds, [The Antlers have] become one of the most interesting indie rock bands working, and the stately beauty of Familiars is the latest satisfying effort from a band that continues to reward those listeners who give them the attention their elegant, secretly weird music deserves.”

Sound like your kind of night? Entering is easy: Follow both Brooklyn Brewery & The Bowery Presents on Instagram, like the event photo, and you’re in the running. Contestants must be 21+ to enter, and winners will be announced this Thursday, July 24th. Happy Instagramming!

Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Beer Craft Beer Craft Brew

Live from Pittsburgh: The Craft Beer Revolution


Craft Beer Revolution Live presents our discussions with brewers across the country about the rise and risk of the craft beer industry. Each city will be posted here on our blog as well as our Soundcloud page. Taste with your ear buds.

On June 22nd, the Mash rolled into Pittsburgh, city of 400+ bridges and more than a handful of breweries. Brooklyn Brewery’s co-found & president, Steve Hindy, sat down to at the Church Brew Works to discuss his latest book, The Craft Beer Revolution with local heroes of brewing from the Church Brew Works, Hop Farm Brewing Company, and East End Brewing Company, moderated by Douglas Derda of Should I Drink That? Check out an excerpt where the brewers explore the oft-contentious world of gypsy brewing, or listen to the whole discussion, below:

Douglas Derda, “Should I Drink That?”: Well, back in the early days, Sam Adams caught some heat for winning an award while they were listed as a contract brewer with Pittsbrugh Brewing Company, which is very close to our hearts, and very close in location – almost directly across the street, at the time. Today there are still breweries that are contracting. […]People think of you guys working in breweries and pounding out your recipes, but then there are these other guys contracting out their recipes so other people are actually making them. Do you think that makes them less of a craft beer company or brewery?

Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery: Well, we were strictly a contract brewer for the first seven years of our existence. […] I think without contract brewing, we wouldn’t have been able to get established and eventually build our brewery in Brooklyn. So, I’m not one to throw stones at contract brewers, having been one myself. I think there are a lot of great beers made by contract brewers.

In Matt’s generation, the new generation of craft brewing, there are a lot of people who are very upfront about not wanting to open a brewery, but wanting to make great beer. Now they’re called gypsy brewers, and there’s not so much of a stigma attached to it as there used to be. Jim Koch and I have fought over a lot of things, but I was always sympathetic to his comment that “if Julia Child cooks a meal in your kitchen, is it your meal, or is it Julia child’s meal?”

Scott Smith, East End Brewing Company: To me, the distinction comes back to what’s in the glass. I can have a beer that’s made by a small brewer that might have corn or rice as an ingredient – we brewed our cream ale with six-row barley and corn, which are generally ingredients frowned upon in craft  beer circles because those are the garbage ingredients that the big guys use. But the reality is that you can make flavorful beer from them.

I have a hard time attaching [the “craft beer” label] to a specific set of ingredients, to if you own the building or the equipment that’s used to make the beer. I’m more concerned with what’s in the glass. What does it taste like? That defines a craft beer for me. Or how many barrels you brew – that’s another arbitrary number.

Sean Casey, Church Brew Works:  Brewing is capital intensive. It takes a lot of money to buy equipment.  […] I can tell you, one of the trends that’s going to be happening is […] mobile canning lines. These guys come in, they have a small twenty-foot box truck and a big load of cans, and they sit there and package the beer at these smaller brewpubs that really can’t put in a bottling line and may not have a canning line. The purists are going to start discovering that there’s a lot of canned beer out there that’s packaged on other people’s equipment. The concept of “what is contract brewing?” is splitting hairs.

Brooklyn Brewery BrooklynBrewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Brewery Mash Garrett Oliver Steve Hindy Brooklyn Lager BrooklynLager Sorachi #GoldDots