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Found Footage Fest Comes To NYC & Bklyn, Nov 2 & 4


We are just three weeks away from the debut of the all-new Found Footage Festival show in NYC and Brooklyn. This is going to be the most unsettling show yet! You’ll have two chances to catch the show: on Friday, November 2, at Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan, and Sunday, November 4, at the Brooklyn Brewery in the tasting room. Tickets are for these, and all FFF shows, are available from the FFF Tour page.

Here’s a little taste of just one of the clips you’ll see in the new show. This video about saying no to strangers is hosted by a clown from Oregon named Blueberry, who is far more terrifying than any stranger we can imagine. He also seems to be suggesting the kids are somewhat to blame for their own stranger predicaments.

But at the moment, here we sit, far from home, staring out the window at the view from our shitty hotel room. This one is in Sioux Falls, SD. We paid a little extra for the view of the gravel pit.

view from shitty hotel room

That’s right, life on the road is not as glamorous as a Guns & Roses video makes it out to be. Sometimes, it can be downright frightening. For instance, you shouldn’t do much exploring backstage at old theaters. You never know when you’ll come across a filth bucket. The one at the top of this post was in Columbia, MO. It wasn’t the first filth bucket we’ve stumbled upon, and it probably won’t be our last.

We’re looking forward to getting back home to NYC in November for the hometown shows. Back to where the filth is inspiring and shitty hotel rooms cost twice as much.

—Nick & Joe


Bloody Hell, Found Footage Festival Survives Europe


Thanks, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, and The Netherlands, for an incredible three weeks of Found Footage Festival shows. We made a lot of new friends and found a lot of new videos, not to mention a lot of really creepy postcards. Even though we never quite figured out your toilets, or why you love toast so much, we enjoyed every minute of your hospitality and comical misunderstandings.

When we arrived in London, we quickly realised (see, no ‘z’) we were the oldest ones in our hostel by at least 17 years. But we made the most of it and set our minds to dreaming about the sunbathing on the pebbly beaches of Brighton a few days later. Above, you can see some of the views from our shitty hotel rooms.

At the Soho Theatre in London, Brooklyn Brewery bought everyone a beer during our first three shows.That was great. And we didn’t look stupid ordering some weird, warm British ale or bitters or whatever it is they called beer there.

The first thing we noticed in the UK was how much like us they looked. If they didn’t open their mouths, we’d almost have sworn were back in Brooklyn. Just try to figure out who are British and who are Brooklyn in this photo? We’re in the picture and we still can hardly tell.

It was our first 4th of July away from America, but we were heartened to find this T-shirt in a Manchester department store. We bought it on the spot…

…and these, because we didn’t want to stick out like tacky Americans while in England. Later that night, the audience was treated to more Brooklyn Brewery beer. And again the next night in Leeds.

On our way to the show in Amsterdam, we stopped in to a used record store and found the Dutch version of “Air Bud.” It’s called “Soccer Dog.” And while in Berlin, we played a game called the Painstation at the Computer Game Museum. It burns you, shocks you or whips you if your Pong ball gets past your paddle. First person to pull their hand away loses. Nick won. His hand lost.

In Leeds, we found a promising video called “Famous Tits & Arses,” however no one we showed it to recognized either the tits nor the arses as being famous. But everyone agreed that this “Doggy Christmas” lighter was the best score of the trip.

Oh, the shows? How were the shows? The shows were good. Did you see the awesome lighter we found with the dog in a Santa outfit on it?

50 States of Found Footage


The Found Footage Festival (from Brooklyn, NY) has been lucky enough to be supported on its 2012 tour of all 50 states by The Brooklyn Brewery. While on the road searching for America’s discarded VHS treasures and presenting them live in cities near you, we’ll be posting our adventures to the Brewery’s blog. We hope you enjoy our quixotic life!

Here’s the trailer we just cut for the all-new Volume 6 tour. Check it out. The A.V. Club has called it “Skull-crushingly funny.” We’re flattered.

Joe and Nick in Hawaii

The U.S. tour kicked off with our first-ever appearance in Hawaii last week. While there, we got a tip that a public library outside of Honolulu was getting rid of all their VHS tapes, so we paid them a visit and found a rare video by one of our favorite video stars, tai chi master Bob Klein. We also inaugurated our two-word interview challenge on a Honolulu morning TV show, where Nick worked in the phrase “agricultural chafer.” Don’t tell the TV station this, but we also stole a tape there labeled “Dentists Convention.” They’ll never miss it, right? The only drawback, no Brooklyn Brewery beer in Hawaii…yet.

Nick and Joe and Garage Sale Guru Andrew

On the way home from Hawaii, we made a stop in Colorado to visit two of our favorite video collectors: Andrew Novick in Denver and Joel Haertling in Boulder. You may know Andrew from the “Andrew’s Grab Bag” segment from FFF Volume 4. He’s the saint who gave us the infamous Venus II video, so a visit to his place is always a treat. We also paid a visit to America’s No. 1 garage saler, Joel Haertling, who gave us a dozen NASA training videos, a home movie labeled “Jessica,” and two glasses of refreshing ginger ale. What a guy! He’s opening a museum of all his garage sale finds, but his apartment already looked like a museum to us.

View from our crappy motel room in Fairbanks, Alaska

Right now, we are in Alaska. We’ve got a show in Fairbanks tonight and then on to Anchorage on June 1-2. After checking into our motel room at the Arctic Inn by the Flight Deck Lounge and opening the curtains, we decided to start a new photo series while on tour called “The View From Our Shitty Motel Room.”

FFF Live DVD Taping in Chicago

We’re gearing up for the live DVD taping of the all-new Found Footage Festival: Volume 6 at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago on one extraordinary night, Saturday, June 16th. There will be plenty of surprises and maybe even a very special guest just for this show, too.
And best of all, FFF and Brooklyn Brewery will host a pre-show and after-show party at nearby Cullen’s Bar & Grill (3741 N Southport Ave.). From 6-8pm, before the show, enjoy Brooklyn Lager at a special price and complimentary snacks. After the show, Brooklyn Summer Ale, Gold Standard, and EIPA will be featured on draft. Come join us before and after!

We look forward to seeing you on the road in 2012. Come join us when we are in your city. Check out our complete tour schedule on the FFF Tour Page. More dates added weekly.

Your pals,
Nick & Joe