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SLIDELUCK Chicago IV Recap


[Text by Andrew McFarland]
[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

It might have been a bitterly cold night this Valentine Day’s eve in the Windy City, but it couldn’t have been warmer or more welcoming inside The Promontory in Hyde Park for SLIDELUCK Chicago IV. With Jane Beachy of Salonathon at the director’s helm, this Slideluck was especially live-action, featuring several thrilling performances in addition to our lovely slideshow curated by Keren Sachs, the Director of Content Development at Offset.

A delightful massaged kale salad and a sour cream cake complete with dos leches pour-over were serious potluck crowd-pleaser. Once folks satisfied their taste buds and had their photo taken by GlitterGuts, they grabbed a fresh Brooklyn Lager and cozied up to their candle-lit cabaret tables for the main event.

Ole Timey started off the night by breathing life into some traditional country medleys. After that, Tricky Ol’Puss opened up the slideshow with some logic-defying magic tricks. In honor of Valentine’s Day, this show’s theme was “Eat Your Heart Out” and featured slideshows depicting everything from brotherly love to downright self-indulgence. Dav Yendler provided a whimsical and touching animation about his mom, while Matthew Swarts and Rafael Soldi’s work delved deep into the complexity of personal relations. Jon Lowenstein’s black-and-white series was a dynamic tribute to Chicago’s South Side.

Chicago’s very-own Celine NEON closed out the night with a show-stopping performance just before everyone broke out the Mardi Gras beads with tunes supplied by DJ Dave Maze on the decks. It was an unforgettable night, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our generous supporters and sponsors; special thanks to our host, The Promontory, the Chicago Performance Lab, Offset, Sandbox Studio, Viewbook, and – of course – Brooklyn Brewery!


Slideluck Columbia Launch Recap

Slideluck Columbia SC 1

[Text and Photos by Sean Rayford]

Heads turned at the Tapp’s building When Paxton Pegues of the Pee Dee Ranch in Cheraw, SC showed up with a pastured, heritage breed Red Wattle-Cheshire suckling pig – roasted with Cucuzza squash.  The only other time I saw people react so favorably that evening was when they opened the bar. Down on Main St in Columbia, SC on Friday night the local photo and food communities collided with the sixth annual University of South Carolina photo festival. With the help of Slideluck, Brooklyn Brewery and Viewbook, the art department at the university was able to reach outside of their traditional network and facilitated a gathering around food, beverage and photography.

Slideluck Columbia SC 3

In between eating and the photo presentations, USC photo instructor Gordon Humphries gathered a few handfuls of people to make a special image of the venue. “He wanted to do an illumination of the entire Tapps building for a photo and part of the way to achieve that is to get a large group of people with lots of flashes and other lights and do what you might call light painting. With the camera – he does a very long exposure – so the shutter stays open for a long time and everyone fires their flashes as much as they possibly can or if they have flashlights they just shine their lights on the building. It creates a neat effect with meager resources and you can light up an entire building,” explains Thomas Hammond (seen below looking at the results).

Slideluck Columbia SC 4

“There was a lot of people out there. I got a kick out of the people in the building looking out their windows wondering what the heck was going on with all the strobes going off into their rooms,” remarked John Allen about the light painting. “It’s fun to see friends outside of work and catching up. A room full of photographers is like a melting pot, they all have different styles and things they like to do.” Paired with the USC photo festival the evening introduced conversation between hobbyists, students, educators and working professionals in an specific area of the art community that rarely sees cohesion.

SLIDELUCK Bologna: The land of tortellini and not only


[Text by Maria Teresa Salvati]

The land of “tortellini” opened up its doors to Slideluck for the first time. Bologna was a great hit.

The ingredients that made the night a success were: Spazio Labo’, a centre for research in many fields of photography, masterfully led by Roberto Alfano, also the director of Slideluck Bologna; of a group of ladies, including Eva Perna, Gaia degli Esposti, who helped organize everything in such a easy and perfect way.

SLIDELUCK Bologna was also part of a new photography festival called Transizioni, Photography In Movement, focusing also on multimedia.

The slideshow was incredible. The guest curator of the show, Renata Ferri – Director of Photography at IO Donna and Amica – selected projects on the theme ‘Close to me’. We saw, to mention Renata’s words, so many mugs, bed-sheets, part of bodies and intimate image, that it all felt so very romantic and personal. Clearly the selection must have been wonderful, if everyone – coming from as far away as Milan and Rome – stayed till the end. Not only that, after the show, everyone participated in a lively talk with the curator herself.

The entire night seemed all very organic and fluid, passing by a large and rich potluck including pumpkin soup, homemade omelettes, mini-panini, pasta salad, and much more. Sometimes you don’t think people are going to respond proactively to such a new concept, but then there you are, happily surprised by the generosity and openness.

The intro by Marco Casino – winner of World Press Photo Multimedia 2014; the presentation of Hungry Still by Maria Teresa Salvati; the 22 project slideshow, the after show talk and the location, all dressed with fresh and lovely Brooklyn Brewery, and we can conclude that the ‘Bolognesi’ responded in the best way possible to a new Slideluck.

What tells you that that’s true is the question at the end of the night “when’s the next?”.

Very special thanks to our sponsors and partners: Brooklyn Brewery, Leica Store Firenze, Narratively and Viewbook.

SLIDELUCK Annual Fundraiser 2014 Recap

CREDIT: Polina Yamshchikov for

[Text by Jen Plaskowitz]

[Photos by Polina V. Yamshchikov and]

Wow! The Slideluck Global team is still reeling from the outpouring of support and generosity from last week’s Slideluck Annual Fundraiser and Auction at Lightbox. Slideluck is a community-driven organization, and the fundraiser was an amazing embodiment of that.

The night began with an elegant reception for Slideluck’s VIP’s – our board members, closest friends, and biggest supporters. We greeted guests with a selection of Brooklyn Brewery’s finest craft bottles and specialty cocktails featuring Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Perrier, and Dutch Spirit bitters. After imbibing a few drinks and swapping a few stories, everyone found their seats beneath our handcrafted chandelier. Kevin’s Catering set a full table laden with stuffed sole and pork, each paired courses with Souverain Wines.

After a live auction, guests followed the siren song of soprano Katie Raab upstairs to desserts and champagne, and party guests swept into the hall.

The evening was especially memorable for us as we honored Hank Willis Thomas, an artist whose daring work shares so many of Slideluck’s values and aims. Artist Ashley Zelinskie created a beautiful 3-D printed sculpture, which was awarded with touching words by Hank’s mother Deborah Willis.

The night went on with sets by DJ Sweaterbeast and DJ Lexel. As we danced, projections of Slideluck’s best archived works followed along with us. Everywhere you could look was a sea of color, movement and smiling faces.

So let’s raise a glass of Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, thank you for an unforgettable night. We are so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive community base. Stay tuned as we continue to expand our mission locally and globally in 2015!

SLIDELUCK Savannah II Recap


[Text by Jordan Frand]
[Photos by Siobhan Egan]

Despite chilly weather and a busy social calendar for the Hostess City, this past Thursday’s second Slideluck Savannah was the event of the season.

Over 200 Savannahians showed up at the American Legion Post 135 for one of the most impressive potlucks we’ve seen. Huge hams met delicate quinoa salads, while Southern specialties like collard greens graced the table right next to a bounty of desserts – homemade cakes, pies, cookies and more.
Missionary Blues got us in the mood with some bumping tunes and Brooklyn Brewery was keeping us happy and hydrated all night. Tom Kohler delivered a beautiful blessing and we all gave thanks for life before hitting the potluck. Everyone enjoyed a hearty meal and made new friends at their tables while drawing on the tablecloths. And then it was time for the art.
This year’s show, curated by the Slideluck Savannah team, demonstrated some of creative Savannah’s best, including some exquisite paintings and illustrations and even some radical typography. One lucky artist, Christine Sajecki, was randomly selected to receive a one year subscription to Viewbook. Congrats, Christine!
Despite some minor technical difficulties, the evening ended in high spirits and low stocks of beer (y’all were thirsty!) This incredible evening wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing volunteers and our sponsors: Blick, Kaufman & Heinz, Socially Yours, Orange PR & Marketing, Paprika Southern, You’re Welcome Savannah, WellFED, ArtRiseJudge Realty, Offset, Sandbox Studio.
Thank you for the good times, Savannah! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next Slideluck.


SLIDELUCK Baltimore III Recap

[Text by Jen Plaskowitz]

[Photos by Winston Struye]

Sunday night marked the long-awaited return of Slideluck to Charm City. We had been talking about a follow-up to the legendary Slideluck Baltimore II since early 2012, but we finally made it back with the second installment of our first ever artist exchange.

Slideluck Baltimore III combined the artistic outputs of two extremely prolific and diverse creative epicenters, Baltimore and Bushwick (Greatest City in America and home of Slideluck HQ, respectively), the slideshows of all included artists were paired with music from their individual communities. Earlier this year the Slideluck Global team showed the work in Bushwick as part of Slideluck Bushwick III, but and though the summer slipped by, we were still super anxious to bring the show down to its second home.

Just as it had in 2012, Area 405, opened its doors to us. After we set the tables and chairs and awaited the arrival of the first guests, the global team admired the 49 portraits that lined the walls of the gallery, portraits created by young artists of leading community members over the age of 50.

And then they came, slowly at first, but faster with time. Some from across the street, others arrived straight from Berlin (Martha Cooper, how do you manage to be everywhere?). But almost everyone, regardless of origin, came bearing platters, and soon the table was full of delicious homemade dishes. There were curries, smoked salmon salads, gluten-free mac n’ cheese, coconut cakes, game hen casseroles, and chicken wings galore. Somehow everyone held off from snacking until the critical mass had assembled (maybe it was the good conversation, maybe it was the barman’s bottle cap popping skills), but when it did we all dug in at once.

After introductions by Slideluck Global Producer and Baltimore native Jen Plaskowitz and Slideluck Baltimore III curator and Baltimore Museum of Art Director Doreen Bolger, the crowd settled in and the show kicked off. We laughed, we cried, we noticed a lot of similarities between Sowebo and Soweto, and when the screen faded to black, everyone wanted to know when we were coming back.

Very soon we hope.  Slideluck Baltimore III was made possible by generous grants from the William G. Baker Jr. Memorial Foundation, Jane Brown of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, and friends of the arts in Baltimore.  Thanks also to our loyal global supporters, Viewbook, Sandbox Studio, and of course Brooklyn Brewery!

SLIDELUCK Hong Kong Recap


[Photos by Ones Production and Joey Hatch]

[Text by Kim Campbell]

SLIDELUCK’s first ever show in Hong Kong met with huge success, injecting a dose of home-grown talent and shared community to the local arts scene. More than 150 guests found their way to Kaylim Studio, tucked away in an industrial warehouse building near the city’s famous harbour for a fantastic night of food and fun.

Despite the ‘potluck’ being a foreign concept, Hong Kongers rose to the occasion and brought a delicious mix of Asian and Western fare – Vietnamese rice rolls, lettuce wraps and larb moo, samosas, curry fish balls, all devoured alongside the town’s tastiest tacos catered by Brickhouse. Kiwi and strawberry jello shots were also a big hit! The most popular dishes, quietly assessed by our top-secret panel of judges, were awarded gizmos and gadgetry sponsored by digital products company Elecom.

After some live music and plenty of ice cold Brooklyn Brewery Lager and East India Pale Ale, everyone settled into comfy bean bags and cushions for the slideshow, which offered different perspectives on life in Hong Kong’s urban jungle as well as glimpses into mainland China, Mongolia and the Philippines.

The energy and enthusiasm of the audience was palpable as each of the 23 artists featured were given huge rounds of applause for their work. The non-profit Anakatira also set up shop with another unique kind of artwork, in the form of pillows and photographs taken by street kids and orphans living in Cebu.

With such great post-event feedback we know this is just the start of many great events to come. See you there next time Hong Kong!


SLIDELUCK NYC XVIII at Photoville 2014 Recap


[Text by Andrew McFarland]
[Photos by Kassy Balli]

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or company Friday night on Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park for SLIDELUCK NYC XVIII at Photoville 2014. Thousands turned out to peruse the shipping containers-turned photo galleries. As the sun set over New York Harbor, folks filled up the beer garden for a taste of our potluck, Smorgasbord treats, and – of course – some Brooklyn Brewery. We had some honorees at this potluck – Slideluckers Cassandra Giraldo and Andy Kropa whipped up some unforgettable madeleines and a summery watermelon-feta salad, respectfully, and Bruce Rayud baked a delicious apple-flavor babka. For their culinary prowess, they took home some mobile photography gadgets compliments of Photojojo.

The theme for this show was “Secrets,” and Gideon Jacobs, Creative Director of Magnum Photos, NY, and Matthew Leifheit, Photo Editor at VICE Magazine, teamed up to curate. Here’s what Jacobs had to say about the show: “When you make a photograph, you’re putting something into the world that can, in its newfound existence, be viewed and shared. So maybe a photograph is never a ‘secret’ in the true sense; when we click the shutter, the secret is suddenly no longer all that secret. How is this related to our selection? I’m not quite sure. Actually I am – but, eh, I think it’s a secret.”

From Bryan Derballa’s collection of off-the-beaten path swimming hole photos to Sam Wong’s series of night street photography, SLIDELUCK NYC XVIII was a fitting tribute to the bitter-sweet dregs of summer. This was one of our biggest shows of the year, and none of it would have been possible without the support of our generous sponsors and friends. A very special thank you to Brooklyn Brewery, Photoville, Viewbook, Sandbox Studio, Offset, Perrier, Flavorpill, Photojojo, and Uber.


Slideluck Debuts in Lecce

IMG_0069 small

[Text by Maria Teresa Salvati]

[Photos by Pasquale Polignano]

Slideluck made its debut in the Puglia region of Southern Italy for the first time, more exactly in Lecce. The show was part of the opening weekend of another first-timer, Bitume Photofestival: a newborn urban photography festival launched by the cultural association Positivo Diretto, run by Beatrice Bambi, Andrea Laudisa, Gioia Perrone and Valerio Nicoletti.

The night started a bit late, in perfect Italian style, in the charming scenery of Cineporto Lecce. Cold Brooklyn Brewery beers welcomed the more than 200 people, looking around with curiosity and excitement about what was going to come. Many mums had prepared some delicious finger food and ‘focaccia’. The food was wiped away in less then 20 minutes, ready to start the show – in time!

Positivo Diretto had invited us to present a special edition of Slideluck on the theme: ‘Street Memories,’ and together Maria Teresa Salvati with the Bitume Photofestival team selected 15 works among the ‘Fab 30’, artists included in the festival program, and the Slideluck Global Archive. The work presented Italian, American, Turkish, French and German artists with a mix of documentary and fine art photography.

Between the first and second part, people from Taranto, Corato (both in Puglia region) and Rome asked to start Slideluck in their own cities.

We were inundated by compliments about the format and the association between photography and food. A very well known photography teacher said that it was really amazing to see that a format that seemed so relaxed and ‘light’ presented such great photography projects.

Quoting Andrea Laudisa “people were hypnotised by the photographs”. Rightly so, we say. Among the presented artists, Alex Prager, Andrew Testa and Bryan Schutmaat, just to name a few.

After the slideshow, the stage was left to DJ Populous for the after-party. The night left everyone with a smile and the request to come back soon.

Special thanks to the Bitume Photofest team, Cineporto Lecce, Apulia Film Commission, Manifatture Knos, Pasquale Polignano, the tech team, the improvised volunteers that helped making everything possible, and the wonderful Lecce.