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Slideluck Roma II

slideluck_roma_014 - resized
slideluck_roma_014 - resized
[Text by Slideluck Roma's team]
[Photos by Emanuele Camerini]
After many years of waiting in the Italian Capital, Slideluck returns to Rome with a new show, new team, new location.
The wonderful Chiostro di San Pietro in Vincoli is a major basilica built in Rome in 1442, best known for being the home of Michelangelo’s statue of Moses. Capping an epic history, and several hours of noshing on delicious homemade fare (curtesy of the nearly 300 attendees), the scene was set for 21 great artists to project their artwork.
The expectations were high as the press built up the enthusiasm in the weeks before the show. People heard the call near and far, and came in force, not only from the Capital, but also from Milan, Bologna and many little provincial towns.

What to say? The team, headed by Joseph La Mela and Valentina Trisolino, did a great job, dealing with politics and organic delays, in such an elegant way that the final show was just great! The two were sided by Giammaria De Gasperis, Louise Clements and Maria Teresa Salvati, who not only curated the show, but also helped wherever was needed.
Beers in hands, the crowd took their seats fearing that another thunderstorm would fall from the sky. But the clouds withheld their wrath; and the weather was just perfect!
The feedback about the projections has been great so far. In fact, we want to thank all the artists that contributed to make the evening amazing:
Every show is made possible thanks to partners who choose to support in many ways Slideluck. In the case of Rome, we infinitely thank: FORMAT International Photography Festival, Quad Derby, RVM Magazine, The Trip Magazine, Slideluck Editorial, KULT, Postcart Edizioni, GUP Magazine, Arene di Roma and our globally beloved Brooklyn Brewery!

SLIDELUCK Boatshow Recap



[Text by Dasha Shapovalova]

[Photos by John Mazlish & Ricardo Lozano]

On a pleasantly breezy evening of July 23rd, Slideluck ventured out into the high seas; or more accurately onto the New York Harbor in Tribeca. Aboard the Lilac, America’s only surviving steam-powered lighthouse tender, we gathered for the first ever SLIDELUCK Boatshow. Gearing up for the show, the crown buzzed with excitement. Illuminated by the golden sunset everyone enjoyed some delicious cheeses, meats, fresh veggies and fruit salads provided by Whole Foods Market.  Sipping back refreshing Brooklyn Brewery Lager and Summer Ale, the waves swayed the boat and everyone got ready for the presentation.

The slideshow featured the unique short films shown for the first time at Slideluck Shortshow earlier this year. Curated by BOND/360, the show included works ranging from animation to documentary to stop motion and beyond. Some highlights were a Tom Waits narrated tribute to John Baldessari, created by the directorial duo, Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman, as well as some dramatic film reenactments by the Angulo brothers of The Wolf Pack movie.

It was a night of outstanding art, fabulous company, delicious eats, and refreshing libations. Special thanks to all of our partners and sponsors – Bond/360, Lilac Arts Series, Whole Foods MarketSouverain, Sandbox Studio and Brooklyn Brewery!

We definitely rocked the boat!

SLIDELUCK Houston Recap



[Text by Julia Molier & Mayra Mares ]

[Photos by Jessi Bowman & Smilebooth]

In the midst of Texas heat, at Cottonwood, we found an oasis of art, food and beer. The array of home-made dishes was as diverse as the photographs: from fried chicken to spaghetti with marinara to vanilla pudding. They set the tone for the upcoming presentation. Houston’s first Slideluck features 24 artists with different styles and subjects. And if that wasn’t enough, a cold Brooklyn Brewery draft beer is friend to all men and helped us keep cool until the sun went down. The Smilebooth allowed the public to capture cute, fun, crazy moments with old friends and new. This night of sharing was, for the Houstonians, a break from their hurried lives.

Thanks are due to the folks at the Houston Center of Photography for helping put together the first ever Slideluck Houston! Many more thanks to I Love Texas Photo, Cottonwood, Smilebooth, as well as our global sponsors, Sandbox Studio and the very best Brooklyn Brewery.

SLIDELUCK Berkshires Recap

SLIDELUCK Berkshires

[Text by Suky Werman]

[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

It’s hard to believe that the first Slideluck Berkshires has come and gone. Taking place at Stonover Farm Bed & Breakfast in Lenox, MA, there were many high points.  Seeing the Berkshire community from north, middle and South Berkshire County gather at Stonover Farm was really gratifying. Everyone responded to the Slideluck concept of food community and art.  Once “Slideluckers” delivered their pot luck contributions to the “groaning board” in the hay barn, they were invited to go to the Barn Gallery to view an exhibition of art available for sale by all of the  artists participating in the slide show.  20% of each sale went to support programing for IS 183 Art School of the Berkshires.

People brought their picnic blankets and chairs to be placed on the lawn just outside the hay barn and as soon as it was dark, the slideshow began. The wonderful Joe Wheaton, metal sculptor and video artist, had volunteered to erect a system for projecting the slideshow on fabric which was hung from above the huge barn doors. Everything worked perfectly and we sat, enjoyed and clapped for our community of creative artists.  Included in this slideshow were Erika Stone, 91 years old, who photographed the streets of NY, the musicians and conductors of Tanglewood and celebrities from Hollywood in the 50′s-70′s.

John Stanmeyer, award winning National Geographic photographer and local who came to Slideluck and then left for Indonesia on assignment at 4:00 am, and Shawn Fields a young painter from south county whose slide presentation Honey’s Room was the evolution of one of his paintings from photos, to sketches to framed piece.

Food was spectacular, weather was magical and everyone enjoyed the lager from Brooklyn Brewery.

This, we hope is the first of a Slideluck tradition in the Berkshires.


Thank you to the wonderful Sandbox Studios, Souverain, and – of course – Brooklyn Brewery!


SLIDELUCK Northside II Recap

resized DSC_9568

resized DSC_9568

[Text by Andrew McFarland]

[Photos by John Mazlish]

It might have been a wet and miserable night on the streets of Williamsburg Saturday, but the mood couldn’t have been more different inside Artists & Fleas’ bustling marketplace on North 7th Street! Slideluck Northside II shined its light on the amazingly talented photographers and visual artists living and working in the neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick.

Our host and event partner, Artists and Fleas, provided the perfect setting. As Slideluckers came in from out of the rain, they dried themselves off and perused the maze of original vendors overflowing with treasures. Folks also made sure to get a shot of themselves at the Self Portrait Project.

This Slideluck really brought the goods – the potluck table was bountiful with scrumptious delights, all of which went perfectly with a refreshing, ice-cold Brooklyn Lager. Notable among them were Sean’s spicy-sweet Thai noodle dish, Alex’s Nutella Macadamia Rice Krispie treats, and Christa’s tortilla espanola. It was a tough call, but Gabor’s homemade Lecsó, a Hungarian thick vegetable ragout, that enticed our judges, earning him the prize of a gift certificate to the recently opened Meadowsweet restaurant.

Once everyone had taken their fill of the potluck, it was time to enjoy the slideshow. From Sarah Small’s playful portraits to travelogues by John Saponara and Michael Christopher Brown, the show provided a vibrant snapshot of some of the neighborhood’s most creative minds. After the show, everyone retreated to nearby Shelter to ride out the rest of the rainy night in the company of friends. Shout out to all of our sponsors, without whom none of this magic would be possible! Thank you to Sandbox Studios, Offset, Artists & Fleas, Souverain, the Self Portrait Project, and – of course – Brooklyn Brewery!

SLIDELUCK Bushwick IV Recap



[Text by Jordan Frand]
[Photos by Ricardo Lozano]

Another year of Bushwick Open Studios has come and gone, and SLIDELUCK Bushwick IV was the perfect way to cap off a busy weekend of outstanding art, interesting people, and awesome parties.

This year a group of locals, artists, and wandering art tourists found their way to The Living Gallery, where we convened in the back patio for a good, old fashioned barbecue. Ribs, chicken wings, hot dogs, corn, a mountain of guacamole – what better way to wash down such traditional BBQ fare on a warm day than with ice-cold bottles of Brooklyn Brewery’s finest?

While the grill raged on, we adjourned indoors to celebrate some of the best local art you can find.The walls adorned with pieces from The Living Gallery’s BYOArt, we set up the screen to watch a projection of Bushwick artists’ work, all set to music. Twenty-two artists representing various media got to show their life’s work to a full, happy house.

The afternoon ended as all afternoons should – with an impromptu dance party. Memorial Day and Labor Day have got nothing on Slideluck Bushwick IV, the best BBQ-art-dance party of the season!


20150530_SLIDELUCKVII_005 smaller

20150530_SLIDELUCKVII_005 smaller

[Text by Adrienne Lee]

[Photos by Milli Apelgren]

The smell of delicious local eats, the taste of ice-cold (and appropriate) Brooklyn Summer Ale and the sound of mingling artists and community members made for yet another successful installment of Slideluck Austin.

Held on the city’s chill and dynamic East Side on Saturday, May 30, Slideluck Austin VII was perfectly located for the engaging, laid-back night. Despite the threat of rain and the typical spring-summer humidity, the crowd of 200 people enjoyed the food, the art, the beer (obviously) and the friends, new and old.

And the level of community support was clear from the night’s beginning — from giving extra dollars at check-in for Slideluck Austin to donate to those affected by the Central Texas floods just days earlier, to giving extra applause after every artist’s show. It was inspiring to see such a considerate showing and the crowd wonderfully complemented the thoughtfulness of the slideshow.

Curated by Stephen Frailey, the chair of the photography department at the School of Visual Arts and founder of Dear Dave magazine, the presentation of work for Slideluck Austin VII was powerful and poetic, proven in the varied shows of cultural documentations, vignettes of natural objects and commentary on city development, among others.

Home cooks dazzled attendees with family-recipe casseroles and new takes on treats, and Austin eateries donated some of the city’s best pizza and barbecue. All paired perfectly with the always-smooth and refreshing Brooklyn Lager. We all left full, happy and excited for next year.

Just as year’s past, Slideluck Austin brought another amazing event that exemplified the coolness of the location, the people and the photographic work.

See y’all next year!

SLIDELUCK Berlin V Recap


[Text and Photos by Casey Kelbaugh

Slideluck has been fortunate enough to take place in some amazing spaces around the ever-evolving animal that is Berlin. Wooloo Gallery, RAW-Tempel, MMX, C/O, HBC, but perhaps none was more epic than the restored 1920’s silent film theater that hosted us for our 5th (actually 6th) show on Saturday, May 2, 2015: Ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi Berlin.

This year’s slideshow potluck was produced by Julia Delmedico, precocious student from NYU Berlin, who with the help of many others, managed to bring together a wide array artists, delicious dishes and engaged attendees. The show was curated by Julia Schiller of Photography in Berlin
 and the curatorial duo, Kaetha. A eclectic range of international and funky vinyl sounds were provided by DJ Poeks from the orchestra pit.  

Despite Berliners reluctance to admit they understand how to partake in a potluck, there was a wide array of delicious homemade dishes to share: chocolate cupcakes and hummus, a coconut mango glazed tart, numerous tasty salads and a big pot of Indian curry. The potluck grand prize, however, was a copy ofHungry Still, that went home with Jacqueline Freundorfer, for her vegan Tuscan-bread salad-stuffed-artichokes. Fantastisk!

Guests had a chance to flip through the latest issue of GUP magazine, the EyeEm World Tour magazine as well as publications from Conflux Magazine and Photography in Berlin. And the Brooklyn Lagers tasted even sweeter when individually wrapped with “specially imported” labels. But day or night, it doesn’t take a Berliner much convincing when it comes to drinking beer.

Red Hook Crit Slideluck Bikeshow II Recap

BB cover-1

[Text by Andrew McFarland]

[Photos by John Mazlish]

‘Twas the night before the Red Hook Crit (well, the night before the night before), and all through Pioneer Works, not a cyclist was without a smile . . . no exceptions. It’s hard to sum up the awesomeness that was the Red Hook Crit Slideluck Bikeshow II, but that’s precisely what it was: awesome.

For the official opening party of the Red Hook Crit, New York’s favorite cycling race, we pulled out all the stops. As guests arrived and parked their bikes, they grabbed a drink and explored the indoor and outdoor splendor of Red Hook’s Pioneer Works. Lady Liberty Photo Parlour provided snapshots in their gorgeous, handmade photo booth, while Solber Pupusas kept the pupusas and fried plantains flowing from their food truck in the garden. Nothing goes together quite like a rice and cheese pupusa with a cold Brooklyn Brewery East India Pale Ale.

Brooklyn’s very-own Ava Luna opened up the show with a transporting set from their New York Times-praised album, Infinite House. The night’s slideshow, curated by Ed Spurr of Matthew Marks Gallery, was a wild ride. From Quinn Gundersen and Christopher Lee’s ode to the daring stars of New York’s Alleycat Race to Christian Mülhauser’s mesmerizing footage of snow-biking through the enchantingly moonlit Swiss Alps, the show touched upon all facets of the cycling world. Tod Seelie’s “Ridin’ Dirty” series showed us the other-worldly realm of bike-kill culture, and photographers like Julian Darwall, Marshall Kappel, Meg McMahon, and Michele Colucci gave us a taste for what we can expect Saturday night with photography from past Red Hook Crit and other cycling races worldwide.

After the show, folks cherished one last Brooklyn Lager (before they were cleared out completely) then retreated to Sonny’s on Conover Street, where the after party continued until the wee hours. This show wouldn’t have been possible without our many sponsors and supporters. Special thanks to Castelli, Trimble, Pioneer Works, Rockstar Games, the Red Hook Crit, Viewbook, Sandbox Studio, Souverain, and of course – Brooklyn Brewery! Good luck on race day to everyone at the Red Hook Crit! Hope to see you on the course!