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[Text by Misty Keasler]

[Photos by Danny Fulgencio]

Slideluck III in Dallas occurred under a beautiful star filled night at Strauss Square in the Arts District of downtown Dallas.

An excellent potluck arrangement representative of the diversity of the audience kept everyone full. Dishes ranged from sushi to homemade tamales to a lemony rice salad with fresh local mint. Guests washed down delicious dishes with hand crafted beer and sprawled on blankets and at tables in the grass of the amphitheater.

The first 200 guests received a t-shirt by artist Brian Gibb, compliments of Pony Xpress. Director Misty Keasler introduced the slideshow with a word about the truly communal unique and art loving experience of Slideluck. DJ added a pitch perfect soundtrack to the evening, mixing live to the 25 featured artists. Sam Lao closed the evening with a high energy set.

Deep Red Press came out with some of their newest issues, including a beautifully produced zine by one of the fautured artists, Dannie Liebergott. We were so appreciative of the sponsors who made the event happen and kept the event completely free for the second year in a row – the Office of Cultural Affairs for the city of Dallas, the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Pony Xpress, The Public Trust Gallery, Sandbox Studio and of course, Brooklyn Brewery.

SLIDELUCK Barcelona X Recap



[Photos by Albert Such and Oscar Ciutat]
[Text by Albert Such ]

Ten editions of Slideluck Barcelona is an achievement that calls for a celebration. Since Slideluck Barcelona started, in 2007, it has been growing, and for the last six years we have been collaborating with Pati Limona, as part of the Enfocats photography festival.

Slideluck Barcelona X was scheduled for May 13th (and yes!, it was a Friday). May is one of the most beautiful months in Barcelona, it’s usually sunny and warm, but not too hot. It is the perfect time to sit outside at night, in the 14th century patio that gives its name to Pati Limona, and enjoy good photography; or so we thought when we planned the date…

But you cannot always count on the weather, and the week leading to the 13th was the rainiest one we had all year. We spent the day looking up at the sky and hoping the clouds would move away while thinking of different ‘Plan B’s’. As afternoon turned into evening it stopped raining, and we setup everything in the outside Pati, still occasionally looking up to the sky.

We started the show at 9:15 (this is Spain, it always takes a few more minutes for people to gather…), and no, it did not rain during the slideshow but remember, it was Friday the 13th. We had a couple of short power cuts that put additional pressure on the Slideluck and Pati Limona staff.

At the end, after those two short interruptions, we managed to finish the show and we started having dinner and Brooklyn beer in one of the exhibition halls in the Pati. It was a long and well deserved dinner…




Text by Miguel Polo

Images by Hidemasa Miyake

The first edition of Slideluck Tokyo was celebrated on the 1st of April at the fantastic gallery Galaxy – Gingakei located at the very heart of Tokyo’s most dynamic neighborhood, Shibuya.

A night of contemporary digital arts that was curated to surpass the highest artistic expectations from the guests.

Right from the beginning Dj Rebecca U kicked off the evening by playing the classiest electronic tunes. Then she was joined by Vj eetee who mesmerized everyone with her underground visual projections. Kenta Cobayashi and Yuuki Takada followed, creating a live digital piece that mixed programming, a printer and real heartbeats. Tokyo’s Dj of the moment, Albino Sound, made us non stop dance with his never heard before live techno performance. And to top it all, international contemporary dancer Norihito Ishii created live an improvised butoh dance piece together with Albino’s music and eetee’s visuals, that blew everyone’s mind.

The selection of photographers from Slideluck Tokyo was kindly conducted by the long experienced editor Naoko Higashi; Kohei Oyama, director of Newfave publishing, and Maria Teresa Salivati, editor in Chief of Slideluck editorial. Following the theme “LOST”, the program included 20 artists’ works both from Japan and the rest of the world.

The event wouldn’t have been the same if it hadn’t been for the presence of Brooklyn Brewery lager accompanied by their partners Hitachino Nest beer, who both helped to wash down Macho Taco’s mexican Tacos and El Biglietto’s delicious bento boxes.

This innovative evening event with the best artists of the moment has gone right to the top of the list of the coolest events in Tokyo and will be remembered for time to come. Keep an eye on news for the second edition ;)

Slideluck Tokyo has been possible thanks to the kind support of our sponsors: Galaxy 銀河系, Brooklyn Brewery, Hitachino Nest beer, Kiuchi Brewery, Slideluck Editorial, LARMagazine, GUP Magazine, MOTHER magazine, BLINK*magazine, Platform Platvorm, Newfave, G/P Gallery, Contact HIGH ZINE, flotsam books, totodo books.

Slideluck Trieste: OUT OF SIGHT

SLT 08 (1)

[Text by Sabina Damiani]

[Photographs by Zaneto Paulin]

 The first edition of Slideluck Trieste took place on the 18th of March in the beautiful ArtPhotoGallery in Trieste, a fascinating town, a crossroads of multiple cultures.

The curator Francesco Liggieri and the local director Sabina Damiani have made a selection of 13 projects from many high quality submissions from all around the world. The project Deep Valley Dark Days by photographer Danny Ghitis was selected for publishing by GUP Magazine, while Maria Teresa Salvati from Slideluck Editorial selected Dalibor Talajić‘s project Mountain Frame.

The same work was also selected to be published by KIOOSK, a platform for contemporary photography curated by Sabina Damiani.

The evening began at 7 pm with a toast made possible by our official sponsor Brooklyn Brewery followed by the slideshow under the theme „Out of Sight“. The interpretation of the theme was very wide, from reportages to street, documentary and conceptual photography.

After the screening we held a potluck with delicious dishes like quiches and tarts, home made hummus and cheese spreads and other dips that were perfectly matched with the two types of focaccia bread offered by the pizzeria Passage from the neighbouring town of Umag. The best potluck dish was awarded with a breakfast at Mug Bakery, known for their delicious cupcakes and teas.

The potluck was accompanied by the great Brooklyn Brewery beers, very much appreciated by all our guests! We have received many compliments for both types, the Brooklyn Lager and the Indian Pale Ale. There are many beer lovers in Trieste and they were enthusiasthic to learn about a new one!

This amazing evening of food and great art involved many different people, from professional photographers to amateaurs and people working in the creative industries along with many others curious to know what is it all about. We already started to make plans about our next events and other buzzing collaborations in the beautiful Trieste.

Special thanks to our partners and sponsors: The ArtPhotoGallery, Grin Photo Gallery&Graphic Studio, MOBO PR&Design, Pizzeria Passage, Mug Bakery, KIOOSK, GUP MagazineSlideluck EditorialSandbox Studio, Brooklyn Brewery, Viewbook, Association dotART.

Without their support, we would never have done it!


Slideluck Naples Arrives in the City of the Vesuvio

fire beer

[Text by Roberta Fuorvia & Teodora Malavenda ]

[Photos by Sabrina Cirillo]

Photography, food, music and good beers were the main ingredients of “Slideluck Naples” first edition, which took place on March 18th in the beautiful location of “QI – Quartiere Intelligente” in the magic city of Naples.

The coolest event of the year involved not only professionals in the photography field but also amateurs, curious and visitors, who shared some of the most delicious dishes of the Italian cuisine. In a twinkle, the party begun with more of 200 people who ate parmigiana di melanzane, rise with potatoes and sea fruit, omelette with onions, crescione with pumpkin and potatoes, donuts, delicious sfogliatelle.

All tasted much better with Brooklyn Brewery, one of our official sponsors! The two kinds of beer were really appreciated, we received many compliments for the beverage!

At about 9pm, the lights were dimmed and the the twenty official projects were projected on the wall, in the official format style. The projects were selected by Roberta Fuorvia and Teodora Malavenda (art and local directors), Irene Alison (guest curator) and Maria Teresa Salvati (co-curator). Making the selection was a very hard process because we received more of 100 submissions from all around the world.

We received so many amazing works that we decided to give the opportunity to five more photographers by launching for the first time in Slideluck’s history, ‘Slideluck Naples OFF’.

The photographers who took a part of the OFF screening were Julien Mauve, Francesca Cao, Christian Claveria, Ludivine Large-Bessette and Katarina Mudronova.

And not only, for the first time we introduced a special twinship between Italy and Japan: two Japanese artists from the official selection of Slideluck Tokyo were also screened in Naples and two Italian photographers will be shown in Tokyo on April 1st!

And, to complete the exuberance and amazingness of the show, we’ll have a special exhibition of the twenty winners, produced and hosted by the International Airport of Naples during a creative project titled “Slot – Creative Hub”, later this year.

Special thanks to our partners and sponsors: FUORIGAMUT – OFFICINA DI STAMPA FINE ART, Igers Napoli, NYPS – NEW YORK PHOTO STORIES, Lo.FT – LOCALI FOTOGRAFICI, MAPS Magazine, ViMAGAZINE, GUP Magazine, Slideluck Editorial, Sandbox Studio & Brooklyn Brewery.

Without their support, we would never have done it!

SLIDELUCK Trieste Launch Recap



 [Text by Sabina Damiani]

[Photos by Alberto Ivan Guizzo]

Great artists and delicious food highlighted the introduction of Slideluck in the city of Trieste. The Preview event was organized by the association dot ART in order to promote Slideluck and start building a community of people passionate about food, photography and multimedia. Before the actual show, Sabina Damiani, Slideluck Trieste local director, made a short introduction to the format and re-launched the open call for the next event, due in March 2016. The intro to the first Slideluck Trieste was hosted at the Unicusano University in occasion of the Trieste Photo Days finissage. The audience in Trieste have seen for the first time the multimedia projects of Jean Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni, Alexander Aksakov, Claudia Mozzillo, Marco Casino, Pierfrancesco Celada, Sonia Hamza, Joanna Chudy, Kirsty Mackay and Piergiorgio Casotti., all selected from the Slideluck Editorial platform. Guests had a lot to discuss about after the slideshow as the selection of the videos was made by reflecting on themes such spaces and identities.

The guests took the potluck call very seriously; we had amazing food, from delicious hummus, leek tart, rice salad, olive tapenade with crackers, apricot cake to a very local putizza, a spiral cake made with nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. We had a food contest which awarded the winner with a very special breakfast for two at Ginger, a patisserie in Trieste specialized in teas and cupcakes and the putizza cake was the absolute winner of the contest! The food was greatly accompanied by drinks both for wine and beer lovers. Brooklyn Brewery has delighted us with its amazing beers that were highly appreciated especially because it is not a commonly seen brand in the area. The compliments to the brewery were massive! Special thanks to everyone that made this Preview possible , to the Slideluck Trieste team and to our partners and sponsors (dot ART, Trieste Photo Days,  Brooklyn Brewery, Grin Graphic studio & Photo Gallery, Ginger). We look forward to the next event.  




[Photos by Aitor Baigorri]

[Text by Ana Castillo and Maureen Nunez]

After months of waiting, last Thursday October 8th finally arrived in Madrid the fourth edition of Slideluck.

From 7pm all attendees were reaching the auditorium of the headquarters of IED Visual Madrid with their dishes, trays and “tuppers” filled to the brim with delicious and varied recipes prepared by themselves, from home made guacamole, empanada gallega, potato cookies, etc. At the end of the event were not left even the crumbs. There was no place for diets.

Those who arrived more timely could take home as souvenir copies of GUP Magazine and Curador, both Slideluck partners. All attendees enjoyed Brooklyn Brewery beers to the rhythm of the DJ Julia Lozano.

At 8pm finally came the most awaited moment. After a few opening words of the slideshow curator, José María Díaz-Maroto, and of Pedro Paz, director of Slideluck Madrid, the projection of 20 photographic works in multimedia format, started. All projects revolved around the same topic “communication”, represented by a wide variety of techniques and styles, with a predominance of black and white, but they all had something in common: creativity, imagination and talent, much talent.

Slideluck represents a new way of seeing photography, in multimedia format and enjoying the work of many photographers in one place, away from the traditional way to expose this art form.

The 20 photographers participating in Slideluck Madrid IV were: Aitor Lara, Álvaro Laiz, Bryan Schutmaat, Celeste Ortiz, David Linuesa, Hugo Alcol, Jerónimo Álvarez, Jesús Labandeira, Joan Fontcuberta, Krzysztof Racoń, Manuel Capón, Marienna García- Gallo, Marta Areces, Mendía Echeverría, Pierfrancesco Celada, Rafael Arocha, Ricardo Cases, Sofía Santaclara, Sonia Hamza and Tomasz Lazar.

More than 220 people came up to IED Visual Madrid, including professional photographers, some of the photographers featured in the show, photo enthusiasts, friends, relatives, acquaintances. A meeting point to enjoy art and food! Slideluck Madrid IV was a great success, which could not have been possible without the help of their sponsors: Curador, GUP Magazine, Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo, Brooklyn Brewery, Slideluck Editorial and especially IED Visual Madrid.

Good photography, good food, good beer and good company summarize Slideluck Madrid IV.

SLIDELUCK Hong Kong II Recap

_LAN3148 small

_LAN3148 small

[Photos by Ones Production and Dean Cox]

[Text by Kim Campbell]

Hong Kong’s Slideluckers pulled out all the stops for the second edition of Slideluck HK in the city. Inspired by the fabulous food brought by other guests (and possibly our sweet, savoury and best presentation prizes!) we dined on devilled eggs, pesto pastries, delicate apple strudel, pumpkin gooey cake, curries, paella, and lovingly made peanut butter and honey banana toasties. Nice Pops were also there with their alcoholic and non-alcoholic selection of gourmet ice pops. Most foodies also knew to eat around the plastic fruit installation inserted into the potluck as an exhibition piece about our overuse of plastic consumption and waste. Good thing this year we invested in cups and cutlery made from PLA, which is a plastic-like material that is made from plants and is biodegradable! The Slideluck team also made an effort to recycle all the glass from this year’s show in a bid to make our events more eco-friendly and less wasteful.

This year there were some great raffle prizes on offer including bottles of Grey Goose and Veuve Clicquot, red and white wines from Evercohol, Slideluck t-shirts from Custom HK, an Instax Mini7S camera donated by Silverstrand Executive Search, and dinner vouchers to Rula Bula, Rummin Tings and Kinsale. Guests then settled in to find seats on the faux grass carpets and reclining chairs with ice cold Brooklyn Brewery beers in hand before the show kicked off. Many of this year’s artists were present and shared with us a range of photographic, multimedia and visual arts topics in eclectic and inspiring interpretations of this year’s theme of contrast. Our gorgeous event space, The White Loft, was abuzz with conversation afterwards as we discussed the artwork and shared our thoughts. The atmosphere was fun, festive and fabulous and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

SLIDELUCK Amsterdam V Recap



All photos by Anke Teunissen

Text by Nichon Glerum

Cheerful and hungry people, inspired and photogenic food, good beer, crusty bread and a nice collection of photos and videos. It was all there in the intimate and successful fifth edition of the Amsterdam Slideluck, in the heart of the capital.

A respectable amount of lovers of good food, good company and inspiring photographic work filled former artists’ society De Kring during Slideluck, this year coupled with FotoFestival Unseen. Most of the guests had the message well understood: there were beautiful, with lots of love and flowers twisted Vietnamese rice spring rolls, gluten- and sugar-free brownies, crostini with artichoke and walnut tapenade, parelgort- and beet salad and classics like caprese-skewers, coq au vin and mushroom risotto. The buffet was already traditionally flanked by sublime bread Brothers Niemeyer, candy art Papabubble, olive Meewig & Zn. and cool beers from the Brooklyn Brewery. And by two smuggled pizzas from a local restaurant – which at first were.

A large part of the people remained understandably depend on the buffet, but also around the bar Circuit, run by exceptionally friendly and photogenic staff was there can enjoy a meal, laughed and talked, mostly about food and askance at the prices of the raffle, the raffle were before the start of the slideshow. There were including dinner vouchers Couscous Club, INSTOCK and Wild Boar, the cookbook of Heavenly Mud, breakfast vouchers from Gebroeders Niemeijer, photo prints Photo lab Snapshot, a cooking workshop at Keizer Culinair, a large bag of candy from Papa Bubble, olive Meeuwig & Zn., Tickets the film Life of OneEntertainment, GUP magazine, a piquant book KesselsKramer, and messages from the Crate.

After the raffle and the distribution of the remaining food on some doggy bags (almost everything was cleaned up!) Strolled into the company with a hip Unseen goodie bag on the arm a few doors down to Pathé City for the slideshow display, including two firsts! Or actually three, if you count the Slide Luck slides were first exhibited in a real cinema setting. Another first was that the photographs were introduced by their curators – this year there were photographer Mirjam Bleeker and designer Pieke Bergmans. They said, as proud as nervous, almost all approached by them enthusiastic photographers had cooperated, and had been inspired by the theme Unseen. The last premiere was a “live link” to a still born baby via ultrasound center Echo Spot – a movie of a fetus in the womb, in line with the theme.

The ensuing slide was a nice mix of topics and styles from all profits calculation. Including moving pictures of a loving old couple in a forgotten Italian village, an almost educational video about the effects of the sun on your skin, intriguing images of illegal Russian-made sound recordings used X-rays, art based on Google Street View, an underwater time-lapse colorful and fascinating life on the bottom of the sea, and the impact of industry on its environment in Latin America.

It provided food for thought, discussion in the elevator and the doors of Pathé City and going after in the opposite De Balie. And a desire for the next edition.

Until then!


Vrolijke en hongerige mensen, geïnspireerde en fotogenieke gerechten, goed bier, knapperig brood en een mooie verzameling foto’s én filmpjes. Het was er allemaal tijdens de intieme en succesvolle vijfde editie van de Amsterdamse Slideluck, in het hartje van de hoofdstad.
Een respectabele hoeveelheid liefhebbers van lekker eten, goed gezelschap en inspirerend fotowerk vulde voormalige kunstenaarssociëteit De Kring tijdens Slideluck, dit jaar gekoppeld aan Fotofestival Unseen. Het grootste deel van de genodigden had de boodschap goed begrepen: er waren prachtige, met veel liefde en bloemen gedraaide Vietnamese rijstloempia’s, gluten- en suikervrije brownies, crostini’s met artisjok-walnoot tapenade, parelgort- en bietensalade en klassiekers als caprese-spiesjes, coq au vin en paddestoelenrisotto. Het buffet werd inmiddels traditiegetrouw geflankeerd door subliem brood van Gebroeders Niemeyer, snoepkunst van Papabubble, olijfolie van Meewig & Zn. en koele biertjes van de Brooklyn Brewery. En door twee binnengesmokkelde pizza’s van een lokaal restaurant – die overigens als eerste op waren.

Een groot deel van de mensen bleef begrijpelijkerwijs hangen bij het buffet, maar ook rond de bar van De Kring, gerund door buitengewoon vriendelijk en fotogeniek personeel, werd er getafeld, gelachen en gepraat, voornamelijk over eten en met een scheef oog naar de prijzen van de raffle, die voor het begin van de slideshow verloot werden. Er waren o.a. dinerbonnen van Couscous Club, Instock en Wilde Zwijnen, het kookboek van Hemelse Modder, ontbijtbonnen van Gebroeders Niemeijer, fotoprints van Fotolab Kiekje,  een kookworkshop van Keizer Culinair,  een grote zak snoep van Papabubble, olijfolie van Meeuwig &Zn., kaartjes voor de film Life van OneEntertainment, GUP magazines, een pikant fotoboek van Kesselskramer, en boodschappen van De Krat.
Na afloop van de raffle en de verdeling van het overgebleven eten over enkele doggy bags (bijna alles was schoon op!) kuierde het gezelschap met een hippe Unseen goodie bagaan de arm een paar deuren verder naar Pathé City voor de slideshow vertoning, inclusief twee primeurs! Of eigenlijk drie, als je meetelt dat de Slideluck dia’s voor het eerst werden vertoond in een heuse bioscoopsetting. De andere primeur was dat de foto’s ingeleid werden door hun curatoren – dit jaar waren dat fotograaf Mirjam Bleeker en ontwerper Pieke Bergmans. Zij vertelden, even trots als nerveus, dat bijna alle door hen benaderde fotografen enthousiast hun medewerking hadden verleend, en zich hadden laten inspireren door het thema Unseen. De laatste primeur was een ‘live verbinding’ met een nog niet geboren kindje via echocentrum Echospot – een filmpje van een ongeboren vrucht in de baarmoeder, geheel in lijn met het thema.
De daaropvolgende slideshow was een mooie mix van onderwerpen en stijlen uit alle winstreken. Waaronder ontroerende foto’s van een liefdevol oud koppel in een vergeten Italiaans dorpje, een bijna voorlichtingsfilmpje over de effecten van de zon op je huid, intrigerende beelden van illegaal in Rusland gemaakte geluidsopnames op gebruikte röntgenfoto’s, kunst gebaseerd op Google Streetview, een onderwater time-lapse van het kleurrijke en fascinerende leven op de bodem van de zee, en de invloed van industrie op zijn omgeving in Latijns-Amerika.
Het leverde stof tot nadenken, discussies in de lift en voor de deuren van Pathé City en een nazit in het tegenovergelegen De Balie. En een verlangen naar een volgende editie.
Tot dan!