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Neon sign on brick wall

 Slideluck Prato II
[Text by Gaia Vettori]
[Photos by Paola Ressa from SEDICI]

 For the second time, Slideluck got Prato!

A wonderful venue, the garden of a former factory called “EX FABRICA” (Prato is crawling with these renewed factories) hosted the second edition of Slideluck Prato, an event organized by SEDICI, a fresh and young association of people committed to photography and visual arts.

The garden (Garden of the Fabbrichino – “Garden of the little factory” in english) was divided in two: on the left, an amazing food court were hundreds of happy people brought and shared their fresh delicatessen: pizza, frittata, gluten free pasta, fresh vegetables, cold cuts and juicy slices of the most delicious watermelon.

It was very hot and people we’re so thirsty, but it was no worry as Brooklyn Brewery provided assistance with its tasty beers, Lager and IPA: success… guaranteed!

On the right, the real garden: soft green grass and furniture made by recyclable materials were the setting of the second part of the event. The 20 shortlisted authors’ works were showcased, fascinating the crowd.

Slideshows were selected by Giulia Ticozzi (photographer and photo-editor) and Pietro Gaglianò (contemporary art critic), who were present and spoke about the criteria of their choices: the main topic was “Relations” and the selected works not only stuck to the theme but also stood out for their emotional involvement.

For the second time in a row, during the pre show and after the projection, Flow Job duo rocked the world with their electro and alternative grooves: it was hard not to dance.

Slideluck Prato II: mission accomplished! A night to remember!

Thank you to all our partners and sponsors: PHOTOLUX, JEST, LATO, Artnoise, Commune di Prato, TPO CompanyStudio Fotografico Bolognini, Visit Prato, Slideluck Editorial, Sandbox Studio, SEDICI, and of course Brooklyn Brewery.


SLIDELUCK Vancouver IV Recap



[Text by Tina Mohns]
[Photos by Josh Bowie]

SLIDELUCK Vancouver lV, a part of Capture Photo Fest, was a smashing success with almost 160 attendees including more than half of our featured artists. Our new venue, Beaumont Studios, in the industrial district of Mount Pleasant, created a vibrant atmosphere for this year’s event. There was a buzz of conversation and an abundance of warm smiles throughout the night. Our top shelf jurors, Avalon Mott, Jonathon Vaughn Strebly, Matthew Clark and Pennylane Shen, selected 21 incredibly talented and diverse, local and international artists to represent this year’s theme of INFLUENCE:

Albert Law – Alessia Palermiti – Alexander Moiseev – Barbara Tili – Carson Cartier
Christopher Herwig – David Ellingsen – Dina Goldstein – Gerardo Filocamo
Jeff Topham   Jon West – Katia Repina & Luca Aimi – Kristopher Grunert
Laara Cerman – Marika Dee   Marjan Kochak Yazdi – Olivia Sari-Goerlach
Ryan Mah – Sally Buck  - Sofia Bensadon
Tanya Goehring & Trevor Jacobson

From our artists and guests:

It was such an awesome evening of food, fun and amazing imagery!” - participating artist, Ryan Mah   

What an awesome event! We had a great time and are looking forward to going again next year. Wonderful food and an incredible artist showcase. Love this event!”  - attendee,  Sarina Corsi

It was wonderful. You threw a great party, brought so many people together to meet each other, and I loved learning about such diverse artists’ work.- participating artist, Sally Buck

With challenging food safety regulation in Vancouver, we put a twist on potluck and provided guests with comfort food from 2 of the best food trucks in the city; Holi Masala and Chickpea. The art and food were further enhanced by ice-cold, refreshing brews, which were donated by our generous partner, Brooklyn Brewery, and sexy tunes from our hot DJs, Kerry Chambers and Alex D. 

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our major partners, without whom this celebration of art and community would not be possible; CAPIC Vancouver, the Idea School of Design at Capilano University, Beau Photo and of course, Brooklyn Brewery.



horizontal slideluck naples II

horizontal slideluck naples II

[Text by Roberta Fuorvia & Teodora Malavenda]

[Photos by Roberta Fuorvia & others]

On Saturday April the 8th, the Vesuvian city held the second edition of Slideluck Naples, confirming a much awaited event for both the photographers and the Neapolitan public.

The event was hosted by Magazzini Fotografici, born in the space of a former factory of bags, the Borsettificio Ines, located in the ancient Palazzo Caracciolo d’Avellino in the upper decumanus of the historic center of Naples.

The slideshow was anticipated by an abundance of great food and tasty beers kindly offered by Brooklyn Brewery. Exchanging a chat while sipping a beer is still the best way to spend pleasant and relaxing moments.

The crowd brought typical recipes of Neapolitan cuisine, such as fried pasta or rustic pizza with sausage and friarelli.  Many visitors from other parts of Italy and Europe came to Naples for the event, bringing with them delicious dishes like Tuscan cold meats, potato tortilla and more.

At 9pm the projection started showing the the works of twenty photographers, selected by the jury. It was a hard deliberation considering the numerous excellent projects submitted by authors from many different countries. The jury was composed of Roberta Fuorvia and Teodora Malavenda (art and local directors), Amber Terranova (guest curator) and Maria Teresa Salvati (co-curator).

A special thanks to Sasha Taormina (press office), Francesca Bellino (instagram curator), Neo Mag, Frizzifrizzi, Clic.hè, Just Another Photo Festival, Elisabeth Biondi, Igers Naples, Fuori Gamut, Foto Image, Magazzini Fotografici, Slideluck Editorial and of course Brooklyn Brewery.

The success of our event is the result of a team effort in which collaboration and confrontation have been a guide. Until next time !!


SLIDELUCK Toronto IV Recap

Slideluck Toronto IV

Slideluck Toronto IV

[Text by Cindy Chen]

[Photos by Jamyle Burchell]

Reflecting on the success of Slideluck Toronto IV, I guess it wasn’t so bad that I booked it on the same day as Chinese New Year. I may have had to sheepishly ask my family to reschedule our dinner due to my sheer ignorance, but it was absolutely and undeniably worth it! Overall, Slideluck made a successful comeback to Toronto after a four-year hiatus, thanks to the showcase of thought-provoking art, vast array of food, and all the friendly people who decided to spend their cold Saturday evening with us at the Contact Gallery.

I’m still perplexed about how we managed to convince so many talented cooks and bakers to attend our potluck, as we had more homemade food than we could eat. The vegan chickpea and lentil quinoa, homemade sausage, and perogies received rave reviews, but they were not be outdone by the desserts, which ranged from apple crumble pie to homemade cupcakes and ginger cookies made with freshly ground nutmeg. Another notable dessert involved the gourmet chocolates that the previous Slideluck Toronto organizer, Sarah Keenlyside, had generously donated from her chocolate shop CXBO. To complement the delicious fare, we served Brooklyn Brewery beer to help make sure everyone was refreshed and in good spirits.

The theme of the night was “(Un)belong”, an exploration of the concepts of being an outsider and the sense of belonging, and whether or not they are mutually exclusive. Sixty lucky attendees got to watch our slideshow of 16 visual artists and photographers’ varying interpretations of the concept of (un)belong. In a different vein, the artistic theme was sadly fitting as breaking news of the protests against the US immigration ban began trickling in through the evening. As some recompense, it was wonderful and heartwarming to see a diverse group of people connecting with each other over their appreciation for art, community, and food.

Through all of this, a huge thank-you goes out to TD for investing in community arts, and to the Contact Gallery for donating their beautiful gallery space for the event. And finally, a gigantic thank-you to Brooklyn Brewery for the delicious beer that brought Torontonians together!


20161021_221453_DSC4227r smallcopy

20161021_221453_DSC4227r smallcopy

[Text by Miguel Polo]

[Photos by Hidemasa Miyake]

After the very successful first edition of the most underground arts night, Slideluck Tokyo returned with it’s second edition, this time based around the theme “Borderline/Borderless”.

Back again to the always cutting-edge gallery Galaxy Gingakei in the heart of Tokyo, this one was sure to be a night to remember.

The night was opened with a dreamy ambient music set by Dj Chiro, who brought a magical eerie vibe to the place. Leading VJs Venti Fluids joined with a colourful and dynamic visual projection set that left everyone in awe. Sapphire Slows was the first of the live performances, one of the most notable names in the Tokyo electronic scene, she surprised and established a fantastic chemistry with the audience by playing live her keyboard and synth. Visual artist Atsuhiro Ito followed playing the OPTRON, an instrument created by himself that uses light and sound in a never seen before way. The third of the performances came by Hajime Kinoko, his model Seira and crew. The world renowned kinbaku rope artist (Japanese art of bondage) mesmerized everyone with a beautifully choreographed piece created specially for the occasion. Dj Rebecca U closed the night with one of her always eclectic sets.

Photography works were selected by our curators Naoko Higashi (editor of IMA magazine), Kohei Oyama (Director of Newfave publishing house) and guest curator Shauba Chang (Director of Waterfall and dmp editions, Taiwan).

During the event everyone enjoyed delicious lager beer and ales by our unconditional sponsors: The Brooklyn Brewery and Kiuchi Brewery, supporters of young talent and fosters of excellent arts, without whose help the event wouldn’t have been possible.

Once again Slideluck Tokyo brought together the best artists of the moment and created a night full of surprises, emotions and inspiration that will be talked about for time to come.

Selected Slideluck Tokyo II photographers:

Tomas Bachot • Thomas Wunsch • Gian Marco Sanna • Rebecca U • Gerardo Filocamo • Claudio Sanna • Dora Diamant • Lena Szankay • Nozomi Teranishi • Hristina Tasheva • Adrian Lo • Kohei Kawatani • Malcolm Pate • Foster Mickley • Yujin Ju • Hiromichi Hata • Ami Inaba • Hiroyuki Yamada • Kohey Kanno • Storm Luu

Collaborators: GUP Magazine (Netherlands), MOTHER-MAGAZINE (Uk), LAR Magazine (Mexico), Contact High Zine (Japan), G/P Gallery (Japan), Newfave (Japan), Waterfall (Taiwan), DMP Editions (Taiwan), Slideluck Editorial, flotsambooks (Japan), Hitachino Nest Beer, Brooklyn Brewery, Gallery Galaxy Gingakei.



SlideluckHKIII-173 smallcopy

[Text by Kim Campbell]

Sharing is certainly caring at our Slideluck HK potluck dinners! From gooey butter squares to eastern european kielbasa alongside ‘herring in a fur coat’ and boranija, we had a lovely range of homemade sweet and savouries provided by our caring guests. We even had some local favourites like egg waffles hot off the press and cheung fan (rice noodle rolls).

This year we were honored to be featuring the work of late Hong Kong photographer Fan Ho whose nostalgic images capture a very different city in the late 50s and 60s. The work of Xyza Cruz Bacani was another of our showcased slideshows, alongside that of 20 other talented artists.

The White Loft kindly hosted us for the second year in a row, which made for a beautiful and comfortable space where we could kick of our shoes on the green ‘grass’ carpets on fold up chairs and cushions to watch the diverse show – including animation, painting, installation art and photography – and, of course, drink a cold Brooklyn Brewery beer. As always, our raffle prizes were a huge hit including Fan Ho’s book, instax mini camera, smart phone fisheye lens, a lifestyle photography session with LemonteaHK, a bottle of champagne and a gift voucher for Caribbean restaurant RumminTings. A big thank you to our sponsors including Celsiar Consulting Agency, Tyros coworking space, Arty Party HK, Amalfitana and Bobby’s Rabble for helping to make all this possible. Food prize winners (for best sweet, savoury and presentation) got their own cookbooks to keep the creative, culinary juices flowing. Hope these Slideluckers put them to use at our next show. Until then!

Slideluck Prato Recap

_DSC4970 SM

_DSC4970 SM

[Photos by Serena Galllorini and Naima Miriam Savioli]

[Text by Claudia Gori]

Slideluck arrived in Prato and it was an incredible night!

Many people joined the event that took place at [Chì-na], a renewed factory in the heart of China Town, that perfectly mirrors the core of Prato: the industrial heritage and the multicultural spirit.

The guys of SEDICI organized a table full of food and drinks and almost 300 people joined the event sharing their food and their conviviality.

Guests weren’t shy in sharing their homecooked dishes, and the potluck table was heavy with vegetables, cous cous, gluten free bread and hummus, zucchini quiche, many sweets like chocolate cakes and corn flakes biscuits and of course…a lot of pasta and pizza!

Our main sponsor NaturaSì offered us delicious fruit juices, we had Italian red organic wine by Tenuta di Sticciano and obviously the great Brooklyn Brewery beers, Lager and East IPA.

Our guests loved the beers so much that they drank them till the last drop!

After the potluck, the crowd gathered in the courtyard between buildings and the 20 selected slideshows were showcased on an old wall from an neighboring abandoned factory. In this special atmosphere people were pretty fascinated by the high quality of the artworks and by the venue itself. Everyone who came by had a blast.

The photographic works were selected by Arianna Rinaldo, Sara Guerrini and Paola Paleari, all of whom were present at the event. They were joined by Maria Teresa Salvati, Slideluck Europe Director. They spent the night, speaking to the audience and enjoying the food and drinks.

During the pre show and after the projection Flow Job duo entertained the public with their electro and alternative grooves, and it wasn’t long before they had everyone dancing. The night was just fantastic!

Thanks to all who made this possible: NaturaSì, L’Orto del Lupo, Tenuta di Sticciano, Brooklyn Brewery, Fotoclub Il Bacchino, Pasticceria Peruzzi, and Vivai Gheri.

Slideluck Mad River Valley Recap

bucher-mad-river-valley009 small

bucher-mad-river-valley009 small

The first annual Slideluck Mad River Valley was a great success. We hosted between 40 and 50 people at the Knoll Farm, with 4 of the selected 16 artists able to attend. Guests arrived slowly, making their way to the venue through a short lantern lit path in the woods and down a trail through the blue berry bushes. We were blessed with a perfect Vermont summer night, early morning thunderstorm broke giving us a dry 75 degree day and a soft cloudy sunset. We delayed moving everyone into the barn for the show by 30 minutes so that we could sit by the fire on the hillside and enjoy watching the sunset over Valley while the resident Icelandic sheep and alpaca grazed in the pasture below us. Picturesque would be an understatement.

The Common Man restaurant hosted the bar outside, serving french rosé and the locally made Citizen Cider along side Brooklyn Brews. Most of the potluck dishes were literally garden fresh – there was a variety of cucumber salads, garden slaws, quinoa & pasta dishes made with vermont corn, vermont sweet onion, vermont squash and zucchini, vermont heirloom tomatoes and vermont cheeses. There was fresh baked bread from the local baker Green Rabbit, and salted butter from the farm up the hill – Ploughgate creamery at Bragg Hill Farm, and sweet corn from the Neill Farm in the valley below. The crowd favorites were Pork Satay with white rice, and key lime pie from the East Warren Community Market. By the end of the meal almost everything was gone from the pot luck table, with most people taking seconds and thirds. Some guests ate outside at picnic tables along the foot of the blue berry field while others shared one long community table in the barn running the length of the loft.

At dusk we made our way into the first floor of the barn and sat together in the eclectic couches, chairs, sofas & benches collected by Peter & Helen at the Knoll Farm and enjoyed the show. The crowd hummed together with quiet exclamations and ended with bright giggles at the last two artists Shawna Gibbs & Rob MacInnis light hearted photographs. We took a short intermission and everyone went back outside to refresh their drinks fireside under the starry night. After recollecting ourselves in the barn our juror Romke addressed the group, and awarded three jurors awards – Pascal Amoyel and Raissa Venables each received a copy of Mossless 3 for their great work, and Rob MacInnis won both issues 3 & 4 for his amazing photographs from “Dog & Pony Show”.  Romke shared a video of Mossless 3 America 2003 – 2013 and took questions from the audience. As we departed a handful of local volunteers arrived to return the barn to normal and the guests & artists made their goodbyes. Many of the guests who travelled from around New England & New York thanked us for the invitation to such a beautiful event at such an amazing place. The many Mad River Valley locals who were able to attend have called and written with gratitude to the local Slideluck team and our event sponsors for bringing such high quality art work to our little community and keeping attendance free.

The first Slideluck MRV was a certainly memorable we and are excited and encouraged to plan next years show. Some people have suggested a special winter sports edition, we better get to work!


Brooklyn Brewery Vancouver

Vancouver III Slideluck

[Text by Rick Etkin]

[Photos by Anna Hall]

Vancouver’s Slideluck lll was held as part of the Capture Photography Festival’s month of all things photographic and was co-produced with the tremendous support of CAPIC’s Vancouver Chapter (The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators). Our chosen theme for this year was “activism”, the perfect concept for a creative and community building evening.

Held at Performance Works, on Vancouver’s iconic Granville Island, the event took place on April 23 to a great crowd of art and food enthusiasts. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to mix and mingle over food and good Brooklyn Beer, with the many artists in attendance. It was an evening of true culinary delights and tasty visuals!

The rules for public events in our city prevent a traditional potluck. Instead, we brought together a great team of volunteers to prepare the dinner in the commercial kitchen of renowned restaurant “Seasons in the Park”, one of Sequoia Group’s fantastic venues. We prepared a great mix of Mediterranean and international food, supplemented with donations from Nesters Market, Les Amis du Fromage, Old World Fudge Company, On the Rocks Ice and Ethical Bean Coffee and District Main and of course Brooklyn Brewery

Our event co-hosts, Slideluck Vancouver director Tina Mohns and CAPIC chapter president Rick Etkin kept the evening flowing. The venue’s cinema standard, projector and sound system meant the work and music were presented in an immersive and captivating way that showed off the work at its best. Our show of 26 artists from Vancouver and around the globe was curated by judges Ian McGuffie, Johnathon Vaughn-Strebly and Avalon Mott.

Support from industry and friends was tremendous; we gave away generous prizes from Beau Photo, Opus Art Supplies, Seasons in the Park Restaurant, Nesters Market, Chaise Lounge and Forbidden Fruit Winery.

Thanks to everyone who helped us to make this lovely event happen. We all thrive from building community. We are already looking forward to next year’s event and hope you are too!