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Marketing Goes Homebrewing, Part I


homebrew pic-porter carboy

In January,we of the Brooklyn Brewery Marketing Unit decided to make 2015 the year we started homebrewing together. Homebrewing gives us a chance to learn about beer hands-on, and an admirable excuse to drink more beer and call it work. We picked out some styles to try and set forth for glory.

Our first batch was brewed at my West Harlem apartment back in January. (You may remember me from my pairing list with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s fast food awards, or from the credits section to the left of this post. Hi, Mom and Dad!) I have been brewing beer for a couple years in my parent’s garage, but this was my first batch in my apartment. I wiggled the gear into the living room/kitchen, welcomed friends from the Marketing Unit and neighborhood, and set out to brew a single-hop porter bursting with East Kent Golding aroma thanks to a flame-out addition (non-homebrewers: I dumped in a handful of hops after boiling to extract aroma.) It nearly worked!

homebrew tasting joe soriero instagram


The beer fermented in my closet using state-of-the-art temperature controls including a percussive radiator and a Brooklyn Summer Ale beach towel for about a month before I bottled it up and let it condition for some time. The flame-out hops had resulted in much more bitterness than I intended, and I hoped weeks in the dark would see the hops recede. Unfortunately, time was not on my side, as the rest of the Unit was clamoring for the results of our experiment.

I unleashed the beer in a tasting two weeks ago as Not Every Second Chance Is Deserved, Volume II. (Volume I is a story for another, sadder day.) To my great surprise, people enjoyed the beer, even earning praise from some of our brewers, cellarmen and Brewmaster Garrett Oliver. It might have helped that we were offering beers from around the country during the tasting (check out Export Marketing Coordinator Joe Soriero’s picture above), but our early success has emboldened us. We’ll let you know how the next batch turns out, even if I totally beef it. In the meantime, get brewing and let us know how your experiments turn out.

Getting Loud with I Wanna Rye-It





Craving something spicy, silky, loud and wild? Our latest Brewmaster’s Reserve is here to help. I Wanna Rye It is a fierce rye IPA, packed full of fiery rye and forceful American hops. It’s a hell of a ride from start to finish, but happens to be a nice companion to the warming weather as spring rushes into summer.

As always with our Brewmaster’s Reserve series, I Wanna Rye-It is a very limited, draft-only release. Read what Brewmaster Garrett Oliver has to say about the beer on our Beers Page or see what he thinks in the video below (with a little help from Production Manager Jimmy Valm.) Then get out there and get your Rye-It on.

Happy Anniversary, Nya Carnegie!

cask and glass



Time has flown since we partnered up with Carlsberg to construct our joint venture brewery, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, in Stockholm, Sweden. On April 30 at 6 PM, our comrades at our sister brewery will be throwing their doors open to welcome guests to their first anniversary celebration of their Tasting Room. Congratulations are in order, and you know that means there’s a party in the works.

brewers with grapefruit

The teams at Nya Carnegie had some fun coming up with plans for the day. The bar and restaurant staff decided the anniversary beer should be an experimental Belgian blonde brewed with grapefruit. They pitched in on brew day, zesting a small mountain of grapefruits by hand to add to the kettle and juicing the grapefruits to add to the whirlpool. Not to be outdone, the brewing team got together and went through every dish Chef Billy White and his crew prepared this year. They distilled their favorites down to create a “greatest hits” sampling menu for the night, celebrating the restaurant’s tremendous first year.


It will be a night of great beer, excellent food, and plenty of good cheer. Brooklyn Brewery co-founder and chairman Steve Hindy will be in attendance as well, proving that this party is worth a transatlantic flight.So if you find yourself in Hammarby on April 30, follow your nose and the noise and join us at the Nya Carnegie Tasting Room first anniversary party. We’ve had a terrific year working with them, and we’re all excited to see what else the future holds for us and our Stockholm family.

We’ve Planned Your Summer Weekends


Well, some of them. With snow-free sidewalks, short sleeves, and all the other signs of summer popping up all over the place here in Brooklyn, it seemed like the right time to tell you that the Brooklyn Based/Brooklyn Brewery Immersions series is back for 2015!

As with the Immersions of years past, each day-long event will feature deals, discounts and some on-the-house beers in four different neighborhoods. Your $25 ticket gets you a beer on us at four bars in the neighborhood (scroll down to see the list), plus a wad of Walking Around Money  (WAM) featuring deals on food, drinks and shopping from many other local spots. It’s a great excuse to get your friends together and spend the day completely avoiding any real responsibilities.

As the days tick closer and we finalize our plans, we’ll keep you posted with the latest on where you’ll be going and how to buy tickets. Until then, and without further ado, we present the 2015 Total Immersion neighborhoods:

TPS opening 20

May 16: The Total Crown Heights Immersion. One of Brooklyn’s most mysterious neighborhoods is rapidly becoming one of its most popular destinations. Go check out the scene where new businesses are mingling with generations-old establishments and coming up with an entirely new landscape. The line-up:

Berg’n – Greenmarket Wheat

Butter & Scotch - Black Chocolate Stout (make it a float for $3). First 50 floats made with vintage Black Chocolate Stout

Catfish - Summer Ale

Covenhoven – Sorachi Ace & BLAST!

June 6: The Total Gowanus Immersion. This is the perfect occasion to invite your out-of-town friends to try out their pronunciation skills. This canal-side section of Brooklyn has changed considerably since the Dutch settlers set up their first New World colony here. Eat, drink, shop and be glad that we as a society have moved beyond wooden shoes.

July 18: The Total Bay Ridge Immersion. Ever fallen asleep on the R after a long night of carousing, only to wake up in a peaceful neighborhood with a surprising amount of bars? Make the conscious choice to investigate the quietly hard-partying vibe in Bay Ridge. Just don’t fall asleep on the way out and end up in Forest Hills.

September 12: The Total East Williamsburg Immersion. Just past The ‘Burg that brings the weekend masses, not quite Bushwick where everyone moves to beat the rent, East Williamsburg is a neighborhood that shouldn’t be slept on. Stay on the L for a couple extra stops and explore the up-and-comers in this cheerful corner of Brooklyn.

T Magazine Visits the Man Behind The Logo


Before designing the posters for Mad Men, but after I Love New York and Bob Dylan’s hair, leading graphic designer Milton Glaser generously took on a project designing a logo for two Brooklynites starting a brewery. With Milton’s now-iconic logo leading the charge, Steve Hindy and Tom Potter were able to grow the Brooklyn Brewery from a homebrew-fueled dream to one of the mightiest craft breweries in the country. And yes, Milton himself still works on all of our labels. Head over to T Magazine to enjoy their video tour of Milton’s studio and hear from the man himself about some of his most interesting work. Bonus points if you can count all the Brooklyn Brewery bottles in the office.

Brooklyn Brewery BrooklynBrewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Brewery Mash Garrett Oliver Steve Hindy Brooklyn Lager BrooklynLager Sorachi #GoldDots

Header image from Inc. Magazine’s video on Milton published August 6, 2014.

Garrett Takes Over The Tiger



In the spirit of real recognizing real, Brewmaster Garrett Oliver comes to the Blind Tiger once a year with a deep crew from the Brooklyn Brewery and a mic-dropping beer list. On April 22, Garrett and his friends from the Brewery will be hitting the taps hard for your drinking pleasure. Beer lovers pack the bar elbow-to-elbow, drinking beers from the farthest reaches of our cellars and listening to Garrett when he takes up position on the mantelpiece to deliver a speech and toast to all assembled. The beer list is tremendous; some are long-time favorites, some are impossible-to-find vintages, and some are so new only a handful of people know they exist. Check out the full list below, then cancel any other plans you have that night. You’ve got some work to do.


On Tap:
Wild Horse Porter
Ridgy Didge
Sorachi Ace
Greenmarket Wheat
Summer Ale
Dry Irish Stout
I Wanna Rye-It (current Brewmasters Reserve)
The Unsung Hero
Tripel Smash
Gold IPA
Black Chocolate Stout Vintage 2011

On Cask
B**** O**

Ghost Bottles:
Galahad (Local 1 barrel aged on cider lees)
Dark Matter (barrel aged winter’s blend)
Barrel Aged Wild Horse Porter
Local 2 Aged on Reisling Lees
Hand & Seal Aged in Cognac Casks
K is for Kriek

Food Book Fair Returns


Springtime is just around the corner in Brooklyn. Trees are sprouting in sidewalk cracks, the days are getting longer and warmer, and Food Book Fair is finally back again. Now in its fourth year, Food Book Fair celebrates the intertwined worlds of food, drinks and writing over the weekend of April 10-12 at the Wythe Hotel. We’ve partnered with the Food Book Fair every year, and having them in the neighborhood has become one of our favorite parts of spring.

The Food Book Fair is known for their packed schedule and star-studded lineups, and this year they’re stepping up again. More than 20 events, 25 indie food magazines, and over fifty chefs, writers, editors and publishers are putting on panels, cocktail parties and networking events in just three days. A veritable who’s-who of food and writing including Bar Tartine, Brooks Headley and our own Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson will all be speaking with an audience of unmatched passion. Check out some highlights from the programming below and get your tickets here.


Passion to Profits: Stories of Women Who Made Food Their Business
Friday, April 10, 10-11 AM
Rodale Books and Toklas Society will co-host a conversation about careers, passions and the challenges facing women in a changing industry. Panelists Lee Campell (wine director, Reynard, Marlow & Sons, Roman’s, Diner, Achilles Heel),
 Suzanne Lenzer (food stylist, author of Truly Madly Pizza), Liz Prueitt (co-owner, Tartine, author of Tartine), and Jennie Ripps (CEO, Owl’s Brew, author of Wise Cocktails) will be moderated by Sue Chan, co-founder of the Toklas Society.

Great Grains-Presented by Brooklyn Brewery
Friday, April 10, 2:30-3:30 PM

Brooklyn Brewery presents a conversation about the changing attitudes of the public towards grain and the sometimes-controversial science behind modern farming practices. Panelists include Jorge Gaviria (co-founder, Masienda), Glenn Roberts (founder, Anson Mills), Eli Rogosa (farmer, co-founder of the Heritage Grain Conservancy), June Russell (director of the GrowNYC Regional Grains Project), and Dr. David Shields (professor, chair of the Carolina Gold Rice Foundation, author of Southern Provisions.)

Live! At Food Book Fair, It’s Heritage Radio Network
Friday, April 10, 6-8 PM
The Heritage Radio Network presents interactive readings and performances from favorite hosts including HRN founder Patrick Martins (author of The Carnivore’s Manifesto), Joe Campanale (Downtown Italian), and Mary Izett (Speed Brewing: Techniques and Recipes for Fast-Fermenting Beers, Ciders, Meads and More.) Book signing will take place during the event, along with a set from DJ Spliffington of Full Service Party, food from Dig Inn and plenty of Brooklyn Brewery beer.

gerson bottle resize

Food in Visual Culture
Saturday, April 11, 5-6 PM
Join in on a look back in history through the eras of woodcut-illustrated cookbooks, Julia Child on television, and the rise of food photography on Instagram. Panelists Alison Attenborough (food stylist and art director) and Andrea Gentl (photographer, Gentl & Hyers) will examine how people, trends and technology have shaped how food is portrayed in the media.

Table of Contents Literary Dinner at Egg Restaurant
Saturday, April 11, 8-10 PM
Table of Contents is an annual multi-course conceptual literary dinner. A collaboration between George Weld and Evan Hanczor of Egg, past themes have visited the pages of classics including The Sun Also Rises and To Kill a Mockingbird. This year’s dinner centers on The Member of the Wedding, by Carson McCullers. Each course will draw upon the themes, characters and settings of the book, and will be paired with a Brooklyn Brewery beer.

Oyster Hour with Island Creek Oysters and Brooklyn Brewery
Sunday, April 12, 5-6:30 PM
Finish off Food Book Fair with a discussion on the oyster’s significance to New York and New England with Island Creek Oysters Chef Jeremy Sewall and Bon Appetit Deputy Editor Scott DeSimon. Freshly shucked oysters will be provided by the Island Creek Oysters signature raw bar boat, along with other oyster dishes from Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson paired with Brooklyn Sorachi Ace.

Kenji’s (Biased) Best Fast Food Awards, Paired

2014 Ev Sekkides



There are times that call for elevated cuisine. Then there are times when, in the words of Garrett Oliver, you “murder a bag of White Castle Cheeseburgers at midnight.” Today, we celebrate the latter.

This morning, Serious Eats Managing Culinary Editor and James Beard Award-nominated Food Lab writer J. Kenji López-Alt (pictured below) released “Kenji’s Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List.)” The article has already ignited controversy across Twitter and around our own office, with many at our desks wondering “Well, what are we supposed to drink with all of this?”


Here on the Brooklyn Brewery blog, I proudly offer my list of pairings for Kenji’s award-winning fast food offerings. I freely admit that my list is just as biased and a great deal more incomplete than Kenji’s with nothing approaching his credentials. I’m just Tim: Brooklyn Brewery copywriter, bartender and tour guide, sweatshirt model, and the kind of guy you’d approach at random for cheeseburger recommendations. I stand behind every entry. Argue it out with Kenji or myself on Twitter, or send positive affirmations at the Brooklyn Brewery.

tim hoodie

Tim’s Beer Guide to Kenji’s Best Fast Food Award (A Stunningly Biased and Rather Truncated Pairing List)

Kenji’s Best Burger: The Original Smashburger with Cheese from Smashburger
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn Shackmeister Ale
Why: It’s a shame to start this list with a disagreement, but my heart belongs to Kenji’s runner up on this list: the Shack Burger with Cheese from Shake Shack. We brew Shackmeister to match up rich malts and tingling bitterness with the delicious smash-griddled patties Shake Shack has made an international phenomenon. Fortunately, Smashburger is part of the smash-griddled school of thought as well, so Shackmeister will be (nearly) as at home in their domain.

Kenji’s Best French Fries: Wendy’s
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn Lager
Why: I agree with the crowning of Wendy’s fluffy, crispy fries, replete with skin-on ends and shower of fine salt. The starchy-sweet, salty fries match up with Brooklyn Lager’s caramel malts before the bitter edge kicks in at the end to clear the way for the rest of your sack of fries. Those of you who have made multiple, somewhat shameful trips to a suburban Wendy’s in one night will particularly appreciate this pairing. Moving on!

Ars Nova Ant Fest 2012

Kenji’s Best Non-Fry Side: Giant Onion Rings from Burger Fi
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn Summer Ale
Why: Giant onion rings are comforting. Brooklyn Summer Ale, even more comforting, especially after this absurd winter. Put them together and let the sunny hops of Summer Ale go to work with the sweet crunch of the Giant Onion Rings. You’ll want to prolong this meal as much as possible to take advantage of your personal vacation.

Kenji’s Best Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly Option: Sofritas Burrito from Chipotle
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn East IPA
Why: The new sofritas burritos originally picked up press when Chipotle started giving food away to anyone who bought them, but they’ve since earned a permanent position in the burrito giant’s lineup. Put the spicy kick of the soy-based sofritas to work alongside Brooklyn East IPA and let the citrusy hops carry the burrito to glory. You won’t mind paying for one of these any more; for that matter, it might become your regular order.


Kenji’s Best Make-Sure-Nobody’s-Looking Indulgence: Fiery Doritos Locos Taco Supreme from Taco Bell
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn BLAST!
Why: Look, I’m not going to ask why you’re eating this. At some point a craving becomes a need, then a visceral, primal urging. BLAST!’s big hops will crank up the fiery Doritos shell and harmonize with all that gooey, drippy cheese. Just make sure you get home safe, little camper. The world is still a harsh place outside that crunchy shell.

Kenji’s Best Chicken Sandwich: Fried Chicken Biscuit from Chick-Fil-A
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat
Why: This chicken biscuit is surprisingly hefty. Juicy fried chicken and the thick, buttery biscuit combine to create a heavyweight snack that’s rich, but rewarding. Lighten things up a little with the lively Greenmarket Wheat, tying in gently zesty wheat to accompany the chicken and a refreshing burst of bubbles at the finish to unite chicken, biscuit and beer into a weirdly refreshing power trio.


Kenji’s Best Fish Sandwich: Fish Po’ Boy from Popeye’s
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
Why: If you find yourself wading into the dangerous waters of fast-food fish, you might as well take something along that’ll make it worthwhile. Sorachi Ace pairs with the fleeting, delicate fish flavors within the po’ boy, while it’s lemongrass teams up with the crunchy breading to make this meal seem much fancier than the price tag.

Kenji’s Best Fried Chicken: Popeye’s
Tim’s Beer Pick: Brooklyn Brown Ale
Why: Popeye’s slightly spicy, crunchy, salty fried chicken is delicious on its own, but is clearly crying out for a sweet, full-bodied counterpart. After all, how do you think chicken and waffles got their start? Brooklyn Brown Ale brings just enough sweetness to match the salt, while the roast malts come to play with the tasty chicken and wily spices. Bite, sip, and repeat as necessary until all your problems go away.

Steve pour resize

Kenji’s Best Breakfast Sandwich: Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit with Whole Egg and Hash Brown Added from McDonald’s
Tim’s Beer Pick: Orval
Why: If you’re picking up this jacked-up breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s, it’s more than likely you’re dealing with a weapons-grade hangover. Famously gloveless beer writer Michael Jackson mentioned to Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy that Orval was his favorite hangover beer after a particularly long night in the early 90′s. Trust the master and let Orval’s lively carbonation scrub you clean.

Kenji’s Best Straw: McDonald’s
Tim’s Beer Straw Pick: Penn Station Beers for Your LIRR Trip
Why: As a recently escaped Long Islander, I was one of the many tired masses who commute through Penn Station every day. The time-honored tradition of drinking “train beers,” most often in clear 32oz cups with long plastic straws, has helped generations of harried commuters cling to their sanity on the LIRR. Just remember to be polite, and don’t try to sneak your drink onto the subway or street.

Kenji’s Best Late Night Munchies Fixer Upper: Jalapeño Poppers from Jack in the Box
Tim’s Beer Pick: Other Half Brewing Green Diamonds Imperial IPA
Why: Late night munchies, huh? Get rid of the subtlety and go for Green Diamonds from our friends at Other Half Brewing, packed to the brim with piney, dank hops and bright fruity notes that’ll match your new scent and turn up the heat from the jalapeños. Plus, if you’re lucky you can snag one of their beautiful cans.

London Mash: Tickets Now On Sale!



The third year of the Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour once again hops the pond to bring you the London Mash. London has been a beer town from the days of real ale and traditional funky porters. Today, craft brewers like our pals at Camden Town Brewery, Beavertown and many others are teaming up with the ever-vibrant food scene to make London an international star of food and beer. From April 27 to May 3 we’ll be hosting screenings, dinner parties, debates and shows across the city, and we’d like you to join us. Tickets for #LondonMash are officially on sale, so study up on the events below and go get your tickets at

Wednesday, April 29
State of Craft Beer: Brooklyn Brewery co-founder and chairman Steve Hindy is joined in a discussion about the craft beer industry by beer writer Roger Protz, Jasper Cuppaidge (Camden Town Brewery), Logan Plant (Beavertown Brewery), and John Holl (All About Beer magazine) at Beavertown Brewery. First We Feast will co-produce the event and release a recording as part of a new podcast series.

Thursday, April 30
Found Footage Festival: Hilarious clips from the best of the best (and worst of the worst) from video stores and bargain bins across the world, projected and analyzed at Wilton’s Music Hall.


020_NOLA_mash_education LR

Friday, May 1
Mash Edu: Brewing with Mary Wiles: Brooklyn Brewery Brewing Technical Director Mary Wiles and Utobeer’s Eddie Gaines team up to teach a master class on beer and brewing with knowledge culled from their illustrious careers.

Saturday, May 2
Animation Block Party: The largest animation festival on America’s East Coast comes to Wilton’s Music Hall with some of their favorite shorts and features from American and British animators.



Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir: Reverend Billy and his compatriots hit the stage with a ninety-minute punk gospel celebration that will make you shake, holler and stomp.

Sunday, May 3
Brooklyn Beefsteak: A revival of a time-honored New York City tradition comes from a handful of Brooklyn’s finest carnivores. “All you can eat, all you can drink, all you can stand!”

Can’t get enough of the Mash, but can’t take the time off work to follow us on the road? Check out these other non-ticketed events while we’re in London:

Wednesday, April 28
Brooklyn Uncommon Tap Attack: The Three Johns hosts a full lineup of beers that rarely leave our cellar.

Friday, May 1
Eat, Drink & Learn with Chef Andrew Gerson at Cannon & Cannon: Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson leads you through several pairings of beer and charcuterie.

Brooklyn Brewery Sampling at The Cage: Sample your way through a selection of Brooklyn Brewery bottles.

Brooklyn Brewery Tap Attack at The Rake: A full-scale tap takeover featuring a broad lineup of Brooklyn beers.