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Happy Anniversary, Birdland Hamburg!



Birdland Hamburg is one of Hamburg’s most legendary jazz clubs. For thirty years they’ve ignited the city’s music scene with scores of shows and concerts featuring new talents and giants of the scene alike, establishing a bleeding edge where jazz mixes freely with other genres. This weekend, October 28 and 29, the club is celebrating with the Thirty Years Birdland Festival, a tribute to the past and exciting look forward for the club.

Saturday, October 28 will feature Hamburg’s finest urban, hip hop, and soul music, all curated by the team at Freundlich + Kompetent. On Sunday, October 29, jazz will reign supreme as international and local bands alike pack the house with up to thirty musicians onstage at a time. Throughout it all, we’ll be there with plenty of beer to keep things festive. Tickets are on sale now, so grab yours and get ready for some of the finest music and best parties in Hamburg.

Seize the Shuffleboard Crown at Nya Carnegie

ncb shuffleboard

ncb shuffleboard

The greatest bar games of all come to us from years of hallowed tradition. Darts. Pool. Squinting blankly at a jukebox as you desperately try to remember the song you were about to play. These mildly athletic tests of skill and luck have sustained endless rivalries, glories, and losses. In the past few years, shuffleboard has risen to the ranks of bar glory as well.

This isn’t your grandmother’s shuffleboard, though that’s also much more intense than you give her credit for. Patrons pit their tosses against one another on long, shiny boards spattered with sawdust across the country, staking the reputations on their cold steel pucks. Victory and tragedy comes down to mere inches. Bar goers worldwide have tried their hand, but now the true championship emerges at our Swedish sister brewery, Nya Carnegie.

On October 27, November 3, and November 10, Nya Carnegie’s shuffleboard table will become the church of masters as tabletop athletes compete in the qualifying round of the Swedish Shuffleboard Championship. The champions from each day will become card-carrying members of the Shuffleboard Association for one year, and compete for the final crown in December. We’ll detail the finals when the date draws closer. For now, practice. Practice, and hope.

Prove Your Trivia Worth At Katch

D.C. MASH 2015_Rare Bottles 7

katch trivia night

Calling all trivia-minded and glory-hungry: trivia season is in full swing at Katch Bar & Grill in Astoria. Every Tuesday night throughout the fall, hit the bar at 8 PM to lay your wits on the line at one of the most competitive trivia nights in the city.

The bar will have food specials and $5 Brooklyn Brewery beers to fuel your memory, and we’re even chipping in some sweet prizes for each night. Perhaps best of all, you can reserve your team’s table by calling the Katch crew at 718-777-2230 to avoid the usual pre-trivia scramble. Trust us, it’s a power move that other teams will notice immediately. Get there and claim your rightful trivia crown. We’ll see you at your victorious afterparty.

Rolling In To #NolaMash



We’re bringing the 2016 Mash Tour to New Orleans from November 17-20 to round out a full year of beer, food, music, friends, and even more beer with a string of parties in the Crescent City. Tickets are now on sale over at the Mash site. Check out the lineup of events below, then grab your tickets and get ready for a wild weekend with us to send the 2016 Mash Tour on its way.

Friday, November 18: Timberland Presents The Lone Bellow. Start the weekend right with us and Timberland at a free concert at the Joy Theater. We’re getting down for free with the soul-stirring harmonies of The Lone Bellow, the genre-bending Americana of The Rad Trads, and plenty of beer. And yes, it’s free. All you have to do is RSVP and tell us you’re coming. RSVP Now.

Saturday, November 19: Beer Mansion. Come ready to explore at Beer Mansion, a beer festival like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Join us for plenty of beer from us and local breweries like Abita, Urban South Brewery, Great Raft Brewing, Second Line Brewing, Mudbug Brewing, and NOLA Brewing, food, music, games, and plenty of surprises, all for just $20. Get Tickets.

Sunday, November 20: The Freret Street Neighborhood Immersion. Meet up with us and Timberland for a daylong roving party through one of our favorite streets in New Orleans. Start by visiting the Timberland Trailhead to try our collaboration beer and pick up a ticket bundle that gets you lunch, free beers at a handful of bars, and VIP hookups throughout the area at spots including Midway Pizza, Crescent City Comics, Ancora Pizza, Bar Frances, The Other Bar, and many more, all for just $20. Get Tickets.

Raise A Glass for Lex

BrooklynBrewery_JackRose-132 flip

lex pic edited

We raise our glasses today in memory of Lex, aka Elixir, Lexus, Fuzzy Little Idiot, Buddy, Dumbass, and a great deal more, c. 1999ish- October 21, 2016. Proud Defender of Beer and Warehouse Cat in Chief at The Brooklyn Brewery for over a decade. Retiree, Cuddler and Grumpy Curmudgeon after. Lex is survived by caretakers Gee Cogdell, Carla Villa, Kaitie Lynch, Jason Ramirez, and Tim Rozmus, not a few mysterious stains, and legions of ear-scratchers. Lex will be deeply missed and we wish him ample sleeping room and peace in his final rest.

The Weekly Sixer: October 21


ferris bueller snaps

Party Cubano Style: Thanks to increasingly positive relationships between the USA and Cuba, restrictions on Cuban rum and cigars were lifted completely this week. Previously, these goods had been limited to 100 pounds per traveler, which sounds like plenty until you try to throw a party. Experts look forward to a new appreciation for these long-contraband items, but also warn that a sharp uptick in white men doing bad Scarface impressions may also occur.

The Best Part of Waking Up: Family and party man Mariano “Pops” Rotelli turned 107 this week, crediting his longevity to a shot of whiskey in his morning coffee every day. Rotelli claimed that he had only been to the doctor three times in his life, but had been drinking his eye-opener every day “for the past hundred years.” We’re not sure how a seven-year-old gets started on the ultimate red-eye, but salute Pops all the same for his inspiration.

adventure time skeleton dance party

Fifth Hammer Gets Swinging: The NYC Department of Buildings cleared the Fifth Hammer Brewing Company space to begin work this week, marking the launch pad for New York City’s latest craft brewery. Co-founders Chris Cuzme and David Scharfstein have been brightening the neighborhood with jazz music and homemade dog biscuits since taking over the LIC space, but we’re looking forward to seeing their brewing dreams come to the light of day. Cheers, Fifth Hammer!

Northern Brewer Goes Big Beer: Popular online homebrew shop Northern Brewer and their properties have been acquired by the Philip K. Dick-sounding ZX Ventures, the global Disruptive Growth Unit of AB-InBev. The news came as a serious blow to homebrewers, many of whom turned to the craft to escape the reach of AB and similar giants in the first place. NB founder Chris Farley maintains that their company structure is untouched and they will maintain focus on growing and meeting homebrewers’ needs. Best of luck, kettle-bearing brethren.


Problems You Didn’t Know You Had: An armchair genius has invented a slanted beer mug, ensuring that the top rim of your glass never obscures your vision as you watch an endless parade of television. If you didn’t realize that beer mugs had this issue, then congratulations! You have a healthy relationship with your glassware and your television. To the rest, well, here’s your solution.

Jazz Up Your Jungle Juice: Halloween is a great time for raucous parties, but you can do better than the bucket of guaranteed hangover fluid that used to be the hallmark of your college parties. If you’re making a big batch of punch, why not go tiki? Check out this guide to making your own tiki drinks at home, and get back to choosing your Halloween costume. Pro tip: no matter what meme you’re thinking of, it’s already too late to be relevant.

Tap That Glass: October 21

Garrett with Glass

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of people who order Post Road Pumpkin Ale as a “guilty pleasure.” There seem to be varying levels of guilt, from people who drop broad winks to their friends and call it out as such, to the people who wait until after their friends order and mumble “pumpkin” at such a low volume that you feel bad asking them to repeat it. Let’s get rid of these so-called “guilty” pleasures, gang. We like heavy metal, hip hop, and show tunes. You like Post Road? Drink the bajeezus out of it. Cast that guilt out, and take joy in just “pleasures.” It makes everything more fun.

Our tap list is below, but there’s always a chance it’ll change so be sure to check our board and ask your bartender to see what’s new. Beer tokens can be purchased for $5 or 5 for $20, which is one of the best deals in the city.

Draft | 1 token each (unless indicated)

Cask Offering | 1 token

Best Bitter (5% ABV) It can be a challenge to truly call something the best. What defines “bestness,” armchair philosophers ask? In this case, it’s because the beer is delicious, silky and soothing, and we’re right. Quiet your brain and enjoy. Created by Eric Brown.

Bottle Pours | 3 tokens each (4 tokens for Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment pours), includes a complimentary Souvenir Logo Glass.

Local 1 (9.0% ABV)
Local 2 (9.0% ABV)
Sorachi Ace (7.6% ABV)
Ama Bionda (6.0% ABV)- two tokens
Black Chocolate Stout (10% ABV)
Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment: Hand & Seal (13.3% ABV)
Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment: Tripel Burner (10.6% ABV)
Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment: Quintaceratops (10.9% ABV)
Extremely Limited: Serpent (9.5%) *Four tokens with complimentary Souvenir Logo Glass

In Class At The CIA: Spooky Brewing


pumpkin halloween dancing

As fall deepens (with the exception of this unseasonably warm week), students at the Brooklyn Brewery at CIA Brewhouse have a couple of things on the minds. Brewing, sure, and the wise words of head brewer Hutch Kugeman. But that beer knowledge is also battling for share of mind with Halloween.

Luckily for the students– and us– Halloween has deep roots in beer. The harvest festivals of yore that gave rise to the day were often marked with rich, hearty ales and lagers that are still echoed by fall beers today. And it wouldn’t be a Halloween party without plenty of beer, possibly served out of a Pinterest-friendly pumpkin keg. But one of the season’s more enduring icons, the witch, also owes much of its backstory to beer and brewing.

witch pizza

The classic depiction of a terrifying, broomstick-flying, cat-owning, black-clad, pointy-hatted witch has been a part of popular culture from the Middle Ages to Minerva McGonagall (who admittedly doesn’t fly a broom in the books, but is clearly a sharp Quidditch scout.) These traditional accessories once belonged to medieval brewers, who used them for much more pragmatic ends. These brewers, commonly referred to as brewsters or alewives, represented the first steps beer took to transition from a homemade specialty to a commercial product.

First off, the cats. Brewery cats are found in breweries around the world, along with your author’s apartment. The malts and grains used in beer are a uniquely tempting food source for mice and other rodents, but cats have little interest in the stuff unless they can nap on top of the malt bag. The cats instead guard the precious grains from common pests, and of course provide company on brewing days.

The broom and tall, pointed hat both served as early advertising for productive alewives. A broom displayed by the door of a home indicated that domestic goods and services, usually related to brewing or cooking, were available within. If a brewster took up her pails and went to a crowded market, a hat tall enough to stick out above the heads and shoulders of shoppers was a simple way to attract attention.

And let’s not forget the bubbling cauldron of many witches’ tales. You could blame Shakespeare for the popularity of this image, but medieval brewers are much more likely. Beers of the age were often brewed with complex blends of spices and foraged plants to make them palatable, in a process that must have seemed almost magical to untrained patrons. It wouldn’t take much to imagine a sinister brewer making use of foul ingredients for malicious ends…except that everyone knows brewers are wonderful people who bless us with beer. So what happened?

Han Solo shrug

Like a lot of other medieval downers, brewsters fell in the face of the increasingly powerful Catholic Church as it worked to bring more production revenues under their umbrella. With efforts ranging from obscene hop taxes on local brewers, to outright smear campaigns and witch trials as seen during the Inquisition and Crusades, beer was wrested from traditional alewives and centralized. Once a product of the hearth, beer was transformed into a male-dominated industry that filled the coffers of Church and state alike.

Drinkers did reap some benefits from this centralization, including higher quality controls and the honing of brewing sciences by monks in Germany and Belgium. On the other hand, the hysteria surrounding witches has been passed along for generations. Since the Middle Ages, witch hunts have periodically erupted with bloody results. The age old “signs of the witch,” from feline familiars to dark clothing and scientific knowledge have cropped up and been strengthened in those periods.

We’re lucky enough to live in a time where most people regard witches as harmless at worst, women as more than worthy peers and equals, and beer as an equal-opportunity delight. But human nature is a finicky thing, so it’s up to all of us to support and drive forward this relatively progressive environment to prevent further witch hunts, literal or otherwise.

For your Halloween party this year, we recommend welcoming the old signs of the witch into your decor to pay homage to the intertwined worlds of beer and the occult, truthful or not. You could even dress up as an old-school witch and dole out some knowledge with your tricks and treats, depending how patient your friends are. It might even be worth inviting a real witch to the festivities– if they can brew magical potions, can you imagine what they could do with beer?

Get Freaked Out at Spirit’s Haunted Psychedelic Creep Show Vault


The season for all things spooky, surreal and scary is upon us, and Pittsburgh’s Spirit is getting the mood going in a big way. Thanks to a collaboration with artist Ian Brill, Spirit has been transformed into a kaleidoscope of sound and color designed to invite guests into a fully transformed show space unlike any other.

Thanks to Spirit and Ian Brill, you can look forward to a different show every night from October 19 through Halloween (except October 25) to explore the unique installation and experience a concert like never before. And, thanks to us, there will be plenty of beer on hand to keep things lively. Check out the full lineup below, and get your tickets now.

10/19  Opening night with Tanning Machine, The Nous, Thousandzz of Beez & Nihilist Activism

            2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest (7 – 10pm in Lodge)

10/20  Grand Opening with Big Freedia, Moon Baby & DJ SMI

10/21  Horror, Disco & Synthwave with Antoni Malovvi (Bristol)

10/22  Finesse Vault Party with Eyejay and Paizley

10/23  Phat Man Dee and Amoeba Knieval     [ALL AGES]

10/24  Psychedelic Dinner with The Vandal

10/25  CLOSED

10/26  Weird Paul Wednesday with Middle Children       [ALL AGES]

10/27  Underwear Ride Afterparty with DJ Clark Price (Honcho)

10/28  Both floors: Title Town vs. Strangeways

10/29  Both floors: Spirit’s Psychedlic Creep Show Vault and 3D Lazer Lodge Extravaganza

10/30  Clothing Swap (12-4PM)

Halloween Hangover with Side Eye, Honey, and Mantiques (8-11PM)

10/31  The Vault Finale with The Yeahtones, Andre Costello and the Cool Miners, Misaligned Minds, and Wreck Loose