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This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze on July 4


Karaoke Gets Weirder: The Hanson brothers, best known for their notorious earworm hit “MMMBop,” have been winning fans and awards for their beer Mmmhops Pale Ale for the past several years. The beer will join them on the road this summer as they play a nostalgia-inducing ten city tour around the country. No word on if HBO will pick up their true crime series, “Mmmcops.”

New York, I Love You But You’re Breaking My Budget: According to GoEuro’s 2015 Beer Price Index, New York City is the most expensive American city to get a beer, and the fifth most expensive city in the world. Only Oslo, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and Geneva were pricier. Looks like we’re just going to have to grin and bear it.

So Long, Styrofoam: This week marked the beginning of the official ban on Styrofoam in New York City, including drink cups and takeout containers. Businesses technically have  a six-month grace period to phase out the offending foam before they begin to rack up penalties. We’ll miss the dive-bar cups and fridge-ready containers, but at least we can keep visiting these fallen friends in landfills for the next five hundred years or so.


Defining Gravity: Beer Masters Magazine put out an in-depth explanation of gravities in beer making, complete with an infographic on established gravities for different beer styles. It’s a great look into an oft-misunderstood section of brewing that’ll make you an expert in short order. (And yes, that link title is a Defying Gravity reference. Enjoy, theater kids.)

Mind the Gap: Brooklyn bar The Way Station has announced that on July 7, they will be selling all drinks to women in the bar for 77% of their full price. This reflects the current Labor Department-reported gender wage gap in America, where women make an average of 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. For one night, the ladies attending will get to call attention to this issue in hopes that change can be made. Men, do your part as well.

Brown Ale Girl: Food Republic mounted an impassioned defense of brown ale, the mild, malty, often ignored style that they referred to as “the near antithesis of the American IPA.” Brown ale has grown from its roots in traditional British pubs, and the Food Republic team things its primed for a jump in popularity. Our own Brooklyn Brown Ale was hailed as a defender of the style, which we’re justifiably proud of. A beer style with such pedigree has more than earned a return to the spotlight, which we hope will be scored by Van Morrison.

trve brewing

Props to: TRVE Brewing’s Acid Temple: Denver-based heavy metal brewery TRVE Brewing announced their first release from their Acid Temple facility this week. The Acid Temple expands the brewery’s capacity quite a bit, with a focus on sour and wild ales. Several of us in the Marketing Unit were lucky enough to visit TRVE during last year’s Great American Beer Festival, and we’re very excited for them to be spreading their beer further. Cheers and horns, TRVE Brewing.

This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze on June 26

betsy ross shark
Our neighborhood is decked out for Pride.

Our neighborhood is all decked out for Pride.

The big news of the day: The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of allowing same-sex marriage across the United States, scoring a major victory for activists around the country. The Internet promptly unleashed a deluge of celebratory statuses, images, and heartfelt but hilarious posts ringing in the landmark decision. Personally, I, your notoriously stoic narrator, was moved nearly to tears as I will now be able to officiate one of my best friend’s wedding. All he has to do now is find someone to marry, I suppose.

To celebrate this achievement, we bring you the important coverage from the serious journalists at The Onion.

Stonewall Inn Gains Official Landmark Status: The Stonewall Inn was the site of the infamous Stonewall Riots starting on June 28, 1969 in New York City’s West Village. The uproar is credited as the start of the modern LGBTQ civil rights movement, which (as noted above) is celebrating a monumental victory today.

And Now For Something Completely Different: Carlsberg unleashed a surreal commercial earlier this week, answering the question, “What would it be like if Carlsberg did haircuts?” Now we know.

Beer Returns to the Birthplace of Brewing: Brooklyn Brewery co-founder and chairman Steve Hindy lent some insight to an Al-Jazeera article about the establishment of the first craft brewery in Jordan.

Mary Izett Speaks About ‘Speed Brewing’: Friend of the Brewery and one half of Brooklyn super-couple/brewing project Cuzett Libations Mary Izett spoke to Brooklyn Magazine about her new book Speed Brewing, her early days as a homebrewer and what else she has fermenting at home.

robertas pie

A Big Week for Pizza: Roberta’s introduced delivery for Midtown Manhattan, 2 Bros. was served a lawsuit for improperly compensating workers no dollar slice can soothe, and the Williamsburg City Reliquary announced a summer-long pizza exhibit complete with movie screenings and pizza parties.

Scaramouche! Scaramouche! Will You Do The Fandango?: The fortieth anniversary of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” will be marked by a commemorative beer release of a hoppy Bohemian lager, featuring label artwork from their 1975 album A Night At The Opera. Get ready to rock out.

washington cheese

Tillamook Deems American Cheese Treasonous: The Tillamook Dairy Co-op, an Oregon-based association of dairy farmers and creameries, has unleashed a campaign to encourage people to move past fake, waxy “American cheese” and stick to real, natural cheeses instead. Come for the cheese, stay for Abraham Lincoln riding a bear.

Sending Up Smoke in Stockholm

Foto: Studio Emma Svensson


Over the past couple years of working with our comrades at Nya Carnegie, one of the most gratifying experiences has been seeing how American and Swedish culture can come together and produce tasty results. For the next chapter in this cross-pollination, Nya Carnegie has laid their hands on one of the most celebrated hallmarks of American cooking: a bona-fide Johannes Hägg Traveling Swedish Smoker Cannon barbecue smoker, proudly designed and assembled by fellow Swedish barbecue fanatics at Vännäs Vokstad. It truly is a thing of beauty:

billy's smoker

Look at that, so new the instructions are still in the smoke cabinet! Johannes Hägg, the mind behind this beautiful beast, has been a year-round barbecue fan for years. He and Max Segerljung, the owner of Vännäs Vokstad (and Johannes’ father-in-law) developed the prototype together to further celebrate their shared love of barbecue, leading to the series’ launch last year. To our knowledge, Nya Carnegie will be the first such smoker used to serve the masses, and Johannes is thrilled to see the gospel of good cooking spread to more and more Swedes.

grillstock tray

To christen the new smoker, we called upon our pitmaster friends at Grillstock UK. We’ve been working with the folks at Grillstock for years, attending their beer-soaked and meat-spattered festivals to proudly pour Brooklyn Brewery beers for legions of thirsty eaters. We figured that if we were going to introduce Sweden to barbecue, we wanted a special team to light the inaugural fire. They’ll do just that on July 15 at the first-ever Beer Day BBQ Bash at Nya Carnegie. Brisket and ribs will be served starting at 2 PM, so don’t dawdle on your way over.

Keep your eyes peeled for more smoky, tender goodness coming out of the Nya Carnegie smoker. We’re confident they’ll do fine work spreading the word of good barbecue far and wide.

Brooklyn’s Getting Down in Dubai


Burj Khalifa (Dusk) Panorama

Brooklyn Brewery is now the most interesting American in Dubai since Tom Cruise spent all that time dangling over the cityscape. Brooklyn Lager and East IPA have both hit shelves and bars in the renowned hospitality capital, and beer drinkers from around the world are rejoicing to have them finally be available in the city.

The Middle East has a long history of beer, going all the way back to some of the first documented brewing in ancient Sumeria. Brooklyn Brewery co-founder and chairman Steve Hindy was first introduced to homebrewing while stationed in the Middle East in the late 1970s to early 1980s. Now, we’re proud to be making history in Dubai as the first ever American craft beer represented in the famed city. The craft beer scene there is still in its fledgling stages, and we’re happy to be among the first flavorful beers to reach the thirsty public.

Thanks to our partners at African + Eastern, you can now find Brooklyn beers at the bars, restaurants and stores below, and many more are on their way. Drink up, Dubai, and cheers!

Gramercy Bar, DIFC
The Scene, Dubai Marina
Catch, Fairmount Hotel
Perry & Blackwelders, The Madinat
Original Wings & Rings Restaurant
JW Marriott Marquis
Maison Mathis, Arabian Ranches

This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze


peter s and co

This Week in Beer is an aggregator of stories we thought were important & fun in our world of potables. If you saw something we missed or hate something we listed, let us know in the comments.

Homebrew Heroes: Brooklyn Brewery Brewer Peter Salmond and his homebrewing comrades Erik and Oskar Norlander (pictured above) took the National Homebrew Competition by storm, winning Best Sour and Best in Show for their Gueuze and earning the collective title of Homebrewers of the Year. Cheers and congratulations!

The Unbearably Lightness of Beering: A cute family of bears broke into an outdoor fridge for a couple beers in New Jersey. Unfortunately, this story has one of those Disney-esque twists.

It’s Bine Time: The Homebrewers Association released a comprehensive hop-growing primer, just in time to utterly take over your backyard or windowboxes for the summer.

Great Moments in Punk History: David Actor de Molen, singer for the Dutch punk band John Coffey, catches a beer while crowd walking and slugs it down. Yes, the video is real.

The Horsemen Rides: LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has opened his much-buzzed Williamsburg wine bar Four Horsemen, with some help from Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver on the beer list.

Soaping with Suds: Carlsberg has released a new “beer beauty line” for men. Suddenly, spilling your drink seems much more productive.

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Rooftop Vines has released plans for an urban winery located in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, complete with rooftop “hammock happy hours.” Sign us up, gang.



Your Father’s Day Gift Guide


homer simpson


Well, after last month when you ran late on Mother’s Day shopping, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re back here again scrambling for a suitable Father’s Day present. Still, you came to the right place. Below I’ve gathered a handful of gifts from our very own Brooklyn Brewery Store for you to hurriedly order, wrap, and get to the man by (roughly) Sunday. Luckily enough, you can also enter “DAD” in your shopping cart for 20% off your order.

As I’ve said before, you can always try the haircut-and-calling-more route. It’s a winner.


Brooklyn Brewery x Mishka Socks, $12: The age-old Father’s Day joke centers around buying the poor fellow a tie, sending him into the sort of tailspin that ends in combovers and a convertible. Our socks beat the tie hands down: they’re comfortable, stylish, and just restrained enough to wear in to the office.

BCS mug

Black Chocolate Stout Mug, $8: Your dad may be the type who enjoys a glass of our Black Chocolate Stout, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to reach for one first thing in the morning. Usually. Anyway, give him the chance to rep one of our most distinguished beer with this handsome mug, featuring the elegant art of the Black Chocolate Stout label. It’s the sort of mug you can take from the first cup of the morning to the last sip before happy hour.

summer towel

Summer Ale Beach Towel, $28: Father’s Day coincides with the summer solstice this year, and our Summer Ale Beach Towel will keep your dad looking cool and dry for the whole season. It’s big and fluffy to make drying off a snap, and bright enough that you can find him on any beach.

While you’re shopping, don’t forget to make some plans together for the weekend. If you’re in the Boston area, why not join up with our Mash Tour for The Beefsteak, Animation Block Party or Mash Edu: DIY Dinner Party with Chef Andrew Gerson? Those of you outside of the Boston area can also check out the Best Little Brewfest in Texas, BAMcinemaFest, or the Hamilton BARK Festival. Just be sure to get out and do something fun.

And seriously, remember to call more. Parents everywhere appreciate it.


Beats & Eats with the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival


BK hip hop fest

Brooklyn Bodega’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival is coming to Brooklyn from July 8- 11 for its eleventh straight year, and Brooklyn Brewery is proud to be teaming up with them once again. Brooklyn has been a hotbed of hip hop since the early days before the borough was trendy, and still fosters a bustling underground scene. As residents of Brooklyn since back in the rough days, we love the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival’s respect for big names and up-and-coming MCs alike and we’ve always supported them.

This year, we’re joining forces to bring you a tour of Brooklyn’s culinary landmarks in neighborhoods of particular importance to hip hop. Just like the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival’s lineup, you’ll see new names running alongside old guard spots. Check them out while you’re waiting for the festival to come around, and we’ll see you at the fest.


The Neighborhood: Bushwick
Still home to a burgeoning underground scene, Bushwick has gained more widespread notice in recent years thanks to an influx of artists, musicians, restaurants and bars.
The Locals: The Arsonists, ’90s underground heroes assembled by D-Stroy to triumph art over gang culture.
The Spots:
Arrogant Swine: This brand-new Carolina-style barbecue spot is doing big things with meat and beer. Load up and claim a spot in their backyard space.
King Noodle: A restaurant that is one part tiki bar, one part psychedelic video game. Don’t miss out on the Spam fried rice.
Forrest Point: An easygoing spot to grab a classic burger-and-beer combo. Check out the swing in the backyard while you’re there.
Houdini Kitchen Laboratory: Grab a handful of friends and split some creative pizzas at this kitchen housed in a former brewery.

The Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy (Bedford-Stuyvesant, to the newcomers)
Bed-Stuy is the heart and soul of Brooklyn hip hop, with a long list of undeniable talent. Brooklyn’s rhythm emanates from Bed-Stuy.
The Local: The Notorious B.I.G, one of the most famous East Coast rappers of the 90′s and most influential artists of all time.
The Spots:
Black Swan: This English pub-inspired spot is famed for both their late-night happy hour and restorative brunch, making this a great spot for your after party.
Bedford Hall: A cozy neighborhood gem, featuring pictures of local heroes on the walls and a knockout blue cheese burger.
Peaches Hothouse: Cut right to the chase and get the fried chicken. It’s so good, you’ll need to apologize to your mother after.
Rustik Tavern: A small spot with a big menu, offering everything from hearty pork chops to decadent chili-cheese fries.
Willow: The team behind The Pines brings you another spot to go for delicious, seasonally-driven modern fare.

The Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Brooklyn Brewery’s home turf and home of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Once one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City, the ‘Burg is now a destination.
The Local: Leikeli47 (or so it’s rumored), an enigmatic rising star in rap never seen without her trademark ski mask.
The Spots:
Teddy’s: This building has held either a brewery or a bar since 1887. Teddy’s was also one of Brooklyn Brewery first accounts; be sure to try the Brooklyn Lager-glazed wings.
The Charleston: A neighborhood classic, steps from the L train for those of you coming from outside of the neighborhood. Beers come with free pizza from 12-8 PM
Rosamunde Sausage Grill: Sausages of all kinds can be found at this reliable, no-frills grill. Try the beer sausage and the chicken merguez sausage.
Sugarburg: A newcomer to the neighborhood, already winning over fans with Southern-inspired fare and “damn good deal” happy hour.

BAMcinemaFest is Back

30.04.15 Found Footage -031

30.04.15 Found Footage -033

Brooklyn Brewery is proud to return as the official beer sponsor of one of New York City’s most shining cultural beacons, BAMcinemaFest. Our relationship with Brooklyn Academy of Music is a long one, but it can be tracked back to just one thing: our own love of movies, music, and literature, and our desire to enjoy those things with a beer in hand. What goes better with a Brooklyn 1/2 Ale then a poignant biopic, right?

So without further ado, we present the cinemaFest schedule, annotated with all the Brewery Brewery love you can expect from a bunch of nerds. Tickets are still available but selling fast. Gets yours here.

30.04.15 Found Footage -051

Opening Night Screening and Party 
Wednesday, June 17th
Premiering in NY:  The End of the Tour
Intro with director James Ponsolt and stars Jason Segel & Jesse Eisenberg
BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

Post-screening party with Brooklyn Brewery
Enjoy a CANibalization of sorts with the full array of Brooklyn Brewery cans: Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Summer Ale, and Brooklyn East IPA.
Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Buy Tickets

Our Favorite Screenings

We collaborated with BAM to select some of the most interesting showings of the week. Ticket buyers for those screenings will get access to a free Brooklyn Brewery happy hour, with some featuring favorite beers new to 12oz bottles. Come out before the show and enjoy these beers:

Sorachi Ace
1/2 Ale
Greenmarket Wheat

30.04.15 Found Footage -008

Nasty Baby
Saturday, June 20th, 6:45pm, Brooklyn Brewery Happy Hour, 5:45-6:45pm
NY Premiere
Directed by Sebastian Silva, starring Sebastian Silva, Kristin Wiig
Q&A with Sebastian Silva

Centerpiece: Queen of the Earth
Monday, June 22, 7:00pm, Brooklyn Brewery Happy Hour, 5:30-6:30pm
North American Premiere
Directed by Alex Ross Perry, starring Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston
Q&A with Alex Ross Perry and Elisabeth Moss

KIDS: 20th Anniversary
Thursday, June 25th, 7pm, Brooklyn Brewery Happy Hour, 5:30pm-6:30pm
Directed by Larry Clark, starring Leo Fitzpatrick, Chloë Sevigny, Justin Pierce
Q&A with Larry Clark, Harmony Korine, Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, and Rosario Dawson

Cheers to Peter Salmond: Brooklyn Brewer & 2015 Homebrew Champion

peter s and co

Brooklyn Brewery Brewer Peter Salmond (L) with homebrewing collaborators Erik and Oskar Norlander

A great toast is being raised at the Brooklyn Brewery today in honor of Peter Salmond, one of our treasured brewers, and his fellow homebrewers Erik and Oskar Norlander. At this past weekend’s National Homebrew Competition in San Diego, the men took home Best Sour and Best in Show for their Gueuze and earned the prized Homebrewer of the Year Award, bringing great honor to themselves, their city and the New York City Homebrewers Guild. Well done, gentlemen!

As Peter modestly puts it, “it’s been a good year for our sours.” In February they swept the sours category at Homebrew Alley with their Gueuze, Passionfruit Lambic and Frambois Lambic, with the Gueuze also winning Best in Show. At the National Homebrew Competition New York Regional, the Gueuze and Passionfruit Lambic clocked another one-two finish, moving on to the finals and nationwide glory.

Oskar and Peter (R) celebrating with their prizes at Homebrew Alley in February.

The Gueuze in question is the product of four years of a solera system, aging rotating batches of lambic in a California zinfandel barrel for four years. The barrel came from the Norlander’s father in California, and the hops for the base beer were grown by Peter’s father in his backyard in Portland, Oregon. The final beer is an incredible culmination of time, effort, brewing smarts and a bit of beer magic.

We’re proud to congratulate Peter, Erik and Oskar on their victories, and we fervently hope that they share some of their Gueze with us on their return from California. Cheers!