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The Worshipful Company Of Brewers, Part XII: “Proper Lagered” by Molly Browning

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The Worshipful Company of Brewers is once again upon us. The charter of this sanctified league dictates that each member of the Brooklyn Brewery brewing team will design and create a batch of his or her own draft-only beer, to be served exclusively at the Brewery Tasting Room until the last drop has been squeezed from the taps.

Beer #12: Proper Lagered
Lager brewed with American ale and Oktoberfest lager yeast strains
ABV: 6.4%
Notes: Dark in color, but light in taste, featuring a lingering bitterness from German hops and an undeniable lager smoothness.
Availability: Friday, July 31 until it’s gone.



Brewer #12: Molly Browning, Barrel Program Manager
In that picture:
Just out of frame
Started at Brooklyn Brewery
: November 4, 2013
Brewer’s Notes: “Brewing this lager, with its unfamiliar techniques, unforgiving yeast, and the technical precision and delicate flavor required to execute it successfully, intimidated me. This beer is inspired by a courageous person, by the beautiful and successful life he has led with strength and the inspiration he provides to so many people, including myself. If I got this one beer right in his eyes, then nothing else matters. It is supposed to taste elegant and blossom on the tongue in contrast to the dark color.

‘Virescit Vulnere Virtus (Courage Grows Strong At  A Wound)’-Clan Stewart Seal and Motto.”

This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze on July 24

pizza map

Maps, Part 1: State liquor laws can be utterly confusing, especially when you’re traveling through places like Pennsylvania and Ohio during summer trips. thoughtfully put together an interactive map charting each states’ unique (and occasionally odd) alcohol-related statutes. If you can’t remember which state you’re in, then maybe the laws for purchasing more booze aren’t something you should be looking up at the moment.

Maps, Part 2: The Huffington Post contacted Tim McIntyre, vice president of communications for Domino’s Pizza, to ask what the most common pizza order in each state so they could whip up a snazzy map. Instead, it turned out that pepperoni pizza loomed large over the competition in all fifty states. Second place when to plain cheese (or “regular,” for those of you in the New York/tri-state area.) Third went to pizza with both pepperoni and sausage. The map may be a little homogeneous, but at least you know how to plan your next party.

mad max

New Zealand Unveils Beer-Based Biofuel: New Zealand gas station Gull released a biofuel called Brewtroleum this week. The fuel is made by combining normal petrol fuel with ethanol extracted from leftover brewery yeast, which would usually be considered a waste product. The initial run is expected to last six weeks, with the company keeping an eye on consumer response to see if the beer fuel is popular enough to merit a full-time offering. DB Breweries provided their yeast, with their spokesman Sean O’Donnell saying, “We’re helping Kiwis save the world by doing what they enjoy best– drinking beer.”

World’s Northernmost Brewery Set To Open Way, Way Up There: Specifically in Longyearbyen, a small town on Norways Spitsbergen Island located only 817 miles from the North Pole. It is the northernmost town in the world with year-round residents, and local Robert Johansen believes they deserve their own beer. His Svalbard Bryggeri will first release beers later this year, including a pale ale, lager, wheat beer, and a stout. If you come in the summer, you can visit the brewery alongside the common floods of German cruise tourists. Or, throw on all your winter gear and go during the dark months for extra points.

Four Types of Drunk, Illustrated by Drake: The Internet was flooded with “I’m such a ____” posts after British scientists classified four “types” of drunk: Hemingway, Mary Poppins, Mr. Hyde, and The Nutty Professor. If you’re not brushed up on your classics, First We Feast took the liberty of demonstrating each class with a corresponding Drake moment. And if you’re wondering about the choice of video here, it’s a good cover, not a shot at the “ghost writing” controversy. Lupe put that to bed last night.

GABF Tickets On Sale Next Week: Start stringing your pretzels and breaking in your beer shoes. The Great American Beer Festival officially announced presale tickets will hit the web on Tuesday, July 28, with the rest of the drinking public getting their shot on Wednesday, July 29. The festival has sold out in under an hour for the past six years, so be sure you’re ready to roll at the stroke of 10 AM either day to get your tickets.

Marketing Goes Homebrewing, Part II

20130309 Brooklyn Brewery-714


When we last checked in on the homebrewing adventures of the Marketing Unit, I mentioned that I’d share the results of the next batch with you even if I beefed it. While I won’t necessarily admit that the latest batch is the victim of any intentional wrongdoing, it’s no proud beer either.

When we brewed this batch back in the beginning of May, I knew that I was cutting it close. Seasons were shifting, summer weather was already starting to stir, and I was fermenting this beer in my closet with very little in the way of temperature controls. I decided on a batch of fairly basic American pale ale with some brown sugar added for a bit of  extra body and alcohol. Maybe the beer would finish fermenting before we really hit summer temperatures, I reasoned. Unfortunately, things got hot in a hurry.

What I now have instead of tasty, refreshing pale ale, is five gallons of unnamed coppery-colored liquid angst in convenient 12oz bottles. Short of digging a lagering cave under Sugar Hill, it looks like my homebrewing will need to take a summer vacation until things cool off. Next time you hear from us, I have high hopes that it will be with much more delicious news.

Houghs Goes Brooklyn


01.05 Mash Education-047

Brooklyn Brewery has been selected as the brewery of the month at Hough’s in Pittsburgh, and suddenly August is looking like much more than the dog days of summer. The taps are going to be running with rare Brooklyn beers, the calendar is packed with events, and there’s plenty of opportunities to take home some free Brooklyn gear. Check out the full layout below, and head over to the Hough’s site for more info on dates, times and surprises.



The Beers: Brooklyn Lager, Pilsner, Black Chocolate Stout, two (2!) different vintages of Monster Ale, East IPA, Blast!, Summer, I Wanna Rye-It, Hammarby Syndrome, Ridgy-Didge, Silver Anniversary Lager, Fire & Ice, Brown Ale, Sorachi Ace, and Greenmarket Wheat will be taking over the taps. Plus, drafts are $2 off every Thursday to aid you in your sampling.

The Trivia Nights: On August 4th and 18th, you and your smartest friends will go head to head to prove your superiority over all other trivia-goers. Keep an eye out for free swag and big prizes, even though we all know trivia is all about the bragging rights. Right? Right.

The Coffee Mug Brunch: Work up an appetite before you stop by on Sunday, August 23 to tuck in to Sunday brunch. Order any brunch pairing and your decision will be rewarded with a coffee mug you’ll get to take home and fill with the beverage of your choice.

The Yoga: After a long month of excellent beer, relax yourself with a special Brooklyn Brewery yoga class on Sunday, August 30. Once you’ve finished your stretching and worked up a healthy thirst, take it on with yet another Brooklyn beer. The month won’t last forever, after all.

The Big Raffle: A rare, prized Brooklyn Brewery cornhole set will be up for grabs through a month-long raffle. Whenever you stop by Hough’s, it’s probably a good time to throw in another ticket or three. One lucky winner will score the boards, and thusly be guaranteed party invites for the rest of their natural life.


Mash Files: Boston 2015


hip waders

While he’s on the road or in the kitchen, Chef Andrew Gerson is always investigating the cultural and culinary landscapes of the cities around him. The Mash Files are snapshots of each city on our Mash Tour in Chef Andrew’s own words. Read about Chef Andrew’s tour of one of New England’s leading oyster producers while visiting Boston, then check our Mash site for when he’ll be in your neighborhood.

New England is a seafood mecca, with vast stretches of ocean, bays marshes, and welands hosting a dazzling array of aquatic life. Boston may be considered a “clam chowdah” and lobster roll town, but it certainly has no shortage of oysters. Each year when we venture north to Boston, I make a special trip to the Island Creek Oyster Company to slurp the East Coast’s finest mollusks. Located on Duxbury Bay about an hour south of Boston, ICO has transformed the sleepy, beautiful bay into a lively oyster breeding ground, creating jobs, harvesting delicious food, cleaning the waterways, and giving back to the community.


Since 1992, Skip Bennett has grown Island Creek Oyster Company from a one-man endeavor to one of the country’s largest oyster providers. Duxbury Bay went from having zero oyster farms to over sixteen, and ICO has expanded to provide an outlet for other oyster farmers from all over the country looking to sell directly to restaurants. What sets these bivalve growers apart is their breeding program, deep understanding of the bay’s complex aquaculture, and a hands-on processing approach that leaves no shell untouched.

andrew prone

When you ask the team about what they farm, they are quick to point out that more important than the oysters themselves is their algae lab. ICO cultivates at least eight distinct types of algae for millions for baby oysters to feast upon from the time their time as microscopic newborns until they are old enough (about six months) to head into the bay on their own.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.46.19 PM

The distinct merroir (think marine + terroir) of the bay provides these oysters with a meaty, firm yet creamy flesh, a slightly briny salinity, and a finishing sweetness from the chewy abductor muscles. ICO’s stock have become a chef’s favorite oyster from the rocky shores of New England to the farthest reaches of the United States.


After a long day out on the boat scudding around and helping with the oyster harvest, we got a chance to crack some selects (small 1-2 inch oysters destined for the likes of Per Se and other fine dining brethren), sip some Summer Ale, and watch the sunset as it passed over the bay. I think I’ve found a new appreciation for the simpler side of New England life.

Heading to New England and want to visit the oyster farm, their bar, or just grab some oysters of your own? Plan your adventure on the Island Creek site.

This Week In Beer: The News You Can Booze on July 17

Drunk Moose Found in Sweden

brewmaster kerry


Edge Brewing Co. Brewmaster Injured, Beer Community Rallies: Kerry Thomas, head brewer of Edge Brewing Co. in Boise, Idaho, suffered second and third-degree burns over thirty percent of her torso just before last weekend. She was adding hops to a kettle when boiled over, requiring Kerry to be airlifted to Utah for treatment. Kerry’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help afford treatment costs past compensation and insurance. The beer community has been rallying around the cause this week, and we hope you’ll contribute if you are able.

Iron Maiden Unleashing Trooper 666 Beer: Metal fans, rejoice! Hot on the heels of the ten-million-pint success of their first Trooper beer, Iron Maiden is unleashing a 6.66% version of the British-style ale this fall. Vocalist Bruce Dickinson is an ardent real ale fan, and worked closely with the brewing team behind both beers to develop a recipe he felt represented Iron Maiden and good beer alike. We’ve greatly enjoyed the original Trooper (and the brutal 16oz packaging), and we’re very excited for the new, more muscular version to come charging over the top.

Squirrel Wrecks Bar, Allegedly Texts Ex: The secretary of the Honeybourne Railway Club found the bar in a state of ruin earlier this week, with broken glasses and spilled beer all over the floor. The culprit was found to be a rather drunk squirrel, which had apparently managed to open a tap and become “quite sozzled,” in the words of representative Sam Boulter. Mr. Boulter was able to trap the squirrel in a wastepaper basket and free it out the window, where we expect it must have grabbed an egg sandwich and found somewhere to sleep it off.

Pabst Brewing Company Opens Rift in Space-Time: The Pabst Brewing Company announced this week that it would be opening a brewery on the site of the original Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee that would focus on pre-prohibition and “vintage” brands. The original brewery was opened in 1844 and brewed until being shuttered in the mid-1990s. There’s no word yet as to whether construction will awaken vengeful spirits of brewers old, but we hope they’ll be assuaged by Pabst’s return to their roots.

Drunk Elk Found in Swedish Apple Tree: Continuing what was clearly a rough week for European animals, a highly intoxicated elk was found trapped in an apple tree outside of Gothenburg. Fermenting apples make for an enticing treat for Swedish elk, and this one in particular was a little overzealous in her hunting. Neighbor Per Johansson discovered the animal after hearing a “roaring” noise coming from the branches. He and emergency services freed the animal by cutting away branches and letting her sleep it off in the yard, before she loped away in the morning to nurse her hangover in the woods.

Legion of Osiris Admits Existence

29.04.15 A State of Craft-047

The good folks at Edible Brooklyn sat down with leading members of the Legion of Osiris earlier this week to discuss the shadowy origins and mysterious presence of the enigmatic order. Founder and Brooklyn Brewery Marketing Director Ben Hudson, Senior Warden and Brooklyn Brewery BECA Gabe Barry, and Junior Warden and Brooklyn Brewery Copywriter Tim Rozmus all weighed in on their time in the Legion. From its humble beginnings around a weekly cask in the Tasting Room to modern meetings including trivia, tastings, and art contests, we granted an unprecedented view behind the veil of the Legion.

Of course, we didn’t reveal everything about the Legion’s doing, as that would be no fun at all. Read the Edible Brooklyn article here, and if you think you’re formed of noble fiber and steely resolve fit to Defend Beer, email to begin your journey.

723_Legion of Osiris High Res

Wake Up and Smell Intensified Coffee Porter


29.04.15 Retailers Event-034

Rise and shine, beer fans: Intensified Coffee Porter. is the next chapter of the Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment. This explosive combination of double porter, bourbon barrels and cold-brew coffee is the result of a multi-step collaboration that incorporated ingredients from South America to Brooklyn to the great state of Kentucky.

Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his brewing team laid the foundation for the beer in Brooklyn. They brewed a bombastic double porter packed with chocolate flavor and rich roast malts, then packed it away in bourbon barrels laid in our barrel aging warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Meanwhile, our friends at Finca El Manzano Single Origin Coffee were cultivating a special batch of coffee beans in El Salvador with our name on it. The beans then traveled to our friends at Blue Bottle Coffee, who roasted them to perfection.

The brewhouse filled with the smell of coffee after Blue Bottle dropped off the massive payload of freshly roasted beans. Garrett and the brewers rigged up a system affectionately dubbed the Intensitron to effectively work as a tremendous French press and produce enormous batches of cold brew coffee. The coffee was then infused into the oak-rich porter that had been recently poured forth from the barrels. We bottled it all up, and now it’s coming to Intensify you.

Get more information and Garrett’s take on Intensified Coffee Porter right here, then use our Beer Finder to track down a bottle near you.

This Week in Beer: The News You Can Booze on July 10



Shake Shack ChickenShack Comes, Sees, Conquers: Fried chicken devotees flocked to Shake Shack’s Brooklyn locations this week to revel in the limited-edition launch of the ChickenShack sandwich. The demand was much greater than Shake Shack anticipated, and the griddle kings announced Wednesday that they would be out of ChickenShacks until this coming Thursday. Your trusty narrator was lucky enough to snag one that night alongside a tall Brooklyn Shackmeister. Folks, believe the hype, and clear your Thursday for the re-launch.

Get to 7-11 on 7/11: Prepare your favorite brain freeze cure and head to 7-11 tomorrow (7/11) for your fair share of sweet, crunchy, frozen Slurpee goodness for the agreeable price of absolutely free. Take note that the free beverages will only be distributed from 11 AM- 7 PM, which is somewhat confusing given the theme of, well, 7-11. Still, it doesn’t do to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when that gift horse is in the form of a free Slurpee in the middle of a heat wave.

Duff’s the Stuff: Simpsons fans, rejoice: your favorite fictional fizzy lager will be available soon…in South American, followed by Europe. It turns out there was so much counterfeit Duff being produced in South America that Fox Broadcasting decided to go with the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” method. Chile will receive the beer first, as the fake Duff market there led to seizures of tens of thousands of bottles at a time. The beer will roll out through 2016, and hopefully come to American couches soon after.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, KelSo: KelSo Beer Company and Heartland Brewing, both mainstays in the New York City beer scene for well over a decade, opened their first public taproom this week. Located at 529 Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn, they’ll be open from 5-10 PM tonight and noon to 10 PM on Saturday and Sunday, with more hours to come. It’ll be a busy opening weekend for sure, but good beer made by great people is always worth a wait.

carmines copy

Carmine’s Original Pizza in Greenpoint Closes: Carmine’s Original Pizza owner Carmine (what else?) announced on Monday that the beloved slice shop will be closing its doors soon after 35 years of service to North Brooklyn. Carmine says it is “finally time to retire,” and thanked every one of his customers for making the shop such a pleasure. It’s a blow to see Carmine’s leave the neighborhood after many years of keeping our Tasting Room staff fed and on their feet, and we wish Carmine well in his retirement.

Happy 116th Birthday, Susannah Mushatt Jones: Brooklyn resident Susannah Mushatt Jones officially claimed the Guinness World Record of Oldest Living Person when she turned 116 on Monday, July 6. Ms. Jones was born in 1899, the same year Queens and Staten Island officially joined New York City. She officially attributes her long life to plenty of sleep and a daily breakfast of four strips of bacon with eggs. Doctors may disagree on that last part, but it seems like a tough argument to challenge.