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Dinner Party No. 3 with Garrett Oliver


Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a collaborative, multi-course feast with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson & dedicated to spotlighting local producers.

Join us at Humboldt & Jackson on Wednesday, September 24 for a the next chapter of our Dinner Party series. Dinner Party No. 3 celebrates Garrett Oliver’s 20th anniversary as Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, where Garrett himself teams up with Chef Andrew Gerson to create the night’s meal. Garrett has brewed beer after incredible beer for us over the years, as well as publishing two books and winning a wide range of awards, including the James Beard award for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional in 2014, but whenever we start with the sentimental history stuff he tends to get impatient, striding off to the brewhouse or barrel rooms to resume blowing past the boundaries of brewing in the pursuit of new, delicious beers. Nothing excites Garrett more than his new projects, some of which you’ll be lucky enough to see at this very dinner.

In addition to his well-known brewing prowess, Garrett is also a passionate cook, has hosted countless beer dinners all over the world, is developing the beer curriculum at the famed Culinary Institute of America, and can be periodically found cooking and pontificating on beer pairings at Brooklyn Kitchen during training for Brewery partners. In the two years since Chef Andrew joined us at the Brooklyn Brewery, he has absorbed Garrett’s food philosophies and years of knowledge into his own cooking. Both Garrett and Chef Andrew are longtime advocates of Slow Food and local food systems, so it didn’t take long for them to find a rhythm with each other. Unfortunately, Chef Andrew’s travel schedule and Garrett’s many many commitments make it rare for them to be in the same geographic region, much less share a kitchen.

This will be Garrett’s first public dinner in NYC this year, so he and Chef Andrew will be pulling out all the stops. It will also be the first appearance of our next Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment, a robust barrel-aged barleywine Garrett has dubbed Hand & Seal that you’ll get to try before the official release. Get your tickets before you lose your spot at the table for this incredible evening.

Hoist Forth the Weizenhammer


We’re proud to give a hearty welcome to Weizenhammer, our newest Brewmaster’s Reserve. Like the rest of the Brewmaster’s Reserve lineup, this draft-only strong wheat beer will course through the taps of better bars and restaurants for 3 to 4 months before fading once more into the mists of legend. Grab hold of the Weizenhammer while you can.

From Brewmaster Garrett Oliver:

We still remember well the first time we saw them, the tall glasses of Hefeweizen in the vast Bavarian beer gardens, the summer sun glowing through them under the linden trees. Many years later, here in Brooklyn, our very first batches were Hefeweizens, and we loved them so much that we brewed nothing else for six months. And yet, even as we labored happily and brought much joy to the people, we recalled the legend of even better times. Once, long ago, there was a wheat beer so mighty that event the linden trees bowed in its presence. Known as Der Weizenhammer, this beer brought the warmth and sunshine of summer to its greatest heights and sustained the people as they prepared for a bountiful harvest. For ages, Der Weizenhammer was lost, but now it has been reforged here in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Weizenhammer stands tall in the glass, radiating a hazy, deep golden hue and raising a pillowy white foam as beautiful as the songs of old.  A big, brash weizenbock, the Weizenhammer smashes in with a rush of bold, juicy flavors and a bright zing of hops, then veers to a surprisingly dry finish. Another sip will beckon. Summer tomatoes will soar. Barbecue will be ennobled. Hamburgers will swoon. From spicy Mexican and Asian dishes to rich seafood, the pairings will inspire epic toasts that rattle off the rafters. Come and swing the Weizenhammer.

The Forge:
Style: Strong Weizenbock
Malts: German Pilsner, malted wheat
Hops: Perle, Mosaic
Yeast: Our house Weisse strain
OG: 17.8° Plato
ABV: 7.8%
Availability: Early Autumn

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Nordic Hot Dog Championship at North Festival


Bring your buns to battle with North Festival and Matbloggsentralen’s first-ever hunt for the world’s best Nordic hot dog. Start by submitting your own Nordic hot dog recipe to Matbloggsentralen for the consideration of a crack team of hot dog enthusiasts, Nordic food experts and other intimidating eaters. The five finest recipes will move on to the next round, eventually culminating in the top recipe writer taking a trip to Brooklyn to compete in the Nordic Hotdog Championship on Monday, September 15. The trip of a lifetime and eternal hot dog glory are on the line. Put on those thinking toques and show Matbloggsentralen your best Nordic hot dog.

Dinner Party No. 2 with Brooklyn Grange


Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a collaborative, multi-course feast with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson & dedicated to spotlighting local producers.

Head to Humboldt & Jackson on August 7 at 6:30 PM for the second installment of our Dinner Party series. Dinner Party No. 2 will feature Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson teaming up with Brooklyn Grange co-founder Ben Flanner. Over the past four years the team at Brooklyn Grange have become the world leaders in rooftop farming, tending to over 2 ½ acres of intensive green roofs in New York City that churn out a year-round supply of delicious fruits and vegetables. Their produce is sold in restaurants, groceries, farmers’ markets and CSAs, demonstrating how useful localized urban farming can be to the community as well as the environment.

Chef Gerson has been itching to work with Ben and his gang of funky urban farmers since he first set foot on their rooftops. He is particularly taken with their rogue ground cherries, which transform our Philly-born chef into a regular poet if you ask him about them. Each course will highlight the freshest harvest from the sunniest corners of Brooklyn Grange paired with some of the rarest and most interesting Brooklyn Brewery beers in our cellars for a thrilling culinary experience. Playful microgreens, succulent shiso, sungold and heirloom tomatoes, devilish peppers, opal and Thai basil herbs and more are all clamoring for a place at the table. Buy tickets below and see which ones make the cut.

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Who’s That Beer? Brooklyn Best Bitter


Who’s That Beer? puts a spotlight on some of the Brooklyn Brewery beers you might not see often, but could still encounter in the wild. Enjoy meeting some of our favorite brews.

Cask-conditioned beer or “real ale” has inspired a generation of American craft brewers, including our own brewmaster Garrett Oliver.  While living in London and managing rock concerts in one of his former lives, Garrett was also visiting the local pubs, tasting his way through a vast swath of traditional British ales.  The full taste of these venerable brews was enough to change his path, and today we brew Brooklyn Best Bitter in honor of the great cask ale tradition and Garrett’s first “real” pints.

Cask ale is poured from a steel cask fitted with a mallet-driven tap and a hand-powered pump, delivering a beer at a gently cool temperature with a zesty prickle of carbonation.  The carbonation arises from secondary fermentation, which uses live yeast added at filling time to both carbonate the beer and impart subtle, complex flavors. Far from being “warm and flat”, it is an amazingly lively drink straight out of the 1800′s.

Available only in casks, Brooklyn Best Bitter is a fine welcome to the world of real ale.  We use the heirloom Maris Otter barley variety in our malts, lending the beer plenty of body and a soft, bready flavor.  A blend of British and American hops provides a brisk bitterness and a nice floral aroma, while Brooklyn house ale yeast brings gentle orangey fruit flavors. Pumped from the cellar by hand, the beer arrives clear and amber, achieving a special texture and delicate lacing of foam. Perfectly balanced and not too strong, this is a beer to reach for whether you’re facing down a chilly winter day or enjoying a warm summer evening.  Brooklyn Best Bitter is great with food or just with family and friends. Some things don’t need changing, and cask beer is one of them.

Brooklyn Brewery Hits the Pits: Return to Grillstock 2014

grillstock fest dates

Ah, Grillstock: a double-whammy festival of “meat, music and mayhem” that has attracted a massive following in the UK in recent years, drawn to its boisterous crowds, endless music, delicious meats and general celebration of all the good things in life. Brooklyn Brewery is proud to be returning to Grillstock this year to slake your deepest thirst, and we’re bringing a bit of hometown style with us. Our fabled Brooklyn Brewery tap truck will be on hand, and for the first time ever we will be setting up our own marble-topped bar and an entire second stage featuring acoustic blues and “Brooklyn hillbilly tunes.” We’ll be pouring a bottomless supply of Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Summer Ale on draft, and will feature a “flash sale” of a single keg of either Brooklyn Brown, Brooklyn EIPA or Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Check out the full festival event posts below, put on your meat-and-beer drinking hat (you do have one, right?) and meet us at the bar.

Grillstock Bristol
Grillstock Manchester

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