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The Legend Returns: Black Chocolate Stout is Back


The wait is over: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is back on the scene, heading to bars and stores near you.

We’ve already heard from some Brooklyn Brewery fans in the field who have found Black Chocolate Stout (or BCS, as its disciples call it) in their neck of the woods. Tag your haul on InstagramTwitter or Facebook with #BCSFound and let us and your fellow beer faithful know where you picked it up. After all, if they can buy their own they won’t ask for any of yours.

This legendary American imperial stout was Brewmaster Garrett Oliver’s first project at the Brooklyn Brewery. Midnight black and packed to the brim with rich dark chocolate flavors, Black Chocolate Stout can be enjoyed fresh or cellared for years. It’s the sort of beer you remember long after you finish your stash and haunts you until the next release.


The Hunt for Hand & Seal: Ohio Edition


By now you already know that our third Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment, the notable barleywine-style ale Hand & Seal, has been released into the wild. A good many of you are likely out right now, scouring the shelves and calling bottle shops to hunt down this limited release. Unfortunately, the deck is stacked against some of you: the proud – but beleaguered – beer faithful in the great state of Ohio.

Despite the ongoing efforts of brewers and enlightened politicians in the state legislature, beer cannot be sold in Ohio if the alcohol content is above 12%. As Hand & Seal bubbled away in the tanks we did our best to explain this to the yeast, but they proved to be poor listeners. When the beer finally came out of the barrels at 13.3%, we realized we had blown past that limit and wouldn’t be able to share this creation with our friends in Ohio. It upset us so deeply that we were forced to have a few bottles of Hand & Seal to ease our pain. (Hey, we said it was a limited release. We never said why.)

Ohio, you’ll have to travel a bit, but we hope you can track down a bottle. When you find it, try to remember that good things come to those who cellar, but we’ll understand if you drink it right away. We don’t hesitate to say that it’s worth it.

All Rise for Hand & Seal


The Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment is a small batch of specialty beers that reincarnates every three or four months. These are beers we spend altogether too much time on in an effort to reach something transcendent. Released in terribly small quantities, if seen in the wild these 750ml bottles should be approached while armed with care and an open palate.

Limited quantity. Unlimited possibility.

For Q3 2014, we are pleased to introduce Hand & Seal. In celebration of Garrett Oliver’s 20th year as Brewmaster here at Brooklyn Brewery, he and the Brooklyn brewing team put their heads together to create a massive yet surprisingly smooth barleywine. It’s delicious right now, bringing the rich complexity and assertive sweetness that barleywines strive for to the palate, but the true beauty of the liquid, as with all of our BQE releases, will come to bloom as the bottle ages over time. Flavors will blend and deepen, the sugars will dry out and you’ll find yourself in awe in the presence of brewing magic that stretches back for generations. Pick up one to celebrate today and a couple for occasions down the road. Future you will be grateful. Check out our beer finder to track it down, and read the full story from Garrett below.

Want to get your First Taste before anyone else (plus an open beer bar, breakfast from Ovenly, and the opportunity to buy a second bottle)? Get your tickets here.

From the Brewmaster himself:

In the 20th season of his reign, the year Anno Brooklynius 26, our Brewmaster brought forth a new wonderment for the People. Barleywine-style ale, once the exclusive drink of the British nobility, would be produced anew in Brooklyn. Linking together their twin brewhouses, the Brooklyn brewing team toiled a great many hours to create the most robust beer they had ever produced. Then it was set to rest for months in casks of Bourbon oak, and finally re-fermented in the bottle.


The result is one of the richest, tastiest beers to ever emerge from our brewery. The deep flavors of floor-malted Maris Otter barley shine through layers of vanilla, coconut, toast and floral notes given by aging in Four Roses bourbon wood. Hand & Seal is complex without being perfumey, subtly sweet without becoming cloying. Its naturally gentle carbonation suits a contemplative drink. The size of the bottle connotes a spirit of generosity, for it is an ale to be shared with friends and family.


At dinner you will find it a fine partner to pates, game meats and sausages and a wonderful accompaniment to cheese. And if your evening should involve much laughter around a fireplace, all the better. Hand & Seal is ready to enjoy now, yet good things shall also come to those who cellar it.


Hereupon witness both our Hand and our Seal, both of them demonstrations of our promise that this fine ale shall be worthy of your table and all the brilliant times that you bring to it. So say we all.

And the NORTH Fest Nordic Hot Dog Champion Is: Chef Neal Fraser


After a long, hard night of sampling as many delicious dogs as possible at the NORTH Fest Nordic Hot Dog Championship, the people have crowned Chef Neal Fraser as their one true champion. Congratulations, Neal!

Chef Fraser competed along with ten other chefs in the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room, making it the best-smelling room on the East Coast at the time. Noted amateur chef semifinalists Dellie Wakeham and Egil Ekbom were also on hand to throw down, but in the end, Chef Fraser overcame what he described as a “tough corner position” in the room to charm the crowd and take the prize for the night.

Inspired by a recent trip to Norway, Chef Fraser decided he wanted to create a hot dog that was “clean, crisp, direct, and made with the history of the Nordic people.” To do that he spurned conventional hot dog meats and built his using a mix of traditional Scandinavian fish. 50% halibut, 25% scallops and 25% salmon filets were mixed together with egg whites, cream, salt and thyme to create his rich, satisfying base, topped with home-made sauerkraut and mustard. The dog nestled in a bun custom baked for Chef Fraser in Los Angeles and shipped to Brooklyn, creating a globetrotting dish worthy of Nordic Hot Dog Championship glory.

If you missed the Nordic Hot Dog Championship, we understand why you’re upset, but we don’t have any leftovers. Fortunately, NORTH Festival is still going strong until Friday, September 19, so you can still get your Nordic food fix. Catch us at the Nya Carnegie Beer Dinner with Chef Billy White and Chef Andrew Gerson tonight at the NORTH Pop-Up space, or stop by one of the other great events all over the city.

Grain to Glass: Welcome Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat


This is as local as local beer gets.

Brooklyn Brewery has always been proud to be a New York operation. In the 1800s, New York State was a massive brewing center, producing both raw materials and popular beer for years. Grains from upstate farms, hops from central New York and Long Island and the naturally balanced water found in the area made their way into countless local breweries, including 48 in Brooklyn alone. In Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat, we wanted to pay homage to the agricultural bounty that shaped early brewing in New York, and celebrate the small farms active in our area today.

We teamed up with GrowNYC’s Greenmarket to source the grain for this project. They linked us up with North Country Farms in Watertown NY, which provides 70% of the grain used in Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat. All of the hops for the beer come from a small family farm outside of Syracuse, NY. That was simple to source, since the farm is owned by Brooklyn Brewery Technical Director Mary Wiles (as those of you who recall Mary’s Maple Porter may remember), who grew up there. Our Bavarian yeast and New York State water completed the recipe, producing an unfiltered beer full of light fruit flavors and a zesty palate. It’s a utility player with food, able to accompany anything from fresh salads to grilled meat without being overwhelming.

Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat will be available first in four packs, starting this Saturday at the Union Square Greenmarket. Four packs and draft will spread and enter other markets, so be sure to ask when you’ll be able to grab yours at your favorite local bar, market or bottle shop. GrowNYC’s Greenmarket will receive a portion of the proceeds of Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat to continue their mission of supporting small farms, education, farmers markets, and other programs aimed at reviving New York State’s grain industries. It’s a New York beer from New York farms, and we’re proud to be sending it to you.

Hup Brooklyn Hup: Brooklyn Brewery Comes to the Netherlands


Open your taps and crack your bottles, NederlandersBrooklyn Brewery is here!

Back in the 1800′s, Brooklyn was home to brewers from Holland, the Netherlands, Germany and many more countries who came to make beer in the style of their home countries. While those breweries closed long ago due to Prohibition, we’re proud to announce that Brooklyn and Holland are once again joined in beer with the launch of Brooklyn Brewery in the Netherlands.

We kicked things off back on July 17th with a party at Beer Temple in Amsterdam. Brooklyn Lager poured from the taps as happy beer fans shared grilled hot dogs and talked about how excited they were to finally be able to find Brooklyn Brewery at their bars and on their shelves. Check out the list below of bars and shops where you can find Brooklyn Lager on draft or pick up bottles of Lager, East IPA and Sorachi Ace to share and enjoy.

Bar Brouw West
De Biertuin
Smokin’ Barrels
Dopey’s Elixer
Beer Temple
De Waterkant
Restaurant Smederij (Brooklyn Hotel)
Rotisserie Amsterdam

Den Bosch
‘t Paultje

Sugar Hill

Het Concerthuis


Cafe Victoria

Alphen a/d Rijn
Hendrick’s Pub

Bun If By Land, Two If By Sea: The Nordic Hot Dog Championship Semifinalists Come To Brooklyn


Scores of recipe submissions and tense rounds of tastings have finally come to a head: two Scandinavian amateur semifinalists have been selected to take on all comers in the Nordic Hot Dog Championship at Brooklyn Brewery on September 15. Learn more about them and their crowd pleasing recipes below.


From Norway we have the honor of introducing Dellie Wakeham, also known as Dellie Delicious on her food blog. Her entry combines traditional Nordic flavors with classical hot dog elements, resulting in a dog featuring a soft bun, juicy lamb sausage, crisp bacon, chantarelles and mustard aioli that she describes as the “ultimate hot dog.” You can find her on Instagram @delliedelicious before meeting her at the championships.

Representing Sweden we have Egil Ekbom, barbecue enthusiast and lover of craft beer and hot sauce. His recipe brings together Vässterbotten cheese to add depth to the dog, lingonberry chipotle ketchup and a relish made of the “black gold of the forest,” Yellowfoot mushrooms. Check out his Instagram @egilekbom before the big day.

Dellie and Egil are up against some steep competition on September 15. Professional chefs Fredrick Andersson, Leif Sørensen, Martin Høedholt, Neal Fraser, Paul Backer, Richard McCormick and Sami Tallberg have all been devising their own Nordic hot dog recipes as well, ensuring this competition will be a delicious fight to the finish. Come down, try the dogs and see who is crowned at the Nordic Hot Dog Champion at NORTH Festival.

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Oktoberfest Returns


Autumn is a welcome sight here in Brooklyn after another scorching summer. Changing leaves, breaking out your favorite jacket, not sweating (as much) on the subway… there’s some magic in the changing seasons. With the fall comes Brooklyn Oktoberfest, an old favorite that returns to chase away the humid days and hot nights in favor of light frosts and cool breezes.

Traditional Oktoberfest beers emerged in the early 1800′s, after the first Oktoberfest was thrown in 1810 by Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria. We’re a little too far away from Germany to join them under the tents, but that doesn’t stop us from packing Brooklyn Oktoberfest along for our own fall festivities. You’ll see it poking out of coolers and lunch bags in Prospect Park as we skip the leaf peeper shuffle to soak in the last of the autumn sunlight. It’ll fill pitchers across the city during game days, and warm you up after browsing Atlantic Antic and the McCarren Park Greenmarket. Even if there’s no celebrations on hand you can think of, Brooklyn Oktoberfest will help you come up with one to fill the time.

Brooklyn Oktoberfest is a solid companion for rich, cool-weather foods. Put it to work alongside pork dishes, succulent roast chicken, thick cold-cut sandwiches, hefty burgers, or Swiss and Gruyère cheeses. Just like the fall weather, Oktoberfest won’t be around for long so stock up before it disappears.

What’s Inside:
Style: Märzen/Oktoberfest
Malts: Bavarian Heirloom Munich Malt, Pilsner Malt specially malted for Brooklyn Brewery in Bamberg
Hops: Hallertauer Perle, Hallertauer Mittelfrueh
Yeast: Lager yeast
OG: 13.7° Plato
ABV: 5.5%
Availability: August-October

Dinner Party No. 3 with Garrett Oliver


Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a monthly collaborative, multi-course feast with rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson & dedicated to spotlighting local producers.

Join us at Humboldt & Jackson (located at 434 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn) on Wednesday, September 24 for a the next chapter of our Dinner Party series. Dinner Party No. 3 celebrates Garrett Oliver’s 20th anniversary as Brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, where Garrett himself teams up with Chef Andrew Gerson to create the night’s meal. Garrett has brewed beer after incredible beer for us over the years, as well as publishing two books and winning a wide range of awards, including the James Beard award for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional in 2014, but whenever we start with the sentimental history stuff he tends to get impatient, striding off to the brewhouse or barrel rooms to resume blowing past the boundaries of brewing in the pursuit of new, delicious beers. Nothing excites Garrett more than his new projects, some of which you’ll be lucky enough to see at this very dinner.

In addition to his well-known brewing prowess, Garrett is also a passionate cook, has hosted countless beer dinners all over the world, is developing the beer curriculum at the famed Culinary Institute of America, and can be periodically found cooking and pontificating on beer pairings at Brooklyn Kitchen during training for Brewery partners. In the two years since Chef Andrew joined us at the Brooklyn Brewery, he has absorbed Garrett’s food philosophies and years of knowledge into his own cooking. Both Garrett and Chef Andrew are longtime advocates of Slow Food and local food systems, so it didn’t take long for them to find a rhythm with each other. Unfortunately, Chef Andrew’s travel schedule and Garrett’s many many commitments make it rare for them to be in the same geographic region, much less share a kitchen.

This will be Garrett’s first public dinner in NYC this year, so he and Chef Andrew will be pulling out all the stops. It will also be the first appearance of our next Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment, a robust barrel-aged barleywine Garrett has dubbed Hand & Seal that you’ll get to try before the official release. Get your tickets before you lose your spot at the table for this incredible evening.

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Hoist Forth the Weizenhammer


We’re proud to give a hearty welcome to Weizenhammer, our newest Brewmaster’s Reserve. Like the rest of the Brewmaster’s Reserve lineup, this draft-only strong wheat beer will course through the taps of better bars and restaurants for 3 to 4 months before fading once more into the mists of legend. Grab hold of the Weizenhammer while you can.

From Brewmaster Garrett Oliver:

We still remember well the first time we saw them, the tall glasses of Hefeweizen in the vast Bavarian beer gardens, the summer sun glowing through them under the linden trees. Many years later, here in Brooklyn, our very first batches were Hefeweizens, and we loved them so much that we brewed nothing else for six months. And yet, even as we labored happily and brought much joy to the people, we recalled the legend of even better times. Once, long ago, there was a wheat beer so mighty that event the linden trees bowed in its presence. Known as Der Weizenhammer, this beer brought the warmth and sunshine of summer to its greatest heights and sustained the people as they prepared for a bountiful harvest. For ages, Der Weizenhammer was lost, but now it has been reforged here in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Weizenhammer stands tall in the glass, radiating a hazy, deep golden hue and raising a pillowy white foam as beautiful as the songs of old.  A big, brash weizenbock, the Weizenhammer smashes in with a rush of bold, juicy flavors and a bright zing of hops, then veers to a surprisingly dry finish. Another sip will beckon. Summer tomatoes will soar. Barbecue will be ennobled. Hamburgers will swoon. From spicy Mexican and Asian dishes to rich seafood, the pairings will inspire epic toasts that rattle off the rafters. Come and swing the Weizenhammer.

The Forge:
Style: Strong Weizenbock
Malts: German Pilsner, malted wheat
Hops: Perle, Mosaic
Yeast: Our house Weisse strain
OG: 17.8° Plato
ABV: 7.8%
Availability: Early Autumn

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