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The Brooklyn Brewmasters Triumvirate Meets In Trondheim

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For the last few years, we’ve been getting up to a bit of brewing in Scandinavia – land of endless fjords, choice meats and fantastic beer. First came Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, our sister brewery on the Stockholm waterfront and our Swedish home away from home. This summer, we welcomed our latest sister, E.C. Dahls, into the Brooklyn Brewery family with saber-rattling enthusiasm.

Now, the brewmasters of Brooklyn and its sister breweries are coming together like never before, whipping up a collaborative five-course feast at E.C. Dahls on Tuesday, September 27th featuring an awe-inspiring fifteen beer pairings. Prepare your palate for this historic family gathering, read up on the minds behind the beer below and reserve your spot here.

Garrett Oliver, Brooklyn Brewery

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Garrett Oliver brought his signature brewing style and personal aplomb to The Brooklyn Brewery in 1994 and changed both our brewery and craft beer forever. Thanks to his legendary beers like Black Chocolate Stout, helming books including The Brewmasters Table and The Oxford Companion to Beer, and countless talks, dinners, and other events, Garrett is known worldwide as one of the leading minds in beer. Garrett continues his widespread travels to spread good beer today. Some of his most intriguing ideas these days come to life in our Ghost Bottle program, our research and development arm centered largely around our Barrel Aging Program. Ask him what’s coming out of the cellars next– we guarantee you’ll be surprised.

Anders Wendler, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet

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Hailing from the brewhouse of Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, Anders Wendler carries the distinction as the first sister brewery Brewmaster on the Brooklyn block. Having brewed across Ukraine, Germany and Sweden for over twenty years along with being crowned a Swedish homebrewing champion in 2013, Anders brings some serious brewing prowess to the table. When not chiseling ice out of the mighty Torne river for a new beer, Anders has been brewing up a storm of tasty beers and is ferrying a few of our favorites to E.C. Dahls. Look out for Krakatau, a bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout forged with Javanese palm sugar, and Newton, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet’s latest sour collaboration with Gothenburg-based Dugges Brewery.

Wolfgang Lindell, E.C. Dahls


Last but not least, globetrotting brewer Wolfgang Lindell is bringing his latest and greatest to the Brewmaster’s table. Hailing from the great state of Montana, Wolfgang studied brewing in Munich before jetting off to Puerto Rico and Copenhagen to continue his beer-fueled adventure around the world. We’re lucky to have the engineer-turned-maltster-turned-brewer heading up the brewhouse at E.C. Dahls and can’t wait to dine under his roof. Aside from Lamo Wit, Bolt IPA and Pepra Saison, word has it that Wolfgang is breaking out a few of E.C. Dahls’ experimental elixers known as “Beta Beers” that have been surfacing around Trondheim.

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