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Hopefully you were able to enjoy the most patriotic of weekends with friends, family and a bottle of Sorachi Ace. We’ve been getting lots of laudatory reviews for our summery saison, brewed with the Japanese-bred hop, Sorachi Ace. This one below, from Tasting Table, is written particularly well. Do read on if you feel like getting this humid-as-hell Tuesday off on a positive note:


Wild Card: Brooklyn’s latest experiment is Summer in a bottle

Though a local craft-beer movement has grown up around the Brooklyn Brewery, that doesn’t mean it’s rested on its laurels.

For the past few years, brewer Garrett Oliver has been tinkering in Williamsburg on his current passion: a line of lovely 750 ml, bottle-conditioned beers with names like Local One, Local Two and Black Ops.

The most recent is Sorachi Ace, a stellar saison named after a variety of rare Japanese hops that give this unfiltered farmhouse ale its dry, citrusy flavor and its hazy golden hue.Some of Sorachi’s charm comes from slow secondary fermentation, which occurs when a bonus dose of yeast is added to the beer as it’s bottled. But its main appeal is the genius pairing of Belgian saison yeasts with the lemongrass notes of those heady hops, grown by an Oregon farmer Oliver met on his myriad travels. (He was so enamored with the hops, in fact, that he reintroduced them to a Japanese brewer on a recent visit to the country.)

As a result, Sorachi is perfect with seafood and Asian takeout (especially Thai and Vietnamese food) or merely for battling those ever-rising temps. It’s already our favorite summer beer–and we think it might just be Oliver’s ultimate ace in the hole.

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