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Garrett Oliver on the Eater Upsell: Guns, Ghosts and Good Food


Brewmaster Garrett Oliver was featured on the Eater Upsell podcast this week, talking to hosts Helen Rosner and Greg Morabito about his youth, his early brewing days, and how excited he is for the future of beer and the Brooklyn Brewery alike. We’ve been listening to the podcast since it launched, and we all loved hearing Garrett on the mic for this episode.

Even if you’ve heard Garrett speak before, we can guarantee you haven’t heard some of these stories before. You’ll also catch a tantalizing look inside the Brooklyn Brewery Barrel Aging Program as Garrett talks about the work he is doing with Barrel Program Manager Molly Browning. He even introduces Helen and Greg to Lancelot, one of our latest Ghost Bottles.

Listen to the podcast here, and be sure to subscribe to the Eater Upsell while you’re at it. Trust us, we wouldn’t lead you astray on good podcasts.

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