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Inside the Life of Garrett Oliver with Eater Epics

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Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver is renowned for his storytelling. Inspired by his time as a filmmaker, Garrett sees every beer he creates as a story in itself: a beginning, middle, and end, conveying something greater than just the beverage (though that’s pretty great too.) Despite his talent, not all of Garrett’s stories are limited to a liquid medium.

Garrett recently sat down with Eater Epics to discuss his “surprisingly Victorian” upbringing in Queens, his early, skin-melting days as a brewer, and the powerful motivation instilled by his parents to educate himself, become unstoppable, and change the world. The stories take on a new life with thanks to Eater’s animation twisting throughout the narrative. Snag a beer or two and check out the videos on Eater’s site. It’s a rare chance to learn more from– and about– our fearless leader.

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