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Eater Sifton Cat Reviews

[Courtesy of an Internet page called Eater.]

Garrett Oliver insightfully points out that the recent surge in the popularity of craft beer does not signify a new trend or fad, but rather a return to normality. Myself, and many others I’ve spoken with on the subject, believe there is an analogous relationship between craft beer and Cats on The Internet, namely that Our rising online prowess is a result of the canine being seen for what it really is: an inauthentic, less dignified version of the feline. Beer drinkers and animal lovers deserve, demand, and are receiving better.

This is not just my opinion. The venerable New York Times food critic and craft cat aficionado Sam Sifton is known to have used the preferred pet as the voice of his most honest reviews. A sampling has been republished here by Eater.

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