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Watch This: At Harpoon & Brooklyn Breweries, BU Alums Are Crafting the Next Generation of Beer

Lots of people ask us, “How do I become a brewer”? There’s no simple answer, but a really great place to start is by making your own beer. In fact, a large majority of professionals started out as homebrewers.

Along with Harpoon Brewery and Backlash Beer Co., the folks from Bostonia stopped by Brooklyn Brewery recently to talk with Brewmaster/BU Alum Garrett Oliver about his craft and how he went from college kid to pro brewer. Turns out all these beer careers have roots in homebrewing (and vice versa if you’re a science professor). But don’t worry, you don’t have to have studied at Boston University to make beer. In fact, if brewing in your abode sounds fun but you’re sans paraphernalia, we got you covered.

  • bill austin

    Tyrone Porter, be careful, contract brewing is all about ‘gimmicks’. You are just a glorified marketing company.

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