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Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment

The time has come for each bottle to get its due. For too long have we been treating some of our beers like flowers in the attic, aging them for years in barrel rooms or shelving them to mature in bottle conditioning crates. But would they ever see the light of day? Other than a handful of back alley handouts and the ever rare and always overly-attended Ghost Bottle Nights, most of these brews have never been available to the public. With our new bottling line expansion we can now let you guys in on the little secrets we’ve been brewing up, here in Brooklyn. Quarterly, we’ll release one of our specialty brews that require a little more incubation and a whole lot of tender love and care. We’ll only be able to make a few thousand cases of each, so seeing more than one style at a time will be rare. Bigfoot sighting rare. As such their production will be very limited, not unlike a certain fabled brew that doesn’t exist. If you see any of these bottles in the wild, drink it.

Wild-Streak-Release v2

(UPDATE: This party is sold out. Like the Brooklyn Koala bear it will fade into myth and infamy. Check back next quarter for a first taste of the next Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment.)

For our first release we’ve decided to leak the bottles early. 11am early. We’re throwing a FIRST TASTE release party. Less of a party and more of a gallery. A private hour to pick up your bottles for home and sample the first bottles off the line with your fellow foamy friends. There will be a cap on how many bottles we can sell so get your ticket early. The ticket will get you early admittance to the tasting room, a beer token to enjoy at the taps, a sampling of Wild Streak, some coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company, donuts from Dough (because 11am), and of course, a bottle of Wild Streak all your own. Click here for tickets.

But enough about us, and how much delicious liquid we’re going to enjoy, let’s get to our first BQE release, Wild Streak. in the words of Garrett Oliver:

There was a time when all beers were aged in wood, and yeasts ran wild and cavorted together. Modern brewing is wonderful, of course, but sometimes a little cavorting is a fine thing. Sometimes it gives you a chance to reveal your funky side. We have to admit it – we’ve been cavorting for years…and sorta holding out on you. We didn’t want to do that, but the fact is that up until now we only had enough room to make this beer for ourselves and some close friends - we didn’t have enough beer to put it out on shelves. We actually make a lot of beers like this – we call them the “Ghost Bottles”, and we’ve enjoyed pouring them for you at tastings and dinners.
Now we’re very pleased to finally give one of our “ghosts” the opportunity to materialize in your hands. Brooklyn Wild Streak starts off as a Belgian-inspired golden ale. After fermentation and a brief conditioning, we then age the beer for several months in second-use bourbon barrels, giving it a soft, round character infused with nicely balanced oak flavors. Finally we bottle the beer flat and re-ferment it with blend of priming sugar, Champagne yeast and the wild yeast strain Brettanomyces. As the two yeasts do their cavorting, the beer gains its natural carbonation. The “Brett” takes many months to do its thing during bottle aging, but once it does, Wild Streak is enlivened by a wonderfully complex earthy funk.
This beer is almost one year old when released, but it will age beautifully for many more. It’s particularly great with washed rind cheeses, game meats, steaks, and a few more things we probably shouldn’t mention here. You’ll figure it out for yourself, and that’s half the fun. So go ahead – unwind that cage, pop that cork, and reveal your Wild Streak. You know you want to.


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    Where to find out about the next one before it sells out?

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