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Finding Balance with Tripel Burner

tripel burner with backdrop

Our latest Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment is Tripel Burner, a strong Belgian-style tripel ale brewed with licorice spices and aged in white wine barrels. Believe us, this isn’t the gummy, bottom-of-grandma’s-purse licorice you might remember. The beer is chock full of warming spice, with notes of fig, oak and cinnamon that will make you realize why licorice has been treasured for so long.

Licorice spices go back to ancient China, where they were prized for medicinal purposes. Medicine at the time was focused not only on the physical organs and structures of the body as balancing energy throughout the body’s systems. This energy was collectively referred to as “qi.” The chief “organ” dedicated to balancing qi was the Triple Burner, a sort of spiritual water wheel dedicated to taking in, processing, and distributing energy throughout the body. Taken as a tonic, licorice spices were believed to encourage “natural sweetness and a light, joyful presence.”

What does that mean for you today? Well, who wouldn’t want to be light and joyful? Still, somehow we think you might not be the type to believe in balancing your qi. But it sure couldn’t hurt to try, and there’s no better way than with beer. Join us for the official release party in our Tasting Room on Monday, August 29, or keep an eye out at your local bottle shop. Be quick when you see it: like all of our Brooklyn Quarterly Experiments, Tripel Burner will be a very limited release.

Tripel Burner Release Party

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