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Quintaceratops Is On The Loose


Our latest installment of the Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment series is none other than Quintaceratops, an unruly beast of mythical proportions. In true Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment (or BQE) style, this beer is the result of a good bit of tinkering, a lot of time and energy, and some wonderful barrels.

Quintaceratops started life as a portion of our last batch of Quadraceratops, the brawny quadruple-style ale that won over drinkers as a Brewmaster’s Reserve release. Legions clamored for Quadraceratops to be bottled, and we decided to take them up on it. We just wanted to try one or two more things to make sure the bottled release was truly a new beast.

We poured the last of the Quadraceratops into Trinidadian rum barrels, imparting earthy, funky notes that remind the drinker of jungle floors and volcanic soil. Then we transferred the beer into bourbon barrels, adding swirling vanilla and toasted oak flavors to the complex beer. The beer has become a modern tribute to the rums produced in the earliest New World distilleries. There’s plenty of funk, alkali, tobacco and earthy notes that are sure to raise some eyebrows at the first sip. For the intrepid drinker, Quintaceratops is ready for you to take a ride– mind the horns.

Read Brewmaster Garrett Oliver’s story behind Quintaceratops here, then find it near you using our handy Beer Finder.




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