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The Secret Word Is Sour: Welcome To Kiwi’s Playhouse

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Consider the kiwi: brown and furry on the outside, a peculiar glowing green on the inside accompanied by a ring of tiny black seeds, and, once you work up some courage, juicy, tart, and delicious. It’s one of the strongest proofs we’ve seen that if a higher power does indeed govern our corner of the universe, It has an excellent sense of humor.

To us, or at least to your cheerful author, brewing is a similar example of this cosmic humor. An accidental mix of water, grain, and flowers, forgotten and re-discovered, gave early humanity their first beer. We’ve figured out some of the mysteries, but brewing still finds ways to surprise people at every turn. What better way to celebrate this blend of art, science, dumb luck, and chutzpah than mixing it all together?

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Enter Kiwi’s Playhouse, a zesty example of celestial humor. We took a frisky young sour ale and aged it on fresh kiwis in red wine barrels for months. Then we added a jolt of another oak-aged ale for a little extra complexity. After conditioning in the bottle, Kiwi’s Playhouse welcomes you into a world of juicy, joyous kiwi, gently tannic oak, and a tart edge snappier than any punch line.

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Keep an eye out for Kiwi’s Playhouse at your local bottle shop and a small handful of bars. This is a very limited release, as peeling and pureeing 24 pounds of kiwi per barrel takes a very long time and because we unashamedly drank most of the early bottlings. But when you do find it, crack it open with some friends and enjoy your time in Kiwi’s Playhouse.

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