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Wake Up and Smell Intensified Coffee Porter

29.04.15 Retailers Event-034

Rise and shine, beer fans: Intensified Coffee Porter. is the next chapter of the Brooklyn Quarterly Experiment. This explosive combination of double porter, bourbon barrels and cold-brew coffee is the result of a multi-step collaboration that incorporated ingredients from South America to Brooklyn to the great state of Kentucky.

Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his brewing team laid the foundation for the beer in Brooklyn. They brewed a bombastic double porter packed with chocolate flavor and rich roast malts, then packed it away in bourbon barrels laid in our barrel aging warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Meanwhile, our friends at Finca El Manzano Single Origin Coffee were cultivating a special batch of coffee beans in El Salvador with our name on it. The beans then traveled to our friends at Blue Bottle Coffee, who roasted them to perfection.

The brewhouse filled with the smell of coffee after Blue Bottle dropped off the massive payload of freshly roasted beans. Garrett and the brewers rigged up a system affectionately dubbed the Intensitron to effectively work as a tremendous French press and produce enormous batches of cold brew coffee. The coffee was then infused into the oak-rich porter that had been recently poured forth from the barrels. We bottled it all up, and now it’s coming to Intensify you.

Get more information and Garrett’s take on Intensified Coffee Porter right here, then use our Beer Finder to track down a bottle near you.

  • Anthony R Shannon

    I just destroyed two bottles of this beer, it is beyond perfect.

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