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The Brooklyn Brewery appreciates the NYS Regional Economic Development Council designating our proposal for a new brewery in New York City as a priority project.  We understand that a final decision on funding will not be made until later this year.

The Brooklyn Brewery started 26 years ago when the term craft beer was barely uttered. We opened our brewery in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in 1996.  At the time, Williamsburg was mainly an industrial enclave of abandoned manufacturing facilities and artists’ lofts. Since then, spurred on by these artists, craftsmen such as ourselves, and a relentless cultural renaissance, Brooklyn is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, Brooklyn is teeming with hotels, restaurants, and new housing developments.  We expanded the Williamsburg facility four years ago but our growth has outpaced our capacity and we are looking at a necessary expansion much quicker than we had anticipated.  Our beer is enjoyed in 26 states and more than 20 countries around the world.  The name Brooklyn has turned out to be a great calling card.  We are growing at a double digit rate in the United States and our exports are growing at more than 60%.  This year, exports will be over 30% of our total production.

This rapid growth has challenged capacity at our breweries in Brooklyn and Utica, New York.  The popularity of and lack of real estate inventory in Kings County is prohibitive to the type of facility our business needs to grow. We are therefore planning to build a new brewery that is closer to the New York and New Jersey ports, and to our home market in the New York City metropolitan area.

While we are steadfastly committed to Brooklyn and will always maintain a significant brewery presence and headquarters in our home borough, we are enthusiastic about expanding elsewhere in New York.  We thank the city and state agencies that are working hard to ensure that successful manufacturers like ourselves can continue to have a place to grow their businesses.

Announcing “Brooklyn Brewery Projects”

N 12th view bb

One of the most surprising developments in the story of Brooklyn Brewery is the number of international opportunities that have presented themselves in the last five years. It’s funny to reflect that many people questioned naming the company Brooklyn when we started 26 years ago.  Some people saw Brooklyn as a symbol of urban decay. Most people saw Brooklyn as a place that immigrants first came when moving to the US, only to eventually make their way into the greater country when they had the means. (One in seven Americans have roots that trace back to Brooklyn.) Few people understood that in the 1970s and 1980s, there were thousands of artists and creative young people flocking to Brooklyn simply because Manhattan had become prohibitively expensive.  They bought up brownstones in Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope and then expanded into surrounding neighborhoods, Fort Greene, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bay Ridge, DUMBO.  More recently, the expansion has engulfed once-foresaken Bushwick and Queens’ Ridgewood.  Mayor Bloomberg has credited Brooklyn Brewery with playing an important role in the Brooklyn renaissance, with helping “make Brooklyn cool.”

“Brooklyn” has indeed become a brand.  “Brooklyn” is a great calling card for us, around the United States and the world, opening doors for our beer to enter. Of course just because the door is open, doesn’t mean that one will be invited back. Our Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, who recently won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional, and his team have consistently put out flavorful and rewarding beers that ensure a long lasting appreciation for our definition of “Brooklyn”. This has enabled us to become one of the biggest exporters of American craft beer, with sales in more than 20 countries.  That in turn led to relationships and endeavors with far-flung partners who are now as enthusiastic about craft beer as we are.

It seems that the taste of our American craft beer is starting to inspire more than just a wider appreciation for flavor and experimentation in beer.  We’ve already engaged in some unexpectedly successful projects such as a collaborative line of beers with the Amarcord brewery in Italy called Ama and a “pop-up” bar in a rundown industrial district of the English city of Leeds, an area not unlike the Brooklyn of three decades ago.  The recent opening of Nya Carnegiebryggeriet in Stockholm is a great example of the sort of endeavors we’re pursuing with international partners.  We are looking at similar projects in other European capitals, South America and Asia.  Some will likely be joint ventures on new craft beers for those communities; all will be guided by Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his brewing team.  All will be focused on educating people about craft beer and about pairing beer with fine food.  We expect that, like our brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, all will act as convivial centers of their communities.

We group these ventures under the heading “Brooklyn Brewery Projects”.

Not all these projects are international. We recently announced a new endeavor with the celebrated Culinary Institute of America, just north of New York City. By 2015, we’ll have inaugurated a new brewing course within the CIA, centered on a new pilot brewery and teaching a beer-focused curriculum that we develop together. Collaborating with one of the world’s top culinary schools accomplishes the same goals of education and community. Indeed, many institutions are beginning to appreciate and align themselves with the values of craft breweries and craft beer.  We are gratified that Brooklyn is part of this exciting world-wide movement.  Stay tuned for news on our next Project.

-Steve Hindy, co-founder and president

Brooklyn Brewery at the CIA


Brooklyn Brewery is proud to announce The Brooklyn Brewery at the CIA, a collaboration brewery at the Culinary Institute of America to promote the study of beer. From the CIA press release:

Brooklyn Brewery, one of America’s top craft beer makers, has joined with The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to develop a small brewery on the college’s Hyde Park, NY campus. The Brooklyn Brewery at the CIA is expected to open to the public in summer 2015.

The operations at the brewery will be integrated into the curriculum of the college’s degree programs. Juniors and seniors pursuing a concentration in Advanced Wine, Beverage, and Hospitality will staff the brewery and learn about fermentation and brewing techniques as well as the business aspects of running a small food and beverage operation. Brooklyn Brewery’s famed Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team will visit the Hyde Park campus on a regular basis and assist CIA faculty in developing curriculum and recipes.

“This partnership is forward thinking both in terms of culinary education and college dining,” says Waldy Malouf, senior director of special projects for the CIA. “In addition to being a craft brewery for campus visitors and students 21 and older, it will serve as a research and development classroom to create and test new beer flavors.”

The CIA will initially offer its own lager and pilsner, along with seasonal brews, on tap at the brewery and at the four CIA restaurants on campus.

“We have great respect for The Culinary Institute of America, its leaders, and its illustrious alumni,” says Brooklyn Brewery Co-founder and Chairman Steve Hindy. “Smart and creative CIA-trained chefs and foodservice executives are all over the world today. Brooklyn Brewery has worked with the college for more than two decades on beer and food promotions, and special dinners. We are pleased to be able to make this gift to the CIA campus, and look forward to helping further develop beer education at Hyde Park.”

The Brooklyn Brewery at the CIA will be located in the college’s new student union and dining facility currently under construction. It will house a seven-barrel brewing system within a glass-walled environment meant to evoke an old Brooklyn warehouse.

Brooklyn Brewery BrooklynBrewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Brewery Mash Garrett Oliver Steve Hindy Brooklyn Lager BrooklynLager Sorachi #GoldDots

Viva Brooklyn Brewery!

Welcome to Las Vegas Slider

Please press play, and read below,

After a year of building capacity and support here in Brooklyn, we’re finally ready to venture out and see the light of day, and what bright lights we decided to walk out into. Our first new American territory in two years is going to be Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re proud to be partnering with Southern Wine, who have strong history of beer and craft education under their belts. Ah, Sin City. The bright lights city; Wayne Newton, Sigfried & Roy, Penn & Teller, other ampersanded duos, and now, Brooklyn Brewery.

We’ve always been an international city; the port of New York being a melting pot of cultures and now tourism. There may be no other American icon to rival New York City as a destination but Las Vegas. As Las Vegas grew from desert outpost to ‘The Entertainment Capital of the World’ the Brooklyn Brewery grew from an office in Park Slope, to exporting to Japan in 1989, to now being on the world stage, opening locations around the globe and expanding here in the states. Joining us on our jump across the Mississippi is our good friend and neighbor, Brooklyn Bowl opening a location in a new complex called the Linq. With such a good partner stationing in a new territory we’ll be poised to slowly take over the entire strip in the upcoming years. Look for the Brooklyn Brewery casino in 2017. (Not really.)

Whether experiencing fear and/or loathing or, like me, just checking out the amazing sights, Las Vegas will be a great market for gambling puns. So, make the sure bet, every hand… Brooklyn Lager.

For a current list of locations check out our beer finder and check out our list of true believers below:

High End:
Todd English Pub
Rick Moonen’s Seafood
Craft Steak
Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse
Michael Mina

Neighborhood Notables:
Velveteen Rabbit
Atomic Liquors
Aces and Ales
Freakin Frog

The newly bottled Brooklyn BLAST!


Ladies and gentlemen, your favorite beer is now in bottle form.

The first beer launching from our brand new bottling line here in Williamsburg will be Brooklyn BLAST!, our decidedly robust IPA, that I contend to be the greatest beer, ever. Now available in take home 4-packs and gently yet fiercely rolling out to a store near you over the next month. Try to be patient. BLAST! will soon be yours.

bb_blast_4pk_HR smudge

Brooklyn BLAST! has been bouncing around our halls since its introduction as a Brewmaster’s Reserve in 2005. Our long running but not widely shouted answer to those palate-obliterating West Coast IPAs, BLAST! is a balancing act of piney & fruity notes with a sturdy malt foundation.

It’s bold.

It’s big.

It’s Brooklyn.

Who knew we’d enjoy such a kick to the face.


Brooklyn Brewery BrooklynBrewery Brooklyn Lager Brooklyn Brewery Mash Garrett Oliver Steve Hindy Brooklyn Lager BrooklynLager Sorachi #GoldDots

WATCH THIS: Steve Hindy on The Exchange

Rueters The Exchange 7-11-13

Steve Hindy in an adept and efficient interview that hits all the high points talks to Anthony Currie of Reuters’ “The Exchange.” It would seem our neighbors across the pond don’t have too high an opinion of Lagers. We hope that Brooklyn Lager in England is proof that a good flavorful Lager should be dark, very dark, indeed.

Watch the interview here.


Bklyn Beer MN 2

We are very excited to announce that The Brooklyn Brewery is now available in the great state of Minnesota (admitted to the Union May 11, 1858 as the 32nd State). To celebrate, we have a plethora of beer-related events planned in the region, and more to be announced very soon.

Present at all Tastings will be Brooklyn Lager, Brown, Summer Ale, East India Pale Ale, Local 1 & Local 2. To our new Minnesotan friends: enjoy!

Tuesday April 5
3pm South Lyndale Tasting
3pm Haskell’s Woodbury Tasting
3pm 1st Grand Tasting
5pm McDonald Liquor Tasting
5pm Cellar’s Woodbury Tasting
5:30pm Four Firkins Tasting/Book Signing
7pm Mac’s Industrial “Working Man’s” Beer Dinner
7:30pm St Paul Pub Crawl (Fabulous Fern’s, the Happy Gnome, Muddy Pig, Sweeny’s, Billy’s on Grand, Old Chicago Roseville, Grumpy’s Roseville)

Wednesday April 6
1pm Edina Muni #2 Tasting
3pm Blue Max Tasting
3pm Lake Wine & Cheese Tasting
3pm Big Top Midway Tasting
6pm Hanger Room Sampling/Cheese Pairing
7pm Bryant Lake Bowl “Bowling for Brooklyns” Party

Thursday April 7
3pm Saint Anthony Village #1 Tasting
5pm Campus and Downtown Minneapolis Pub Crawl: 5:30-6pm- Zelo; 6:15-6:45- Burrito Loco; 7-7:45- Stubs & Herbs; 8-8:45- The Local; 9-10pm- Sneaky Petes

Friday April 8
12pm MacKenzie’s Pub Twins Home Opener Ticket Giveaway: we’ll be awarding 2 pairs of tickets for the first Twins game of the year (seats near left field) and ever appropriately pouring Pennant Ale ’55
4pm Dennis Bros tasting

Saturday April 9
3pm Running Aces Beerfest

Tuesday April 12
5pm Busters: come meet our MN Brand Manager Mike Maraghy, enjoy discounted pints of Brooklyn Lager, Summer and Pennant Ale ’55, and get some free merch!

Thursday April 21
5pm Liquor Barrel Tasting



Mon- Thurs, 5-7pm, Reservation Only
25 people max, $8

It used to be that we’d be lucky to cobble together 15 brave souls to visit the wilds of Williamsburg, Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon. Now, we’re proud to say that The Brooklyn Brewery hosts a bustling crowd of beer enthusiasts, neighbors, tourists and all sorts of thirsty people, all weekend long.

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Back in January, we were visited here in Brooklyn by Mr. Lewis Schiff, Executive Director of the Inc. Business Owners Council, who spent some time getting inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur: Brooklyn Brewery President Steve Hindy. The two gentleman talked about the beer business and Brooklyn, and even payed a small homage to Laverne & Shirley. Check it out!

[Filmed and edited by Scott Foreman]


Stout Bar Poster

133 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 629-6191

BLAST!- ABV: 8.2%  and Detonations Ale- ABV: 9.2%

Brooklyn Lager- ABV: 5.2%
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale- ABV: 6.9%
Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55- ABV: 5.0%
Brooklyn Brown Ale- ABV: 5.6%
Brooklyn Winter Ale- ABV: 6.1%
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout- ABV: 10.0%
Brooklyn Monster Ale 2007- ABV: 10.3%
Brooklyn Main Engine Start- ABV: 6.2%

Brooklyn Pilsner- ABV: 5.1%
Brooklyn Local 1- ABV: 9.0% (750 ml)
Brooklyn Local 2- ABV: 9.0% (750 ml)
Brooklyn Sorachi Ace- ABV: 6.5% (750 ml)
Brooklyn Black Ops- ABV: 11.6% (750 ml)