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It’s official: on Monday, Mayor Bloomberg, Borough President Markowitz, Assemblyman Lentol and Mr. Davidson of the Empire State Development, along with Brooklyn Brewery President Steve Hindy and Brewmaster Garrett Oliver, cut the ribbon to inaugurate the local expansion of The Brooklyn Brewery.

And on this bright note, in the afternoon Darren Rovell of CNBC interviewed Hindy about the rise of the overall craft beer business. See below for photos (by Heather Gallagher) and video from CNBC:

“It’s a great time to be a craft brewer in America” – Steve Hindy, President, The Brooklyn Brewery


It’s taken 5 years, a search for space that reached hundreds of square miles and an international collaboration unmatched in New York. Co-Founder Steve Hindy, Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and The Brooklyn Brewery are proud to celebrate the unveiling of Expansion Phase 1 with the first brew from our new brewhouse: Brooklyn Main Engine Start.

For your chance to win a pair of tickets to this momentous event, email with the answer to this question:

What former Bushwick brewery building was the first home for the brand new Brooklyn Brewery in 1988?

UPDATE 2/14/2011: Thanks to everyone who submitted an answer! The first home The BB was the Huber-Hittleman brewery on Meserole Street in Bushwick.

Main Engine Start Blog Image



From now until mid-December, The Brooklyn Brewery is undergoing a significant expansion. We were lucky enough to score the space directly next door to our current location in Williamsburg. We are currently in the process of moving fermenter tanks and building a new brewing system adjacent to our trusty old one.

The end result will be very exciting indeed. We’ll be able to bring you more of our core brands like East India Pale Ale and Brown Ale as well as more of our popular but scarce Brewmaster’s Reserve program. You can also expect experiments, one-offs and surprises. Until the expansion is complete, however, we will be giving modified tours. Most likely, you won’t be able to go into the brewhouse. We’ll have fun anyway, make no mistake. So, for the moment, excuse our mess and come on in just the same. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.



brewery to be

As you may or may not know, big things are happening here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our humble little brewhouse is blowing up. We’re expanding capacity by 12 times and should be enjoying the fruits of our labors by February. To document this once -in-a-lifetime occurrence, we’ve tapped the unflappable Beer Friends. They come by every other week or so, take photos & videos and giddily ask questions of Bob the foreman. Below, check out what they’ve seen so far.

brewery plans

From The Beer Friends

Brooklyn Brewery has recently started an exciting new expansion of their brewery in Williamsburg.  They are expanding their Brooklyn brew house into an unused warehouse that has lived through many incarnations, most recently being an overnight parking facility for trucks.

The warehouse, currently under construction, will eventually be a state of the art brewing facility that will not only be adjacent, but will be attached to the current brew house. This expansion will substantially increase their brewing capability at their Brooklyn facility; it will more than triple the output of barrels per year.

The Beer Friends have been given an exciting opportunity to visit the brewery and watch the expansion from the start.  From photos of bare dirt floors to videos of them installing the shiny new brew kettles, we will provide you with an exclusive insight into a rarely seen construction process from it’s very rough beginnings to it’s beer brewing end.

First, we will set the scene by showing you the warehouse as it sat empty.  This is what it looked like after Brooklyn Brewery began to scrub it of its previous occupants, but before any of the major renovations started…

(click for a photo diary)