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Photo of the Day: Brooklyn & The Bergs


[photo: Oh, Darling! Photography]

Congratulations to Brooklyn fans Beth and Eric Berg on their wedding! We were only there in the figurative sense, but it’s safe to assume with table settings like these that a grand time was had by all. Beth writes:

I just wanted to send a thank you and share some pics. You sent us a ton of brooklyn bottle caps earlier for our wedding in May. We put them to great use with napkin rings and candle covers, celebrating Brooklyn, Brooklyn Brewery beer, and the “B” for Berg, my new married name / Eric’s last name. See photos attached and many, many thanks for your kindness and awesome customer service. We’ll be drinking up for all the years to come!

Cheers from Brooklyn to the Bergs!


[photo: Oh, Darling! Photography]

Photo of the Day: São Paulo Smooch

Beer Experience 2012

The second annual Beer Experience took place last weekend in São Paulo, Brazil, featuring over 28 breweries, music, food… and love. There were three breweries that were the main sponsors of the event and Brooklyn Brewery was one of them — the others were local Brazilian craft breweries.

We figured the festival-goers would enjoy the beer, but were unaware that not unlike bare-skinned arrow-flinging cherubs, our temporary tattoos work certain wonders. At least some of the time, anyway…

UPDATE // NOV 14 Thanks to Beer Maniacs for this awesome video recap of Beer Experience:

Drinker Mail: Cat in the Vat


Brooklyn fan Kit wrote us recently with condolences about Monster’s passing, and an amusing anecdote about an unorthodox homebrewing method made popular in the 1940′s:

“I’m sorry about the loss of your cat. It reminds me of my father’s home brewing experience during WWII. He and his friend used the old Pabst malt and fermented the beer in a open wine barrel covered with some kind of cloth. One night the cat fell into the “vat.” Not ones to waste they bottled and drank the beer. They always swore that it was the best beer they made. Everyone has their secret processes. I hope your beer is just as good without your beloved cat.”

Drinker Mail: “Beer is Food”


Brooklyn fan and gardener Matt writes:

“Dear Brooklyn Brewery,

The photo contained is an ode to Brooklyn Summer Ale and how well it goes with the season. I took it on one of my many trips out to our garden under the shade of the giant sunflowers and amaranthe. I had to take this shot because, the colors of the label and the green of the plants strike a unique contrast. I wanted to share this with you.

After all, ‘Beer is food’, as one friend said to me. It is fitting that your beer visits the place that feeds us regularly throughout the summer months.

Thank you to your continued efforts to create a top quality product.”