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Tulip Glass


Last night I ordered beer glasses and a couple of koozies. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to be able to order glasses from you. (I laughed at the visual of you processing my order and going “Wisconsin? WTH!”) I grew up in Connecticut and my brother and I still have friends in the area–30 years later. He was in NYC in July and told me I HAD to have a Brooklyn Brewery beer. When I was visiting friends there last month I did indeed try the Brooklyn Lager. I enjoyed it so much I asked our server if I could buy a glass (the manager was amused and gave it to me). When I got home, my brother was quite envious that I scored a glass, which gave me the idea of seeing if I could purchase one. I ordered a set of pint glasses for him and an additional tulip glass to match the one I got at the bar. If you had the black t-shirt in my brother’s size I would have ordered one of those as well.

Thank you for making it possible to buy the glasses and for brewing beer that is tasty enough to inspire me LOL. Being from the Milwaukee area, I am fortunate enough to have several outstanding microbreweries in the area, and being the beer snob that I am, I pretty much only drink microbrewery beer. If you ever market to the Milwaukee area I will most certainly buy your beer.


Heilman 911 Block Party Brits with Brooklyn Beer

[photo courtest Jeff Heilman]

“Dear Brooklyn Brewery,

The Brewery generously donated beer to a 9/11 block party event in Brooklyn on Saturday, featuring a brass band from West Yorkshire, England, and a contingent of police officers from the U.K. The event was a roaring success–thank you–and I thought the Brewery would like to see a photo of several of the British brigade raising a toast with Brooklyn Brewery beer in hand.”


“It’s on the brink of seven pm on a Friday night and I have had a long and rough week. As my, what should have been two-hour ride home from a client approached the two-hours and forty-five minute mark, I round the corner to a glorious site. No it wasn’t my small modest home in Springfield Massachusetts, but a liquor store. Given my less than exceptional plan for the weekend (Kitchen remodel on Saturday and work on Sunday) I sprint to the store in the hopes of finding a tasty beverage to accompany me while I unwind and try to push the previous week into the back of my mind. Now for all things that Springfield is, a haven for good beer it is not. It seems like I am continually surrounded by the suffocation of those trendy and somehow popular “light beers”. Now given my location I did not expect to find a wide variety of what I would consider delectable beer. When opening the cooler I somehow stumble upon the Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout; I grab the four-pack and out I go. As soon as I step in my front door I am greeted by the bottle opener and what a greeting it is. This beer is fantastic! The stout taste with the chocolate aftermath works great, and the ten-percent by volume certainly doesn’t hurt either. I couldn’t have asked for a better beer to remove life’s nuisances on a Friday night. Three Cheers to the Brooklyn Brewery and this awesome beer, keep up the good work! I snapped a photo of the beer on my way to remove myself from my work attire.”

BCS Drinker Mail


Helvick Beer Guitar

We recently gave away some barrels not used to age a certain Imperial Stout. Many emails did we receive, and this one stood out quite a bit:

“What would I do with a barrel not used to age a classified stout? Well I dont know what I would do with it, but I do know what I would not do. First off I would probably not use it to store bottles of my favorite beer. A beer that I definitely did not start collecting and cellaring since the winter of ’08, a beer that definitely did not start my love for craft brewing, and a beer that definitely did not make me realize how much I loved my liquids bourbon barrel aged. I will not make it so the top comes off and there will not be a small shelf for safely ageing and storing my favorite beer. The barrel will not be the centerpiece of my small but respectable beer cellar / entertainment space and it will not be used as as a place to put down drinks and will not be a spot to chat around with good friends and fellow beer lovers. It will also not be used as a leaning post for my favorite guitar in a pinch that definitely does not put my favorite brewery front and center. (a pic of the guitar). If men in black suits aks you were I found that bottom label tell them in the Brooklyn gutters near 79 north 11th street) It would not make a beer nerds home a little more complete and will not remind me why I love the local breweries. (I am indeed local and I havnt tried many NY beers I have not enjoyed, either at the brewery itself or else where) but,… It will be used to store my beanie babies and maybe if you hear about a man going over the falls in the barrel, well… maybe it will be used for that.”