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Nya Carnegiebryggeriet Has Been Christened


It’s not often that one is consciously responsible for something historic. But that’s what happened to us last week in Stockholm, Sweden. Brooklyn Brewery, in partnership with our Swedish importer Carlsberg, christened our new brewery in the Hammarby neighborhood of Stockholm. This occasion marks the very first European craft brewery to be operated by an American outfit and we couldn’t be more thrilled. As reported earlier, the name comes from the oldest living brand in Sweden, D. Carnegie, brewers of the famous Baltic porter. Nya Carnegie embodies the tradition and pride of Carnegie with the innovation and creativity of Brooklyn.

Over the last two years, we’ve worked with our Swedish friends to develop a new line of beers under the banner of Nya Carnegiebryggeriet (aka, New Carnegie Brewery). Those beers are the lusciously hoppy Nya Carnegie Kellerbier, the eminently versatile Nya Carnegie Amber, the endlessly satisfying J.A.C.K. session IPA as well as deeper cuts like the dark saison, Lumens In Tenebris and winter warmer Primus Lux. To pull this off we hired a crack team of brewers in Sweden. They trained in Williamsburg, Brooklyn under Brewmaster Garrett Oliver. Since then, our Brooklyn brewers have been back and forth to Europe, working with our Swedish team,under GM Fredrik Vogel and Head Brewer Anders Wendler to get them up and running. The result is a delicious lineup of 5 beers, poured in a stunning facility for a community of beer drinkers ready for homespun flavor.

To us, NCB represents a beacon for good beer in Stockholm. The brewery will be ground zero for an exchange of ideas, techniques and styles between our Brooklyn brewers and our Stockholm team. Speaking of the team, here’s their names: Head Brewer Anders Wendler, general manager Fredrik Vogel, and brewers Josefine Karlsson, Christoffer Thurgesson, and Karl Fornarve. In the coming months check back for profiles on our new Swedish family.

But the introductions don’t end there. As if plunging into international brewing waters wasn’t enough, we’re also opening a restaurant on the premises of Nya Carnegiebryggeriet. Helmed by head chef Billy White, the kitchen will be turning out elegant food designed to pair with the beers coming out of the fermenters just a few meters away. As Billy said during the opening ceremony, the relationship between the kitchen and the brewhouse is pretty special. Cooks are tasting beer during its evolution from wort to ale. The brewers are stopping by the kitchen to provide feedback on dishes as the develop. Visit the brewery and you should find a menu of food and beer in perfect harmony.

That’s it for now. Check back for more news on this groundbreaking project.


Today In Copyright Infringement: Brooklyn PIG


Hong Kong is disorienting enough with its winding streets and busy nightlife, but once lost in its labyrinth of lights and attractions you can usually find a subtle reminder of home. I’m not sure if this logo is calling us pigs or if they make pig burgers, but either way it’s a pretty egregious act of copyright infringement. We’re also not pleased with the threat to one of our favorite animated pigs. Has anyone been to this mish-mash of New York culture? How’s the burger?

Brooklyn Pig Burger Cafe

Brooklyn Pig Burger Cafe (3)

Hammarby Syndrome


The test results are in, please sit down for your diagnosis.

Brooklyn Brewery’s first Brewmaster’s Reserve of 2014 is Hammarby Syndrome, our tribute to the neighborhood of our New Carnegie Brewery in Stockholm, Sweden. Hammarby Syndrome is a cure-all for your Winter blues and a delicious addition to any meal. Brewed with spelt and spruce fronds this strong ale will warm your belly with tastes of Scandinavian delights.

From the Brewmaster,

You’ve heard of Stockholm Syndrome, but these days we’re starting to feel the effects of a once-rare condition - Hammarby Syndrome. If you’ve never heard of it, we can’t blame you. But it’s right here in the New Brooklyn Dictionary:

“Hammarby Syndrome is the distress or impairment caused by the frenzied anticipation and giddy obsession over the beautiful Hammarby Sjöstad section of Stockholm, Sweden and the New Carnegie Brewery that Brooklyn Brewery will open there in March. The cognitive hallmark of Hammarby Syndrome is preoccupying thoughts of Hammarby and New Carnegie Brewery’s delicious new beers. Sufferers typically report a combination of depressive and anxious symptoms, withdrawn behavior and difficulty focusing on topics unrelated to Hammarby Sjöstad. Other symptoms include dry mouth and deep thirst.”

Now there’s good news – we can help you!

Our new Brewmaster’s Reserve beer is Hammarby Syndrome, a robust ale that will transport you directly to the seaside of old Stockholm. It’s brewed from a large proportion of spelt, an ancient wheat-like grain that was once a mainstay of Scandinavian beers. To the spelt’s distinctively nutty flavor, we’ve added another old Swedish beer ingredient – spruce fronds. They add a tasty citrusy pine note to a full-bodied, lightly fruity strong ale that’ll keep you warm until the spring sunshine comes to the rescue. More importantly, it’s great with hearty cold-weather food, and it’ll make you feel like you’re in Hammarby until you can come visit us there yourself.

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Switzerland, We Return to You


We have heard the demands of legions of beer fans echoing in the mountains, and now the time has come – Brooklyn Brewery is returning to Switzerland. From the Alps to the lakes, our beers will once again be available across the nation. Now is the perfect time to dip into that super-secure safe deposit account and spring for some Brooklyn brews. Ask for us at your favorite bars and bottle shops today.

A Wee Bit of Collaboration

William Bros Collab - A Wee bit

A Wee Bit is a small 50bbl collaboration we brewed up with William Bros. It will be available in super-limited quantities only in the UK. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

From the desk of Production Manager, Jimmy Valm,

On a cold November morning, myself and another one of our brewers, Kyle Wilson, descended on the Williams Brothers Brewing Co. in Alloa, Scotland to brew up some magic. Together we brewed a fine Scotch Ale that combines some of the more unique aspects of our respective fatherlands, using Scottish Peated Malt, treacle & molasses, Scottish honey, Brooklyn yeast, and our combined creativity and ingenuity. The result is A Wee Bit, an intriguing dark ale that at 4.8% ABV is eminently sessionable and leaves the drinker with a wondrous sense of the two distinct places this beer was born from, the non-stop liveliness of Brooklyn and the old magic of the Scottish hills.

This collaboration had been a long time coming, our Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, has spent many late nights in pubs all around Britain and is old friends with Bruce Williams, who also spends 3-4 months each year in his NYC apartment. The two began talking about working together on a collaboration a few years ago, and we finally got the opportunity this Autumn. This project is made all the more exceptional by the fact that an old friend from my days studying brewing at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Jamie Carmichael, is one of the brewers at Williams Brothers! If there was ever a collaboration that was destined to happen, this is it, and we did not let destiny down!

Unfortunately for those on this side of the pond, A Wee Bit will be available strictly to customers in the United Kingdom. Casks of A Wee Bit are already getting around, they’ve been at a few pubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and bottles and kegs will begin pouring all around the UK later in January.  Get in while you can, ‘cuz when it’s gone it’s gone. Sláinte mhath!

Wee Bit Photo

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Pic of the day: Ruthy’s Mom Up North


Not a Pic everyday, simply the Pic we’re talking about today.

Our tasting team member Ruthy Mirsky, leader of the band Syvia, sent us this,

“…had to share this with you. My mom got so excited about finding Brooklyn that she had to take a photo. She’s up in Svalbard in Northern Norway–a tiny town where they don’t let people walk on the outskirts of town because of the threat of polar bears…supposedly they outnumber people: 3,000 polar bears to 2,000 townspeople. :)”

Smiley face indeed, Ruthy. Smiley face indeed.

Brooklyn Pop-Up Open In Leeds


#UPDATE All good things must pass folks, and the clock is now ticking on our Brooklyn Brewery Pop-Up. Make sure you come out to pick up all the merchandise and specialty beers you can carry before we shut our doors. The final day will be November 15th. In the final weeks we will have surprise guests and giveaways, so make sure to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates. Cheers.

Look familiar? We’re bringing a little bit of Brooklyn, NY to Leeds, UK for our very first ever Brooklyn Brewery Pop-Up. Over the next week, month, or several months (we haven’t decided), you’ll be able to enjoy a beer list as expansive and interesting as the one in our own tasting room.  Pop in to find a selection of the following:

Brown Ale
Pennant Ale
Sorachi Ace
Cuvee La Boite
Monster Ale
Black Chocolate Stout
Mary’s Maple Porter

If that beer list isn’t enough for you, you’ll also find salvation-worthy food by Red’s True Barbecue, and brewery merch available for purchase in the Brooklyn Pop-Up store. Avoid those international shipping costs and grab something with our logo on it. The #BrooklynPopUp opened its doors over this past weekend to serve many a beer and has already receive some kind words from the locals.

The Brooklyn Pop-Up is located at 22-24 The Calls in Leeds, and is open Wednesday – Friday, 5pm-12am, Saturday 12pm-12am & Sunday 5pm-10pm. For updates, follow #BrooklynPopUp on Twitter.














In 2003, Brooklyn Brewery started selling beer in Denmark. Ten years later, Scandinavia is home to Brooklyn’s fastest growing fanbase. The Brewery’s involvement in the North hasn’t been limited to just sales. Our Brewmaster Garrett Oliver has done beer dinners at Noma, AG and American Table.  We’ve produced two Brooklyn music and arts festivals in Stockholm, brewed collaborations at various Scandinavian breweries, and are in the process of building the New Carnegie Brewery, a joint venture with Sweden’s oldest trademark, Carnegie.

Thusly, it made perfect sense to get involved in New York City’s first Scandinavian food festival, NORTH. NORTH’s inaugural programming of unique dinner parties, collaborations and classes is seriously impressive. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. Here’s where you’ll find Brooklyn Brewery throughout NORTH:

Aamans-Copenhagen Goes Helsinki, Oct 4th & 5th
Finnish chef Sasu Laukkonen of Chef & Sommelier and Carl Frederiksen of Aammans-Copenhagen cook alternating courses to compete for your tastebuds. Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver has paired beers to three of his favorite courses. Sorachi Ace, Ama Bruna, Greenmarket Wheat star. For full menu and tickets click here.

New York Goes Oslo, Oct 3rd & 4th
Fredrik Berselius’s nordic influences shine at Aska, across the street from The Brewery. For this mean, Garrett is sending beers that reflects Aska’s nordic roots, but also its focus on local collaboration. The exquisite menu will include Nordic collaborations of our own, including Carnegie Special 175th Anniversary Porter and our Sinebrychoff project, Two Tree Porter. This dinner is Sold Out.

Master Classes in New Nordic Cuisine, Oct 5th & 6th
Taste Lounge is the social center of the International Culinary Center and with the Norwegian Seafood Council will be presenting classes in the heritage and preparation of New Nordic Cuisine from some of the most talented Scandinavian chefs in the world. Brooklyn Brewery is providing Oktoberfest and Lager for all the students and chefs working up their knowledgeable thirsts. For a list of full classes click here.