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National Lager Day Goes Global (to Finland!)


We’re sure you’ve already begun your National Lager Day festivities (and if you haven’t, get started.) It’s a day to rejoice for all the crisp, smooth goodness a well-made lager can bring to your life. Not to mention appreciating Brooklyn Lager, our first beer ever and still our flagship.

As you enjoy your observatory Brooklyn Lager or crack open your other favorites, take a moment to send a toast to our friends in Finland as they celebrate bringing Brooklyn Lager on draft to their country for the first time. The Finns have been drinking plenty of bottled Brooklyn Brewery beers over the past few years, but we’re thrilled to add even more to their taprooms and restaurants.

From New York to Finland and beyond, happy National Lager Day, no matter which nation you call home.

In Finland and thirsty for a Brooklyn Lager on draft? Find it at these fine establishments, with more to come:

  • Ravintola Skogster
  • Namaskaar Bistro
  • Maja
  • Grotesk Ravintola
  • Mr. Don
  • Gloria Ravintola
  • Bull Bar & Grill
  • City Hospoda Ravintola
  • Kallion Seurahuone
  • Hemingway’s Rovaniemi
  • Rblu Vaasa Hotel O’Maleys
  • Fondis Ravintola
  • Beer-Hunters Panimoravint
  • Konttori Olutravintola
  • Tartan
  • Molotow Bar & Cafe
  • Vanha Monttu
  • Pub Simon
  • Bar K
  • Public House Pivo
  • Paapan Kapakka
  • Passion Tampere
  • The Old Bank
  • Sture Ravintola
  • Sling In Bar
  • O’Haras
  • Cup & Pint
  • Rantakerttu
  • Karjalantalo/Kerubi Kultt
  • Never Grow Old
  • Baker’s Tempo
  • Brygga Baari
  • Hrh Ravintola
  • Three Beers
  • Kuja Bar Bistro
  • Wanha Posti
  • Telakka Ravintola
  • Paino Baari
  • Mallaskukko Ravintola
  • Olutravintola Jano
  • Woolpack Ravintola
  • Graali
  • Klubi
  • Havana Bar & Coffee
  • El Jefe Ravintola
  • Kohina Baari
  • Linko Ravintola
  • High Level Bar
  • Le Bonk Music Hall
  • Tavastia Ravintola
  • Ravintola Wanha Tappi
  • Kirjankauppa Ravintola
  • Fellows Bar
  • Milli Miglia
  • Harald Pub
  • Ohranjyva Ravintola
  • Lab Bar
  • Walters Pub Tyrvaa
  • Palaveri Cafe Bar
  • Oliver’s Corner Rovaniemi
  • Harry’s Ravintola
  • Oluthuone Pekko
  • Kaijakka
  • Naantalin Kylpyla Keskusv
  • Alvar
  • Pippurmylly
  • O’Leary’s Forum
  • Oluthuone Leskinen
  • Corner’s Pub
  • Surakan Baari
  • U2 Pihlis
  • Uusi Portti Ravintola
  • Salhojankadun Pub
  • St. Michael
  • Pikilinna Pub
  • Anton Cafe
  • Iltakoulu Ravintola
  • Sillansuu Olutravintola
  • Public Corner Keskustori
  • Green Door Pub
  • Opus K
  • Seurustelurav Kaskenkatu1
  • Ukko-Munkki Ravintola
  • Kokomo Tikibar & Room
  • Cosmic Comic Cafe
  • Oljenkorsi Ravintola
  • Bar 9
  • Aussie Bar Tampere
  • Pastor Ravintola
  • Toolon Savel Fin Bistro
  • Roska Tampere
  • Sointu Music Bar-Cafe
  • Kuka Bar
  • Sitko Pizza & Bar

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And the NORTH Fest Nordic Hot Dog Champion Is: Chef Neal Fraser


After a long, hard night of sampling as many delicious dogs as possible at the NORTH Fest Nordic Hot Dog Championship, the people have crowned Chef Neal Fraser as their one true champion. Congratulations, Neal!

Chef Fraser competed along with ten other chefs in the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room, making it the best-smelling room on the East Coast at the time. Noted amateur chef semifinalists Dellie Wakeham and Egil Ekbom were also on hand to throw down, but in the end, Chef Fraser overcame what he described as a “tough corner position” in the room to charm the crowd and take the prize for the night.

Inspired by a recent trip to Norway, Chef Fraser decided he wanted to create a hot dog that was “clean, crisp, direct, and made with the history of the Nordic people.” To do that he spurned conventional hot dog meats and built his using a mix of traditional Scandinavian fish. 50% halibut, 25% scallops and 25% salmon filets were mixed together with egg whites, cream, salt and thyme to create his rich, satisfying base, topped with home-made sauerkraut and mustard. The dog nestled in a bun custom baked for Chef Fraser in Los Angeles and shipped to Brooklyn, creating a globetrotting dish worthy of Nordic Hot Dog Championship glory.

If you missed the Nordic Hot Dog Championship, we understand why you’re upset, but we don’t have any leftovers. Fortunately, NORTH Festival is still going strong until Friday, September 19, so you can still get your Nordic food fix. Catch us at the Nya Carnegie Beer Dinner with Chef Billy White and Chef Andrew Gerson tonight at the NORTH Pop-Up space, or stop by one of the other great events all over the city.

Hup Brooklyn Hup: Brooklyn Brewery Comes to the Netherlands


Open your taps and crack your bottles, NederlandersBrooklyn Brewery is here!

Back in the 1800′s, Brooklyn was home to brewers from Holland, the Netherlands, Germany and many more countries who came to make beer in the style of their home countries. While those breweries closed long ago due to Prohibition, we’re proud to announce that Brooklyn and Holland are once again joined in beer with the launch of Brooklyn Brewery in the Netherlands.

We kicked things off back on July 17th with a party at Beer Temple in Amsterdam. Brooklyn Lager poured from the taps as happy beer fans shared grilled hot dogs and talked about how excited they were to finally be able to find Brooklyn Brewery at their bars and on their shelves. Check out the list below of bars and shops where you can find Brooklyn Lager on draft or pick up bottles of Lager, East IPA and Sorachi Ace to share and enjoy.

Bar Brouw West
De Biertuin
Smokin’ Barrels
Dopey’s Elixer
Beer Temple
De Waterkant
Restaurant Smederij (Brooklyn Hotel)
Rotisserie Amsterdam

Den Bosch
‘t Paultje

Sugar Hill

Het Concerthuis


Cafe Victoria

Alphen a/d Rijn
Hendrick’s Pub

Bun If By Land, Two If By Sea: The Nordic Hot Dog Championship Semifinalists Come To Brooklyn


Scores of recipe submissions and tense rounds of tastings have finally come to a head: two Scandinavian amateur semifinalists have been selected to take on all comers in the Nordic Hot Dog Championship at Brooklyn Brewery on September 15. Learn more about them and their crowd pleasing recipes below.


From Norway we have the honor of introducing Dellie Wakeham, also known as Dellie Delicious on her food blog. Her entry combines traditional Nordic flavors with classical hot dog elements, resulting in a dog featuring a soft bun, juicy lamb sausage, crisp bacon, chantarelles and mustard aioli that she describes as the “ultimate hot dog.” You can find her on Instagram @delliedelicious before meeting her at the championships.

Representing Sweden we have Egil Ekbom, barbecue enthusiast and lover of craft beer and hot sauce. His recipe brings together Vässterbotten cheese to add depth to the dog, lingonberry chipotle ketchup and a relish made of the “black gold of the forest,” Yellowfoot mushrooms. Check out his Instagram @egilekbom before the big day.

Dellie and Egil are up against some steep competition on September 15. Professional chefs Fredrick Andersson, Leif Sørensen, Martin Høedholt, Neal Fraser, Paul Backer, Richard McCormick and Sami Tallberg have all been devising their own Nordic hot dog recipes as well, ensuring this competition will be a delicious fight to the finish. Come down, try the dogs and see who is crowned at the Nordic Hot Dog Champion at NORTH Festival.

Ticket Button

Nordic Hot Dog Championship at North Festival


Bring your buns to battle with North Festival and Matbloggsentralen’s first-ever hunt for the world’s best Nordic hot dog. Start by submitting your own Nordic hot dog recipe to Matbloggsentralen for the consideration of a crack team of hot dog enthusiasts, Nordic food experts and other intimidating eaters. The five finest recipes will move on to the next round, eventually culminating in the top recipe writer taking a trip to Brooklyn to compete in the Nordic Hotdog Championship on Monday, September 15. The trip of a lifetime and eternal hot dog glory are on the line. Put on those thinking toques and show Matbloggsentralen your best Nordic hot dog.

Pic of the day: A Relaxing Day for Satchmo


Not a pic everyday, simply the pic we’re talking about today.

Wearing a permanent fur coat can be a real burden on these hot summer days. Luckily for our friend Satchmo in Brooklyn Heights, his family Charlotte, Adam, Lila and Sophie are well stocked on cold Brooklyn Lager. We received this picture of Satchmo beating the heat by curling up around the chilly bottle from family friend Benjamin Smith, who seems to have snapped the picture just as Satchmo was settling in. The rest of the family will have to find their own refreshment-it doesn’t look like Satchmo is willing to share.

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Pic of the day: All About Lesley


Not a pic everyday, simply the pic we’re talking about today.

Brooklyn Brewery National/Sales Chain Manager and mountain man John Boegel sent us today’s picture of his cousin-in-law LTC Lesley Watts.  LTC Watts is currently serving in her third overseas deployment as the Commander, Clinical Operations with the 3rd Medical Deployment Support Command with headquarters in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

Her responsibility as Commander, Clinical Operations is to provide general surgical, medical, dental, ambulance, behavioral health, preventive maintenance, and veterinary support to Army units serving in 13 countries in Southwest Asia and to civilian populations. In the course of her deployment she will travel to all of her Units in each of these countries to provide care and present educational seminars to civilian professionals and foreign military personnel. Her travels thus far include Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan.

LTC Watts proudly carries her Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale t-shirt wherever she travels. Most of Southwest Asia is “dry” and alcohol is forbidden, which is a particular challenge to such an ardent fan of Brooklyn Brewery. The t-shirt keeps her close to family and reminds her that, soon, she will be in Brooklyn.



We may have broken the long distance record for delicious craft beer collaborations with this one. Please welcome Ridgy Didge, our second, one-time-only, limited edition Brewmaster’s Reserve of 2014. She is an Aussie-spiced saison brewed with our friends at Mountain Goat Brewery in Melbourne, Australia. With their help, we got our hands on exotic down-under ingredients lemon myrtle and Tasmanian pepperberry resulting in a honey colored saison that goes well with hearty foods as well as spicier fare.

ridgy-didge (Australia; colloquial):

1. Genuine, authentic, true; honest, upright. [Are you ridgy-didge? Do you really mean that?  Are you telling the truth?]
2. A Tasmanian pepperberry and lemon myrtle flavored saison collaboration between Brooklyn Brewery and Mountain Goat Brewing.

We’d heard of Australia, of course: that it was a land of great surfing, sharks of unfortunate size, Vegemite (?!), and friendly people carrying very large knives. But until a few years ago, no one told us about all the great Australian craft brewing happening, much of it done by our friends at Mountain Goat Beer. They’ve been going strong for 18+ years, and they like to say that “a mountain goat is a big hairy animal that’s never gonna fall over.” Clearly our kind of people, but we needed to know more. So, Brooklyn brewer Al Duvall and lab manager Tom Price went down to Australia to visit Mountain Goat and collaboratively brew the cross-breed named Hopfweizenbock. Now it’s the Goat Crew’s turn for the 24-hour airplane trips to Brooklyn, as we bring you Ridgy-Didge, a strong saison with a distinctly Australian edge. We start the party with malt and a little candy sugar, and then rev it up with two native Australian flavors—startlingly aromatic lemon myrtle leaves, and kicky Tasmanian pepperberries. After fermentation by our house Belgian yeast, the final touch is a light dry-hopping with the Australian hop variety Super Pride of Ringwood. The tasty result is a honey-colored beer with a lean, dry, hoppy palate and a bright, refreshingly lemony finish. This beer is a superstar at the summer dinner table, especially with grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, and burgers.

Ridgy-Didge? Lemon myrtle? Tasmanian pepperberry? Super Pride of Ringwood? You can’t make this stuff up, and we wouldn’t dare to try. That’s because we’re Ridgy-Didge too, mates. And we’ve been there and back.

Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster

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Brooklyn Brewery Hits the Pits: Return to Grillstock 2014

grillstock fest dates

Ah, Grillstock: a double-whammy festival of “meat, music and mayhem” that has attracted a massive following in the UK in recent years, drawn to its boisterous crowds, endless music, delicious meats and general celebration of all the good things in life. Brooklyn Brewery is proud to be returning to Grillstock this year to slake your deepest thirst, and we’re bringing a bit of hometown style with us. Our fabled Brooklyn Brewery tap truck will be on hand, and for the first time ever we will be setting up our own marble-topped bar and an entire second stage featuring acoustic blues and “Brooklyn hillbilly tunes.” We’ll be pouring a bottomless supply of Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Summer Ale on draft, and will feature a “flash sale” of a single keg of either Brooklyn Brown, Brooklyn EIPA or Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Check out the full festival event posts below, put on your meat-and-beer drinking hat (you do have one, right?) and meet us at the bar.

Grillstock Bristol
Grillstock Manchester

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Nya Carnegiebryggeriet Open for Beers-ness


With the opening of our sister brewery Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, we now have an entire series of new beers for your imbibing pleasure. If you live in Sweden. Since the tapping ceremony, presided over by the Minister of Rural Affairs (for some reason) , our brewers, cooks, bartenders and number crunchers have been busily preparing for this moment. Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is open for business. And it feels great.

Listed below you can see the taplist and menu to match from chef Billy White. Whether you’re coming in for the the fresh brewed-on-location beers, tasty food or the scenic waterside views, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet is poised to become a beacon for good beer in Sweden.

The List:
Nya Carnegie Amber (4.8%) – A British bitter using floor-malted Maris Otter malt with an citrus hop finish that’s as versatile with food as it is easy to drink.

Nya Carnegie Kellerbier (5.9%) - An unfiltered golden cold-fermented lager brewed with a stronger yeast strain and a modern hop profile for a more flavorful take on the classic style.

Nya Carnegie J.A.C.K. (4.5%) – A sessionable IPA with a snappy pine finish, allows you to enjoy the hops without the hangovers. Named after our Swedish brewing team: (J)osefine, (A)nders, (C)hristopher, and (K)arl.

Nya Carnegie Primus Lux (7.0%) - A big muscular winter ale for the heavier Swedish dishes, with hints of chocolate, coffee and licorice tones, this was the first beer our of our new facility.

Nya Carnegie Lumens In Tenebris (6.7%) - A dark saison with a complex fruity spiciness, we hope that Lumen In Tenebris will almost make you miss the winter. Almost.

Brooklyn Ridgy-Didge (8.4%) - A Tasmanian pepperberry and lemon myrtle flavored saison brewed in collaboration with Mountain Goat Brewing from Melbourne, Austrailia.

Restaurang Menu:

Smoked Peanuts, Chili & Duck Fat – 35 kr
Beer Sausage – 45 kr
Airdried Ham from Fors Säteri (40g) – 100 kr
Devilled Chicken Hearts – 55 kr
Pork Puck & Pickles – 85 kr
Raw Vegetables, Smoked White Fish & Chicken Skin – 65 kr

Kams, Aged Goat’s Cheese & Sage – 125 kr
Smoked Char, Potato & Egg – 145 kr
Beetroot, Goat’s Curd & Hazelnuts – 115 kr
Black Pudding, Apple & Bitter Leaves – 115 kr
Pork, Smoked Barley & Onion – 245 kr
Brill, Mussels & Spring Garlic – 255 kr
Lamb, Wild Garlic & Morels – 255 kr
Zander, Brown Shrimp & Asparagus (for two) – 550 kr

Malt Custard Tart – 85 kr
Rhubarb Pavlova – 85 kr
Maple Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream – 65 kr

But don’t take our word for it…
Porter Steken - Nya Carnegiebryggeriet officiellt invigt
Brew York – Brooklyn via Sweden
Food Loves Beer – How Swede it is
Livets Goda - Nu invigs Stockholms nya hantverksbryggeri

The hours are:

17:00 to 00:00

13:00 to 00:00

13:00 to 23:00

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