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War Correspondents At the Brooklyn Brewery

Pete and Steve Featured image

We sat down with Steve to talk about just how interesting and cool the War Correspondent series has been. In his words,

We are filling the room at each of the War Correspondents events. The attendees seem to include aspiring journalists and people who are interested in foreign affairs. I could not be happier. These courageous reporters and photographers deserve a forum to talk about their experiences and their craft.

An excellent recap of Wednesday’s War Correspondents at the Brooklyn Brewery series can be found on the Columbia Journalism Review website. Abraham Moussak took some deep thoughts from our guest, Micheal Kamber, and bullet pointed them for your “review”. Find the insight here.

Vice posted the entire interview with Sebastion Junger, including a wonderful introduction by our very own Lily Hindy. Watch the whole thing here.

For the next interview on September 11th we’ll be talking with Chris (CJ) Chivers, of The New York Times, with photos by Fabio Bucciarelli, the 2013 Robert Capa Gold Medalist and World Press Photo award winner. Join us for the next part in this intense and enlightening look into life during wartime.

Charleston Tour


We swayed into the Palmetto state on Monday and arrived in Schvitz city for a week of food, beer, brewery tours, and general merriment. My first stop off the plane was the cozy little bottle shop, Beer Exchange. I arrived to find Sarah of Goat.Sheep.Cow, Cheese Shop dolling out a Honey goat Gouda paired with Local 1, the perfect combination to begin my Charleston culinary adventure.

Charleston has always been recognized for its quiet historic streets, war relics, and Cannons and artillery pointed out to sea, symbolically protecting its peninsular coastline. The true soldiers here are the chefs, restaurateurs, and brewers who not only protect, but also foster a local food system with a valor that only a southern gentleman could muster. And believe me this is not an assumption, I tried a pretty significant cross section of the restaurants that make Charleston one of the most vibrant food capitals I have been to. Charleston has a particular balance of Southern inspired cuisine mixed with great fusion spots, crafting local ingredient forward menus with a southern sensibility like, Xiao Bao Biscuits, Two Boroughs Larder, Husk and the Butcher and Bee. If it sounds like I am listing places it is because I am, we ate our faces off trying to work through all the recommendations we received. Figs Italian inspired menu was a perfect meal from start to finish, and seven of us worked our way through the entire thing. Throw in Liberty Tap Room, Tattooed Moose, The Glass Onion and you have a serious food scene mixed with southern hospitality, great beer, and a true sense of community.

I had the opportunity to eat at all of the Places mentioned above but the real highlight of the week was cooking with Todd Garrigan at Craftsmen Kitchen and Tap Room. Todd and I created a menu inspired by his cuisine, and perfectly paired with our beers. Duck Ham, a Mallard riff on southern cured ham melded perfectly with the deep cherry flavors of Our Kriek (Ghost Bottle). Guests drank Sorachi Ace alongside seared Head on Shrimp and sautéed vegetables as a typical June Monsoon poured through town. As the rain pounded down its sound was lost amongst boisterous conversation, great food, and flowing beers.

Wednesday was a much anticipated Charleston brewery tour where we got a chance to visit local legends like Westbrook, Holy City, and the ones who started it all, Palmetto Brewery. After three hours of meandering around town in the sweltering heat before our tour started, I was ready for a cold beer. Our tour guide and drinking companion from Brews Cruise explained that Charleston had a rich brewing tradition, but the reemergence of breweries after prohibition was slow to take hold. They may have started late in the game but these brewers are not messing around, and If my Lost bag ever arrives I will have some delicious bottles to remember my new friends by. We ended the day at Holy City, sitting around the bar in a large open garage and patio equipped with darts, a pool table, corn hole, and a full view of the Brew House just feet away. If it sounds like all we did was eat and drink your wrong, we sweated too, which is kind of like exercise, so I don’t feel so bad about our culinary pursuits.


Slideluck London V

[Text by Nichon Glerum]
[Photos by Nichon Glerum and Maria Teresa Salvati]

On a cold but sunny Saturday, Slideluck London celebrated its fifth show by throwing a smashing Slideluck event for the grand finale of FORMAT Festival, in Derby’s charming old Chocolate Factory.

Between 6 and 7pm the 200+ (international) guests arrived by car, train, and the special Slideluck London coach. All were welcomed with Format chocolates, Brooklyn Brewery beers and – as more guests arrived- an ever growing number of delicious potluck dishes on the buffet. All indulged themselves on velvety smooth carrot cupcakes, colorful salads, broccoli pies and much much more. Mothersmilk was also on the menu, although only for one very special little guest!!  Zac, born only days before the event, is the beautiful newborn of featured artist Fjona Hill.

Then, the guests sat down to watch the slideshows as curated by Monica Allende, photo editor of The Sunday Times Magazine and founder of the pioneering photography section, Spectrum.

Brooklyn Beers kept everyone’s throats chilled, hot water bottles warmed peoples hands, and an overwhelming display of visuals and audio was overflowing the audience.

In the break people could play and have their picture taken in Kitty Walkers industrial cardboard city photobooth.

After part two Director Maria Teresa Salvati announced the winner of the Blurb award, selected by her and Louise Clements, artistic director of Quad and Format festival. Alfonso Almendros is the lucky Slideluck artist that will go home with a £350 Blurb Gift Card!

Then she announced the artists that would be featured in Spectrum, as selected by Monica Allende. Monica was originally going to pick one, but, overwhelmed by the outstanding works, decided to give 7 photographers the chance to shine at this amazing platform. They are: Fan Shisan, Alfonso Almendros, Rafael Arocha, Alexander Aksakov, Arantxa Cedillo, Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni and Bryan Schutmaat.

After the slideshows and a little break, it was time to taste the sound of The Developer: a unique multi-artist residency responding to the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site at John Smedley, especially created for FORMAT13.

As icing on the Slideluck-cake, a raffle was held, in which lucky winners took home prizes not only from sponsors such as Viewbook and Gup magazine, but also 7 beautiful prints kindly donated by participating artists.

All in all, the evening offered a relaxed vibe, with the guests mingling to discuss love, life, art and the universe. Slideluck London was a great succes, thanks to all that were part of it!

A massive thanks to the director Maria Teresa Salvati; the super-efficient and creative producer Nichon Glerum; Pedro Lopez Paz, who helped with all the technical aspects of this edition and was a super hero in organising the coach from London; and Kitty Walker who jumped in to support the whole team wherever needed and who designed built the wonderful cardboard industrial city used for the photo booth. Also, this night would not have been possible without the help of the amazing team of Format: Louise Clements, Federica Chiocchetti, Michael Sargeant, Sebah Chaudhry, Jill Carruthers and all their fantastic volunteers that helped us out. We thank our partners and sponsors Viewbook, GUP magazine, Blurb, Feature Shoot, Format Festival & Quad, Develop Photo, Lily Vanilli, Duckrabbit, and of course Brooklyn Brewery.



[Text by Albert Such]

[Photos by Oscar Ciutat]

Once in a while, quite infrequently, it gets cold and windy in Barcelona…. March 14th was one of those rare days, so the Slideluck and Pati Llimona teams had to take some quick decissions: moving the Slideluck slideshow, and subsequent dinner, from the 15th century patio to the main hall in the Civic Center building.

The shifting of a few signs and the collaboration of our attendees allowed us to start almost on time, and those few minutes of waiting passed rapidly while viewing Gustavo Germano’s touching Ausencias exhibition in Pati Llimona’s lobby.

Once everybody made it to the main hall, we realized that we had a full room… Approximately 100 persons attended the Slideluck, making it the most successful event in the last few years in Barcelona!

The audience enjoyed the 15 pieces that were projected in the slideshow and we moved on to have dinner in the main hall. We enjoyed all the different delicacies that the public brought: pizza, profiteroles, “tortilla de patatas”, and four different types of pasta salad. Pasta salad is probably the staple of any Slideluck potluck!

The stars of the night were, as usual, the bottles of Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale that were graciously donated by Brooklyn Brewery, with the collaboration of Crusat, their distributor in Barcelona.

With the delicious food, the beer and the photographs from our friends in “Piel de Foto” that were being exhibited in the foyer, the hours passed rapidly. It was already midnight when the last guests left Pati Llimona.

All in all, it was a good night of photography, food, drinks, and conversations with friends, just as one would expect at a Slideluck…



[Text by Ben Sklar, Slideluck Austin Director]
[Photos by and Drew Anthony Smith and Lindsay Hutchens]

The cozy garden space at the CTC International non profit welcomed Slideluck back for another fantastic show in a spectacular outdoor setting by hosting Austin Slideluck V. Rainy weather that worried attendees held off for a perfect evening of laughs and art in the outdoor venue. Plenty of photographers were ready to kick off their shoes and see the show as they were wrapping up the 3 day Texas Photo Roundup conference. Over 250 people made their way to the garden to share amazing dishes and see Slideluck’s fifth Austin showing. The crowd was full of smiling faces and happy potluckers ready to mingle in the laid back vibe. Everyone ate home made dishes as unique as chocolate cameras and devoured pizza from Homeslice while happily indulging in almost 400 cans of Brooklyn Lager.

We were fortunate enough to have Molly Roberts, a native Texan and photo editor of Smithsonian Magazine, curate all the wonderful submitted work. The show highlighted many local artists demonstrating a broad range of talent from abstract iphone photography to portraits of musicians to one favorite pet dog. The first half got the audience to ‘turn up’ while the second half could best be described as ‘Crunk’.

A few lucky guests were awarded with raffle prizes for bringing outstanding dishes that were favorites of the volunteer staff. After the show was complete, raffle prizes given away and plenty of Brooklyn Lager had been drank. The night ended with the smashing of a piñata and the quick gathering of delicious candy.

Austin’s spirited community pulsed all night, Slideluck Potshow Austin V brought out the love for the arts in the city and the creative people who make it home.



[Text by Francis Allen]

[Photos by Cedric Smith]

The line was out the door, down the street and around the corner to get into Savannah’s first SLIDELUCK last Thursday night.

Due to fire capacity, we had to turn folks away but their sadness was averted because they now had an entire casserole to themselves and ice-cold Brooklyn Brewery frosties to wash it down with in the downstairs lounge.  Upstairs, in the ballroom of American Legion Post 135, the crowd was wall-to-wall, even more so after the potluck and the B vitamins were flowing thanks to Brooklyn Brewery!

By the end of the evening, despite the firehose of culture that is SLIDELUCK, we were hearing more “youse’s” than “y’all’s” and Troy Wandzel had traded in his crazy sideways cap du jour for a crazy sideways Nets cap.  City Hotel served up some old-timey string music and close to 400 Savannahians acknowledged that their lives now consisted of the pre-SLIDELUCK years and everything that happened thereafter.  Brooklyn Brewery’s IPA and Pilsner were the clear winners on the night, with the Chocolate Stout coming in a still respectable third—considering it was 70 degrees outside in January and Savannahians’ blood is already thick as cane syrup.

Thank you, Brooklyn Brewery and SLIDELUCK for an evening people will be mumbling about till the next time around!



[Text by Casey Kelbaugh]
[Photos by Lexi Namer, Christopher Guess and Kristen Blush]

As the room filled with Hookers it became clear that it was going to be good night.  Some looked a little banged-up, but most had their game faces on and were there either to party – or just to forget.

It had been three weeks since Hurricane Sandy had her nasty way with the little corner of King’s County known as Red Hook.  Many of the artists, craftsmen, families and small businesses that make up the community were still struggling to get back on their feet.  Recalling the incredibly good food and artwork we shared with the neighborhood at Slideluck Red Hook in June 2011, we felt compelled to do what we could to give back.

Slideluck ♥ Red Hook Benefit took shape as a benefit at the White Box exhibition space in the Lower East Side.  There were affordable tickets, cheap drinks and a wide range of raffle prizes, such as a recording session at Sweetsounds Studio, a private yoga lesson, artwork, a 5Boro skateboard, subscriptions to Viewbook and Sweets & Bitters, gift cards to Artsicle, Adorama, Fiber Ink Studio, Randolph Beer and Barrio Chino and even a Linus bicycle courtesy of Ride Brooklyn.

Then there were the cakeballs by Flour Shop, the tequila drinks by Tanteo, the grilled cheese sammies by Milk Truck and the little green and black cans full of cold, refreshing Perrier.  I think there might have been beer too.

A lot of Slideluckers came out of the woodwork to show their support for this one.  As did many cyclists from the Trimble Racing community, joggers from Orchard Street Runners, supporters from some of our sponsors, Undercurrent, Photoshelter and MatchAction, and of course plenty of Hookers.

DJ Many Mansions was on the turntables, Manufacture New York was printing Restore Red Hook t-shirts on the spot, slideshows screened on both floors and a dedicated team of volunteers and Slideluck alums kept things running like a Swiss watch.  The first slideshow was of artists that participated in Slideluck Red Hook and the second was coverage of Hurricane Sandy by some amazing local photojournalists, including Mario Tama, Kristen Luce, Peter Van Agtmael and Alan Chin.

The raffle went on so long that everyone that stuck it out won a prize and went home happy.  The big winner was Miguel Goodbar, who rode home on his new Linus Roadster.

Over $6,000 was raised on that evening for the Red Hook Initiative and Restore Red Hook.  Not bad for six days’ work!

If it weren’t for such amazing staff and volunteers to help clean up, White Box would have had to change their name to Grey Box.  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and guests and Hookers wandered off into the night, arm in arm.



[Text by Lila Allen]
[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

Between the 2012 Presidential Election and FotoWeekDC, the District had quite a ride last week. And what better way to finish the weekend than with the return of Slideluck to D.C.?

Led by director Patrick McMullen, SLIDELUCK DC VIII partnered with FotoWeek to bring in the best talent from the DC area and beyond. Some artists (such as Robb Hill and Ed Pfueller) focused on local culture and history; others, including artists Dominic Bracco and Shannon Jensen, brought us into another world with their heartfelt shots of international conflict and human perseverance.

D.C. has always delivered on their potlucks, and Sunday was no exception. Highlights include chevre-stuffed dates served on a banana leaf tray and a hearty (but healthy!) kale salad with apples. Hopefully we’ll find some room in our stomachs for Thanksgiving next week!

Thanks to our sponsors Brooklyn Brewery and Viewbook, we also had some fantastic door prizes for guests – tours at the Brooklyn Brewery, a Brooklyn Brewery sweatshirt, and Viewbook Pro account subscriptions. Thanks also to Malmaison for hosting us!

D.C., thanks for making it great!


Slideluck Dallas

[Text by Leila Wright]
[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh, Thorne Anderson, Kael Alford, and Danny Fulgencio]

Dallas welcomed its first Slideluck with open arms, Saturday November 3rd 2012. The evening showcased and honored the amazing culinary, musical and photographic talent we have in our city. And of course, since this is SLIDELUCK Dallas we’re talking about, the debut was BIG!

Held at the beautifully-restored Power Station, the event attracted well over 100 guests and featured 20 local artists. The day began with a portfolio review, offering local photographers time with leading industry professionals such as Stacey Clarkson, the art director at Harper’s magazine in NYC, Jason Dibley from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and Guy Reynolds from the Dallas Morning News.

At 6pm, guests began trickling into The Power Station… and they brought their potluck A-game! The executive chefs at Charlie Palmer treated guests to a slow-cooked cassoulet, Chef Andre Natera created savory works of art out of summer squash, and Dallas’ local foodie magazine, Edible, whipped up a delicious southwestern salad. The dessert table was no slouch either. Slices of Emporium Pie’s caramel flan adorned the table, alongside home-made chocolate chip cookie-muffins and Central Track’s hand-frosted cupcakes. All of the good food was washed down with ice cold brews lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery, and the Dallas Family Band wandered through the crowd playing music to add a touch of ambience.

Following the potluck, guests were led up The Power Station’s outside staircase to the third floor screening room. Wide-eyed scintillation was followed by enthusiastic applause as each slideshow filled the packed room with powerful images. The wealth of local talent was on full display and left no doubt there is a bright future for more photography-based endeavors in our city.

The amount of love and support that went into creating this evening was highlighted by the awesomeness of the raffle table, which included:

For those still craving more, the party moved to The Amsterdam Bar for drinks, mingling and a special after party screening of even more local talent. The extra hour of daylight savings time went to good use, allowing DJ Trigger Mortis and DJ Fat Kerouac to spin fresh soundtracks to the looping slideshows long into the night.

Slideluck Dallas would like to give a shout out and huge thanks to all the people and organizations who made this such a special evening. We would also like to thank the following media outlets for covering the event: Dallas Observer, DMagazine, KERA’s Art&Seek, Central Track, FD Luxe, and Culture Map Dallas.

Here’s to SLIDELUCK Dallas II!



[Text by Dave Willard]
[Photos by Dave Willard and Diane Richter]

On Saturday, November 3rd, 189 people gathered in the Blast Furnace Room of ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for SLIDELUCK Lehigh Valley II. Slideluck was part of the third annual Olympus InVision Photo Festival and Lehigh Valley Photography Month, presented by ArtsQuest under the direction of Janice Lipzin, Director of Visual Arts & Education.

The work of aspiring and professional photographers from throughout the region was showcased alongside the work of world-class photographers. SLIDELUCK Lehigh Valley II featured the work of 14 photographers from the Lehigh Valley, five Olympus Visionary professionals, and one international artist whose work has been shown at other Slidelucks. Olympus, one of the world’s top camera manufacturers, became the title sponsor of the festival this year. Olympus Imaging America Inc. has its headquarters in the Lehigh Valley and a number of Olympus executives were in attendance that evening.

A three-person local curating team made the selections for Slideluck Lehigh Valley II from over 40 entries. The work ranged from sports and fashion photography to photojournalism and personal collections, creating a fast-paced and varied program.

The event also featured the premiere of a new work of art created by Vicki DaSilva, the renowned light graffiti artist from Allentown. DaSilva, a pioneer in the light graffiti medium, unveiled a brand-new work created specifically for InVision. DaSilva has exhibited around the world and was recently named the solo grand-prize winner of Artists Wanted’s global competition, “Art Takes Times Square!,” which resulted in her work being featured on the digital screens of Times Square in July.

Several well-known photographers who were presenters at the Olympus InVision Photo Festival also attended Slideluck. These included Zoe Strauss, a member of Magnum Photos who had a ten-year retrospective of her work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art earlier this year, and Jay Dickman, a National Geographic photographer and a long-time Olympus Visionary.

Guests were not required to bring a dish to share because food and refreshments were provided by the catering service at ArtsQuest Center. Everyone enjoyed tasting Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, generously provided by Brooklyn Brewery. The venue itself added to the visual impact of the evening. ArtsQuest Center overlooks the iconic Blast Furnace of the former Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The site has been recently redeveloped as SteelStacks and reborn as a community center for music and art.

Slideluck Lehigh Valley II was scheduled to end at 10 p.m., but many guests were still on hand at 11 p.m. when lights flashed to close the room for the evening. It was a sign of how much everyone enjoyed the event – too bad it had to end! (By the end of the night, the Slideluck team was ready for a good night’s sleep!)

We want to give a big shout-out to Casey Kelbaugh and the Slideluck organization for this great concept, and especially to Lila Allen, who helped us every step of the way. Lila made it easy and fun to produce the show. The Lehigh Valley photographic community will be looking forward to Slideluck III as part of next year’s Olympus InVision Photo Festival.