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SLIDELUCK Hong Kong Recap


[Photos by Ones Production and Joey Hatch]

[Text by Kim Campbell]

SLIDELUCK’s first ever show in Hong Kong met with huge success, injecting a dose of home-grown talent and shared community to the local arts scene. More than 150 guests found their way to Kaylim Studio, tucked away in an industrial warehouse building near the city’s famous harbour for a fantastic night of food and fun.

Despite the ‘potluck’ being a foreign concept, Hong Kongers rose to the occasion and brought a delicious mix of Asian and Western fare – Vietnamese rice rolls, lettuce wraps and larb moo, samosas, curry fish balls, all devoured alongside the town’s tastiest tacos catered by Brickhouse. Kiwi and strawberry jello shots were also a big hit! The most popular dishes, quietly assessed by our top-secret panel of judges, were awarded gizmos and gadgetry sponsored by digital products company Elecom.

After some live music and plenty of ice cold Brooklyn Brewery Lager and East India Pale Ale, everyone settled into comfy bean bags and cushions for the slideshow, which offered different perspectives on life in Hong Kong’s urban jungle as well as glimpses into mainland China, Mongolia and the Philippines.

The energy and enthusiasm of the audience was palpable as each of the 23 artists featured were given huge rounds of applause for their work. The non-profit Anakatira also set up shop with another unique kind of artwork, in the form of pillows and photographs taken by street kids and orphans living in Cebu.

With such great post-event feedback we know this is just the start of many great events to come. See you there next time Hong Kong!


SLIDELUCK NYC XVIII at Photoville 2014 Recap


[Text by Andrew McFarland]
[Photos by Kassy Balli]

We couldn’t have asked for better weather or company Friday night on Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park for SLIDELUCK NYC XVIII at Photoville 2014. Thousands turned out to peruse the shipping containers-turned photo galleries. As the sun set over New York Harbor, folks filled up the beer garden for a taste of our potluck, Smorgasbord treats, and – of course – some Brooklyn Brewery. We had some honorees at this potluck – Slideluckers Cassandra Giraldo and Andy Kropa whipped up some unforgettable madeleines and a summery watermelon-feta salad, respectfully, and Bruce Rayud baked a delicious apple-flavor babka. For their culinary prowess, they took home some mobile photography gadgets compliments of Photojojo.

The theme for this show was “Secrets,” and Gideon Jacobs, Creative Director of Magnum Photos, NY, and Matthew Leifheit, Photo Editor at VICE Magazine, teamed up to curate. Here’s what Jacobs had to say about the show: “When you make a photograph, you’re putting something into the world that can, in its newfound existence, be viewed and shared. So maybe a photograph is never a ‘secret’ in the true sense; when we click the shutter, the secret is suddenly no longer all that secret. How is this related to our selection? I’m not quite sure. Actually I am – but, eh, I think it’s a secret.”

From Bryan Derballa’s collection of off-the-beaten path swimming hole photos to Sam Wong’s series of night street photography, SLIDELUCK NYC XVIII was a fitting tribute to the bitter-sweet dregs of summer. This was one of our biggest shows of the year, and none of it would have been possible without the support of our generous sponsors and friends. A very special thank you to Brooklyn Brewery, Photoville, Viewbook, Sandbox Studio, Offset, Perrier, Flavorpill, Photojojo, and Uber.


Slideluck Debuts in Lecce

IMG_0069 small

[Text by Maria Teresa Salvati]

[Photos by Pasquale Polignano]

Slideluck made its debut in the Puglia region of Southern Italy for the first time, more exactly in Lecce. The show was part of the opening weekend of another first-timer, Bitume Photofestival: a newborn urban photography festival launched by the cultural association Positivo Diretto, run by Beatrice Bambi, Andrea Laudisa, Gioia Perrone and Valerio Nicoletti.

The night started a bit late, in perfect Italian style, in the charming scenery of Cineporto Lecce. Cold Brooklyn Brewery beers welcomed the more than 200 people, looking around with curiosity and excitement about what was going to come. Many mums had prepared some delicious finger food and ‘focaccia’. The food was wiped away in less then 20 minutes, ready to start the show – in time!

Positivo Diretto had invited us to present a special edition of Slideluck on the theme: ‘Street Memories,’ and together Maria Teresa Salvati with the Bitume Photofestival team selected 15 works among the ‘Fab 30’, artists included in the festival program, and the Slideluck Global Archive. The work presented Italian, American, Turkish, French and German artists with a mix of documentary and fine art photography.

Between the first and second part, people from Taranto, Corato (both in Puglia region) and Rome asked to start Slideluck in their own cities.

We were inundated by compliments about the format and the association between photography and food. A very well known photography teacher said that it was really amazing to see that a format that seemed so relaxed and ‘light’ presented such great photography projects.

Quoting Andrea Laudisa “people were hypnotised by the photographs”. Rightly so, we say. Among the presented artists, Alex Prager, Andrew Testa and Bryan Schutmaat, just to name a few.

After the slideshow, the stage was left to DJ Populous for the after-party. The night left everyone with a smile and the request to come back soon.

Special thanks to the Bitume Photofest team, Cineporto Lecce, Apulia Film Commission, Manifatture Knos, Pasquale Polignano, the tech team, the improvised volunteers that helped making everything possible, and the wonderful Lecce.

SLIDELUCK Staten Island Recap


[Text by Jen Plaskowitz]
[Photos by David Deng]

“My hat is off to all who made their way to my home, Clear Comfort, Saturday evening; Staten Island has always been difficult to get to but I think we all agree that it was well worth the journey to witness the celebration of Women’s Work put on by Slideluck and the Alice Austen House (I wonder if they know about me…).  A special toast of Summer Ale should be raised to the older gentlelady who traveled all the way from the Bronx and arrived two hours early to watch a talkie about my life;  I especially liked her hat.”

The spirit of Alice Austen was definitely present as over 200 people sat down on her lawn, Brooklyn Brews at hand, to watch a slideshow of over 25 artists making work about the current state of women’s lives. The views were diverse: from the soaring success stories, to the lives of women soldiers in Syria, to the difficulties of life after brain cancer, nothing could have been a better reminder of the vastly different experiences of women, and people all over the world.

This show was especially sweet for the Slideluck team, as it marked the reunion of several female team leaders and curators, representing Slideluck on four different continents.

As the slideshow ended there was a mad dash for one last beer before the last ferry left the island, but there is a reason why the Austens chose this piece of land to reside on, one visit it makes you want to come back again and again!  A special thank you to our partners and sponsors who made the night possible: the Alice Austen House, Brooklyn Brewery, Viewbook, Sandbox Studio, the Richmond County Savings Bank, Flavorpill, and Perrier.  See you next time!



[Text by Andrew McFarland]

[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

The nation’s capital has long been home to one of our most active teams, but the people behind SLIDELUCK DC IX raised the bar once again! Falling on the first day of summer, this show was fittingly themed for the Solstice. Attendees celebrated the longest day of the year with an Aquarian vibe. Ladies donned floral wreaths and everyone partook in some child-at-heart play – blowing bubbles and dancing their way into the summer night. By midnight, the scene almost resembled the Woodstock-esque banner supplied by Lance Rosenfield and Ashley Morton.

Members of the Global team brought some Brooklyn love to Brookland, the Northeast neighborhood where DC IX took place. Lance, our longtime Austin director and recent Washingtonian, did a tremendous job leading his fist Slideluck in DC alongside Ashley Morton, Erika Nortemann, Nadia Hughes, Meghan Dhaliwal, Allison Shelley, Gina Martin, and Stacy Gold.

The solstice theme carried well into the slideshow. Dominic Bracco II’s series on Mexican fishermen, and Robin Moore’s micro-documentary on conserving crocodile habitats along Jamaican beaches definitely supplied some summer vibes. Other photographers such as Gabriella Demczuk and Ron Toole addressed the idea of light and darkness in their work. The potluck also represented some fine summer essentials – blueberry pie and a kale, coconut salad.

Be sure to check out all of the slideshows here on our website and some of the portraits taken by Meghan Dhaliwal on the Slideluck DC Instagram. As always, thank you to our global sponsors – Brooklyn Brewery, Sandbox Studio, and Viewbook! Thanks also to our local sponsors, Monroe Street Market and National Geographic Creative, and to Edgewood Arts Building for hosting us!




[Text by Brooklyn Lager]
[Photos by Casey Kelbaugh]

It was a warm summer night and I had traveled halfway across the world for this show, so I was frankly feeling a little shaken up.  A couple hundred of my buddies and I were packed in tightly for SLIDELUCK Tel Aviv III.  We were all excited for the event and couldn’t believe that UPS and Customs would put the kibbosh on us and prevent us from bringing some Brooklyn flavor to the party.  While hundreds gathered in the garden behind Alfred Gallery for food, music and art, we were locked up behind bars at Customs.

From what I’ve heard from the outside, it was a fantastic evening.  Many of the artist studios in the building were open for the evening, the potluck was diverse and robust and the slideshow was well-received.  I guess it wouldn’t have been possible without the Tel Aviv Arts Council, Ari Fruchter, Molly Surno, the Alfred Gallery, Time Out Tel Aviv, Naked Sea, Brown TLV Hotel, Lucy Zotoff and all of the other volunteers that helped make it happen!  

Next time, we shall prevail.  The good people of Israel deserve the opportunity to enjoy cold Brooklyn Beers!

SLIDELUCK Bushwick III Recap

IMG_2105 Small

[Text by Sasha Okshteyn]
[Photos by Kait Ebeniger]

The third Slideluck Bushwick kicked off this past weekend during the much-anticipated Bushwick Open Studios! After a long day of studio hopping and instagramming the hell out of the hood with Bushwick Daily and the #BOSHUNT, over 750 Bushwick wanderers made their way to Sandbox Studio to see our Bushwick/Baltimore Artist exchange, drink lots of Brooklyn Brewery Beer, Perrier, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Prym Rum, and eat as many BobbySue’s Nuts, Santa Salsa hot dogs and The Wafflewich Way Waffles as possible.

After some solid grub and mingling, Doreen Bolger, Director of the Baltimore Museum of Art kicked off the slideshow with a B-more plug urging everyone, especially artists, to keep their eyes on Charm City. Road trip!

No one seemed to mind how hot and sticky it got in the studio, as everyone proceeded to drink the always-refreshing Brooklyn Brewery beers and hoot and holler for all the rad artists presenting.

The night wrapped up with an unexpected all out, hands on the floor, 90s dance party with DJ Marty McSorley! We are excited to keep these good vibes going as Slideluck and Brooklyn Brewery travel to Baltimore for Part 2 of the exchange. Stay tuned!



[Text and Photos by Casey Anderson Kelbaugh]

Without question, the Norse gods were on our side for SLIDELUCK Oslo III. The sunshine held clear and strong until late in the night. The harvest was bountiful and the table abundant. Fair maidens and strong warriors from kingdoms near and far filled the room. The slideshow was a divine celebration of Norway’s artistic strength. Music shook the afterparty like Thor’s hammer. And rather than bloodshed, it was Brooklyn Brown Ale and Brooklyn Lager that flowed in copious amounts.

There was excitement and expectation in the air as the entirety of this prosperous nation was preparing to celebrate my birthday (and their 200th anniversary) just 36 hours later. Flags were beginning to appear in the streets around Fisk og Vilt – where Slideluck was held – and the words “Gratulerer Med Dagen” or “Happy Birthday” were on everyone’s lips.

Laara Matsen, photo editor of the celebrated D2 Magazine selected 20 amazing photographers to participate. DJs Kent Horne, Ron Like Hell and Strangefruit provided some great tunes until the wee hours. And Knut Bry brought his famous handshake and the kind of fresh salmon lox that one would only expect to find in Valhalla.

It was clear that on this very night, with the ancient gods on our sides and the wind filling our sails, that Brooklyn Brewery had a breakthrough beyond just Experiential Marketing and was getting into the realm of “Spiritual Marketing.”

Slideluck left everyone who attended satiated in body, mind and soul. Attention soon shifted to Norway’s bicentennial celebration and of course my birthday. And on that very May 17th, one of our attendees, Ingvil Marstein, gave birth to a baby girl. And to that little patriot, I say: Gratulerer Med Dagen!

Hungry Still Book Launch Recap

image_00011 small

[Text by Louise Clements]

The premier of a new exhibition and publication co-produced by Slideluck London, FORMAT International Photography Festival and QUAD opened this Saturday 15th March! Titled Hungry Still, the exhibition has been co-curated by Slideluck London’s Maria Teresa Salvati, Federica Chiocchetti and QUAD/FORMAT’s Louise Clements, showcasing twenty four of the best international photographers presenting multimedia photo stories featuring incredible images and narratives from all over the world. Slideshows by the 24 artists have been installed on screens in QUAD Gallery, a centre for contemporary art and film in Derby UK complemented by a special programme of events featuring talks, workshops and recipes relating to the concepts and stories behind the locations and content of the slideshows.  For the launch guests enjoyed tasting some wonderful delicacies from the book such as photographer Catrine Val’s Hearty Vegetable Pie and Raphael Arocha’s confidence boosting Gin and Tonic, along with delicious Brooklyn Brewery Beers! Slideluck London, QUAD and FORMAT have also collaborated on a beautiful new publication designed by Akina Factory which features images from each of the photographers, anecdotes and recipes contained in over 200 pages. It is a brilliant and unusual photo cookbook that is already selling like hotcakes! Buy it here.

The exhibiting photographers have been selected from the last 6 years of Slideluck London editions and include:  Alexander Aksakov, Alfonso Almendros, Rafael Arocha, Poulomi Basu, Jean-Marc Caimi, Arantxa Cedillo, Pierfrancesco Celada, Joanna Chudy, Cristina De Middel, Peter Di Campo, Carolyn Drake, Shiho Fukada, Sophie Gerrard, Laura Hynd, Alvaro Laiz, Sebastian Liste, Aaron Schuman, Bryan Schutmaat, Fan Shi San, Ian Teh, Phillip Toledano, Catrine Val, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb. The exhibition is part of and supported by the FORMAT International Photography Festival off-year programme; if you are in Derby between now and mid-May be sure to check out the scheduled events.