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Bjork’s Choir Serenades The Brewery

You’re probably like “What? Did I read that right?”. Don’t worry, you did. Good job! Claire, our extraordinaire Export Coordinator, will explain:

Friday nights at the Brooklyn Brewery are typically full of good times and great people but recently we had some very special visitors. An a’cappella Choir of 24 girls from Iceland called Graduale Nobili (@gradualenobili) who just so happen to be on tour with Bjork, offered to sing us a few songs in exchange for beer and pizza. Harmoniously and flawlessly they sang their National Anthem, their impressive rendition of the Flight of the Bumble Bee, and an upbeat song that translates to a man in red destroying a village with his scythe. They were even kind enough to humor us by singing the anthem of our cask beer club, The Legion of Osiris. It was an honor that they decided to spend their night off from Bjork’s Biophilia tour with us.

Watch as Graduale Nobili graciously supports us on The Anthem of The Legion of Osiris, followed by a performance of “Raudi Riddarinn (The Red Knight)”. Below the video are the song’s upbeat, sunny lyrics.

No one is so solitary that he cannot expect a visitor, a horseman all in red riding a pale steed
A horseman all in red wielding a reeking scythe gallops so the clatter of hooves resounds around the world
Swirling up dust that darkens the world of men and spatters on the windows
The horseman forces his way into the house and his sickle drips with blood 

Introducing Mary’s Maple Porter

Mary’s Maple Porter is available February-April 2012, draft only.

It’s true….when he was a kid, Garret used to actually believe that the stuff he was putting on his pancakes was maple syrup. Well, everybody called it maple syrup. Later, he discovered the truth – that stuff he was eating was just sugar syrup with “maple flavoring”, various gums, and caramel coloring. Then he discovered actual maple syrup, the stuff from trees, and became enlightened. Hey, everyone evolves.

Brooklyn Brewery has evolved a lot lately too. About a year ago, a brewer named Mary Wiles joined our brewery team after spending 30 years brewing and doing quality control for a Very, Very Big Brewer. Mary evolved into a craft beer brewer, and now she’s doing our quality control, having fun while helping us make sure that Brooklyn beers are tasting great and ready to make you happy. But Mary has a bright thing lurking in her past, present and future – Mary has maple trees. A lot of maple trees. Actually, a ridiculous number of maple trees, acres of them, right northwest of us in upstate New York. And her family farm makes 100% real New York State maple syrup.

Real maple syrup tastes great on pancakes and waffles, but it’s awfully good in beer too. Porter is a classic British ale style that traveled to the United States, sustained George Washington during the Revolution, and later built London’s great breweries. Mary’s Maple Porter is a rich, dark ale featuring a large portion (50 gallons!) of her maple syrup in the kettle. After fermentation by our house ale yeast, the syrup is no longer sweet (yeast likes to eat maple syrup too), but the maple flavor shows through in a complex interplay with caramel, chocolate, and coffee flavors from our blend of roasted malts. An earthy hop note rounds it all out. It’s really tasty, especially with bacon.

Brooklyn In The News | Dec-Jan, 2012

The Italian bureau of Vogue – arguably the most fashionable of the fashionable — recognizes One Brewers Row as a Brooklyn “Hot Spot” (pictured above).

NY Post talks with Steve Hindy about Brooklyn the brand, and features the Brooklyn Box Set in its holiday guide:

The Washington Times names Sorachi Ace one the Top Beers of 2011.

Brooklyn Lager wins 3rd Place in the Lager/Pilsner category in‘s 2011 reader poll:

El Vocero  Escenario reports on the arrival of three new artisanal beers in Puerto Rico:

Michael Fassbender (of Inglourious Basterds fame) enjoys a Brooklyn Lager in Shame:

Garrett talks “beerology” on Canada radio waves courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

AMA Bionda, The Companion Ale and BAMboozle all get some love in Yankee Brew News.

Finnish daily Ilta-Sanomat names Black Chocolate Stout the second best selection in their Christmas beer tasting:

Garrett jumps the pond to promote The Oxford Companion to Beer, pictured below at the Hook Norton Brewery in (the appropriately named) Oxfordshire.

CNN International bids farewell to “The Boss”:


Hey friends, thanks for bearing with the people here as they tinker with their new Internet toy and prevent me from posting on time. Typical.

On the bright side, it’s given me more of a chance to watch the lovely, lovely video below (thanks, Gothamist) portraying an unfortunate doggy dance troupe shamefully swaying and flapping their shaggy limbs under the direction of a man wearing a helmet made of human hair. Is it really worth that rancid milk bone your trainer is dangling behind the cameraman, guys?


Our Beer Soap was featured on “Good Morning America” bright and early this fine Friday. The show’s host, Lara Spencer, described this gift-friendly item as being “for the guy who doesn’t want to drink in the shower, but instead who wants to shower in the drink” (and then proceeded to show a clip of Kevin Costner not dancing with wolves, but drinking in the shower). Although those sentiments are not precisely endorsed by Brooklyn Brewery, we do all agree the beer soap is rather awesome. But nowhere near as awesome as Beyonce’s totally cute wedding gown, mind you.