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A Cook Is Crowned @ The Food Experiments 2012 Championship

UPDATE // DEC 17 After a stomach-defying, tastebud-testing year of sampling 400 original bites from amateur chefs in 15 cities, the 2012 Food Experiments National Tour came to an end yesterday in the Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room as Chef Charles from Brooklyn (pictured above) was named Champion Culinarius, winning a shiny oversized trophy, a China Town gold medal, some good old-fashioned cash, a bunch of awesome stuff from Le Creuset, and two airline tickets to anywhere in the U.S. courtesy of Jet Blue. Full results below:

The Champion:
  One World One Kitchen / Jewel Crusted Shrimp
Second Place: You’re Bacon Me Crazy / You’re Bacon Me Sweat!
Third Place:  Chocolate & Spice / Mexican Chocolate Mini Pies

First Place / Grand Prize: Jaws 3-D / Return of the Jawndi
Second Place: The Magic Hops / Scotch Dates
Third Place: Bite Me, This one’s for you! / The Ox, the Moon, and the Chinese Spoon

Nick & Theo’s Prize for Experimentation: The Pork Dorks/ Smoked Pork Dumplings

Spirit Award: Per Ehrlund of Cuttin’ Chris and Eatin’ Ehrlund

Congrats to all the chefs for putting on a great show and bringing some seriously delicious bites to Brooklyn on Sunday. It was a pleasure on Friday visiting those food producers in the Pfizer building, hitting up The Ides, and then packing into a bus with you and downing all that Crif Dogs, Mile End, Di Fara’s, Yun Nan Flavour Snack and of course… Brooklyn beer. We hope you didn’t mind having your picture taken as you stuffed your face…

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