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From the President: Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy will definitely affect Brooklyn Brewery’s distribution in New York City, New Jersey and the rest of the metro area. But the big storm did not physically damage the brewery or our Brooklyn warehouse. The East River rose about 14 feet above normal, but that left it about a block from the brewery and warehouse.

Our distributor, Phoenix/Beehive, was not so lucky.  Their operations are on the piers in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a low lying area south of the brewery.

First reports indicated there was five feet of water in the Phoenix/Beehive warehouse, but owner Rod Brayman said Monday the water was only a foot and a half deep. The main damage was caused by the wind, he said.

They will be repacking a lot of cases that were destroyed by the storm waters.

Many of our customers were not so lucky either. Power was out in much of lower Manhattan. Many areas near the Hudson and East rivers were under water. That means the cellars of many restaurants and bars were flooded.

All the East River train, car, truck and bus tunnels flooded. Subway service across the city was canceled. Many subway tunnels filled with salt water, an enemy of the electrical equipment that powers the trains. This means the commuter traffic on Wednesday was horrendous. Mayor Bloomberg later declared that only cars carrying three passengers could use the East River bridges.

Some of our employees were not so lucky either. Chris Rom was without electricity in North Jersey; John Boegel lost two trees in his backyard in Jersey. Karl Knoop’s bungalow on Breezy Point on the seashore in south Brooklyn escaped the inferno that destroyed 80 homes during the story. But Karl was not sure how the storm surge affected his property.

I rode my bicycle to work today. It looks like that may be my main mode of transportation for a few more days.

– Steve Hindy, President & Co-founder

  • Dreama

    Your employees sound lucky to me considering what others are going through. Glad to hear you and your family are OK.

  • Jill Sessa

    You are in our backyard (we’re at 34 Berry) so more people asked us about the Brewery than our own building! Glad to know you are (mostly) okay, people need you!

  • Ed Abington

    Thanks for the update. We have been wondering if everything was OK, both at the brewery and at home. Best from Simone and me.

  • Johnny

    Beer has soul corruptive potential. Maybe it would have been better if the brewery was wiped out.

    • Jeva

      an obvious troll

  • Jeva

    You guys just bought those beautiful cylinder thingies to make awesome beer, I am so happy to hear all your efforts were not trumped by the frankenstorm.

  • Bernie

    Steve, I’m so glad to hear that the Brewery was spared, even if only by a block. I hope things back to near normal in the city soon.

  • Lynton Harriss

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery back to normal conditions for all at the brewery and distributors. We love your beers here in Australia and hope you can keep sending them over.

    • Bjorn

      I can second this from Sweden! Hope you guys are well over there!

  • Kleberson Zibetti

    Good lucky gays,
    you are to importante for as job gere!!!(Brasil)
    See you so!!!
    All the best.
    Kleberson Zibetti
    Comercial Sales
    Florianópolis/SC Brasil
    BrasBeer Distribuition

  • BRav

    I was at the Hudson valley brew fest yesterday and Brooklyn Brewery was putting 100% of the money made off their products directly to the Red Cross. I bought a few things, that’s really great of you guys THANK YOU

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