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Photo Diary: Hot Bread Kitchen Benefit

Here in New York City, Hot Bread Kitchen is a non-profit 501c3 social enterprise that enhances the future for immigrant women and preserves baking traditions. Brooklyn Brewery was happy to support their latest fundraiser with plenty of beer.

For your munching pleasure, they offer fresh breads baked with traditional recipes from around the world. Hot Bread Kitchen makes it a priority to use local and organic ingredients.

Hot Bread Kitchen also honors the culinary traditions of peoples from all over the world. Preservation of diverse techniques and ingredients is crucial in the face of corporate globalization that tends to homogenize diversity. (Did you know, for example, that Maseca, a processed corn flour is now used widely in both tortillas in Central American and West African starches like kenkey?  Its too bad, but no one is grinding corn anymore.)

As part of HBK’s mandate to “Br-educate” New Yorkers, they create a compelling record of the many diverse breads that are being baked here in the city. Looking for Ghanaian kenkey bread, Punjabi allo parantha, or lahoch flatbread baked by Yemeni Jews–all freshly baked within the five boroughs? Stay tuned and you’ll find out where!

Hot Bread Kitchen makes great bread, celebrates diversity, and builds better lives for people who are an integral part of the city’s future.

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