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From the Krausen Commandos:

On Friday August 5th, 2011, The Krausen Commandos of Northwest Connecticut won one of the used Brooklyn Brewery oak barrels through their Facebook contest (with the gracious help of many friends of friends of friends spreading the word and voting). The first part of the acquisition was to travel down to the brewery and pick up the barrel. Not long after the win, a couple Commandos ventured into the city and hauled the barrel back home to CT.

On November 5th (AHA’s National Learn to Home Brew Day), 15 members descended upon one member’s house, with a custom made stout recipe, an enormous amount of brewing equipment, ingredients, beer and food, and spent the day brewing more than 60 gallons of stout to eventually fill the barrel with.

After approximately two weeks of fermentation (in 12 different fermenters), several members got together and siphoned each fermenter into the barrel. The aromas coming out of the barrel were abundant and almost intoxicating!

Nobody knows just yet how long they will age the beer in the barrel, but all are anxious to sample the bounty!

The Krausen Commandos of Northwest CT were formed in May 2010 to Brew, Drink, and Serve! They started with a small group of brewers who often brewed and drank together and decided to make an official club. Their numbers have nearly tripled in less than two years and are now comprised of more than 25 ambitious and talented brewers from all over the state of CT. The members range from as little as one year experience, to nearly 10 years of experience in both extract and all-grain brewing. One member even had a short stint as the head brewer at a now defunct local brew pub.

  • jealous brewer

    Wow, that sounds like a talented bunch of brewers. I bet that brew turns out great.Wish I could sample some !!!

  • Gandye92

    totally awesome. so jealous.

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