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Vintage Map of The Month: From Florida to Labrador

From Brooklyn Historical Society:

This month’s featured map is the oldest item in the BHS Map Collection, dating from approximately 1562. It was created by the Italian cartographer Girolaneo Ruscelli, based on an 1548 map by Giacomo Gastaldi. The map shows the eastern coast of the United States and Canada, from Florida to Labrador. Its main focus is what we know today as the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Nova Scotia. “Angoulesme” is likely New York Harbor, “Flora” is likely the southern coast of Long Island, and “Brisa” is probably Block Island. It is interesting to note that the map does not show the coasts of either modern-day Maine or Massachusetts. The inaccuracies in the map illustrate the difficulty of early map-making.

  • RobertMosesSupposesErroneously

    “Nouvelle Angoulême” was the name Verrazzano gave to the area he explored now occupied by NYC. It’s what they called New Amsterdam BEFORE it was cool.

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