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Vintage Photo Of The Week: Lover’s Lane

Lovers’ Lane, ca.1887, v1972.1.1233; Early Brooklyn and Long Island photograph collection, ARC.201; Brooklyn Historical Society.

From Brooklyn Historical Society:

This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we share a photograph of Lovers’ Lane in Prospect Park. This image, ca. 1887, features a picturesque pathway, with sunlight softly drifting through the trees. When amateur photographer Walter H. Nelson took this picture, the Frederick Law Olmstead-designed park had been open for two decades. Olmstead intended Prospect Park to offer Brooklynites a secluded, naturalistic escape from the bustling urban center that Brooklyn was becoming – a quality that Nelson’s photograph captures perfectly.

In and out of Prospect Park, Brooklyn offers a number of striking places to walk with your loved ones. As a matter of fact, Brooklyn Historical Society was named as one of the best date spots in Brooklyn by Time Out New York. So celebrate love this week by strolling in a local park, visiting BHS, or taking in the sights of Brooklyn.

To see more photos from BHS’s collection, visit their online image gallery.

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