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Dinner Party No. 4 with Sea to Table and Island Creek Oysters

Brooklyn Brewery’s Dinner Party is a collaborative dinner series dedicated to spotlighting local producers and rare beer pairings held at Humboldt & Jackson. This month, we celebrate sustainable seafood with Island Creek Oysters and Sea2Table.
Come to Humboldt & Jackson on Thursday, October 23 at 6:30 PM for our fourth Dinner Party. This month’s dinner brings seafood to the forefront, with Chef Andrew Gerson teaming up with Sea to Table and previous Mash collaborators Island Creek Oysters to help him explore the bounty of local seafood. New York City has a proud history of excellent seafood, from street hawkers shilling oysters fresh from New York Harbor in days past to modern fishermen pulling in top notch fish from many surrounding waterways. All of this history, some of Brooklyn Brewery’s best and rarest beers, and Chef Gerson’s signature seafood crudo (plus other exciting dishes) will make this a meal to remember.
Island Creek Oysters has worked with Chef Gerson on previous Dinner Parties, bringing bivalves to Brooklyn as appetizers and accents to some of his favorite dishes. They are dedicated to farming the highest-quality oysters available. The Island Creek team also runs the Island Creek Foundation, dedicated to promoting “aquaculture as a responsible means of solving the issue of global food production.”
Sea to Table is a family-run business dedicated to connecting small fishermen with chefs invested in sustainably sourcing. When nearby connections are unavailable, Sea to Table turns to temperature-controlled overnight shipping to help every chef have a “local” seafood market available. This shipping network makes it possible for small-scale fishing operations to run profitably, encouraging responsible fishing and smart consumption.
Tickets for this sea-centered edition of our Dinner Party are $85, so be sure to reel yours in quickly and join us at the table.
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