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Drinker Mail: Baseball Drinks

The Texan MLB fan below is dedicated to our Pennant Ale ’55, so much so that it now holds a monopoly on his quite modest beer diet. And luckily the answer is yes: we do indeed have Pennant Ale pins, and there’s one on the way to the Lone Star State right now. But sorry, hardball fans, no more baseball drinks in the cooker…

  • Jeff McC

    First and foremost, there’s Moylan’s/Marin’s Orange and Black Congrats Ale (2010 Giants).
    Pretty sure this was for the 2006 Red Sox:

  • Ceetar

    Come on, when the Mets eventually win the WS, have to brew up a championship ale right?

    • TonyV

      Hahaha 1 – Bring the Dodgers back to Brooklyn!!! 2 – when/if Mets win a WS…we’ll be able to drink Local 3′s on Mars!

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