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Drinker Mail: “Beer is Food”

Brooklyn fan and gardener Matt writes:

“Dear Brooklyn Brewery,

The photo contained is an ode to Brooklyn Summer Ale and how well it goes with the season. I took it on one of my many trips out to our garden under the shade of the giant sunflowers and amaranthe. I had to take this shot because, the colors of the label and the green of the plants strike a unique contrast. I wanted to share this with you.

After all, ‘Beer is food’, as one friend said to me. It is fitting that your beer visits the place that feeds us regularly throughout the summer months.

Thank you to your continued efforts to create a top quality product.”

  • Jen Armstrong

    I wish I could get MY garden to grow Brooklyn Summer Ale!

  • Triplechunk

    I’m getting close. Still haven’t found a source for glass seeds.

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