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Tulip Glass


Last night I ordered beer glasses and a couple of koozies. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am to be able to order glasses from you. (I laughed at the visual of you processing my order and going “Wisconsin? WTH!”) I grew up in Connecticut and my brother and I still have friends in the area–30 years later. He was in NYC in July and told me I HAD to have a Brooklyn Brewery beer. When I was visiting friends there last month I did indeed try the Brooklyn Lager. I enjoyed it so much I asked our server if I could buy a glass (the manager was amused and gave it to me). When I got home, my brother was quite envious that I scored a glass, which gave me the idea of seeing if I could purchase one. I ordered a set of pint glasses for him and an additional tulip glass to match the one I got at the bar. If you had the black t-shirt in my brother’s size I would have ordered one of those as well.

Thank you for making it possible to buy the glasses and for brewing beer that is tasty enough to inspire me LOL. Being from the Milwaukee area, I am fortunate enough to have several outstanding microbreweries in the area, and being the beer snob that I am, I pretty much only drink microbrewery beer. If you ever market to the Milwaukee area I will most certainly buy your beer.

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