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Fourth of July Boat Bash

Location, location, location – the classic realtor’s mantra applies to much more than just saleable edifices. If you’re going to throw a party, you’ve gotta have a good venue. And if the success of that party hinges upon a particular view of the sky in one of the most populous metropolises in the world, location is key. So on the Fourth of July, you can uncross your fingers in the hopes of receiving that invitation from your coworker’s second cousin’s girlfriend who has access to a riverside rooftop, because we’ve got something even better.

Join us and our friends from the NY Distilling Company and Brooklyn Roasting Company to enjoy Independence Day festivities on the rivers of NYC, beneath the canopy of the historic Macy’s fireworks extravaganza. Be careful not to drop your phone into the river as you grapple for Instagram pics, because the view will be spectacular. What’s more is that you’ll enjoy:

+ A heavily-stocked selection of the Brooklyn Can Triumvirate: Lager, Summer Ale & EIPA.

+ A Sea Shanty curated by the land-based cocktail bar of the NY Distilling Co. (The Shanty) featuring a selection of their famous gin cocktails including Dorothy Parker Negronis and Perry’s Tot & Tonics. The Shanty’s bartenders – among the best in the city – will be shaking and stirring as you cruise the harbor.

+ A sobering selection of seriously refreshing single origin cold brews and fresh-roasted
coffee ice cream affogatos by The Brooklyn Roasting Company.

+ A traditional menu of classic 4th of July grub: sausages, watermelon, slaw and more.

$100 All Inclusive — Capacity Limited to 300 People
Proof of Legal Drinking Age Required
Where: Greenpoint Launch at the end of India Street (West St.)
When: 7:30-10:45pm, July 4, 2012
* Check-in between 6-6:45pm — boarding begins at 7:10pm (picnic lunches welcome)

Fourth of July Boat Bash
July 4, 2012 7:10 pm
July 4, 2012 10:45 pm
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June 20, 2012
East River Ferry "John Stephens"
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Greenpoint Terminal: India Street (West St.), Greenpoint, NY, 11222, United States