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Brooklyn Brewery @ 9th Annual Vendy Awards

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The time has come for the 9th Annual Vendy Awards in NYC. Here are the nominees for the Vendy Award:

Andy’s Italian Ices, Bian Dang, Big D’s Grub, blend express, The Cinnamon Snail, Chinese Mirch, Coolhaus, Country Boys Food Truck, Cupcake Crew, Domo Tacos, Eddies Pizza, Empanada, Fisherman’s Dog, Fishing Shrimp, Frites & Meats, fun buns, GO Burger, Gorilla Cheese NYC, Gourmet To Your Doorstep, Green Pirate Juice Truck, Hibachi heaven, Jiannettos pizza and catering, Kimchi Taco, Korilla, La Bella Torte, Mac Truck, Mexico Blvd, Mexicue, Mike n Willies, Milk Truck, Morris Grilled, Mudtruck, Munchie Mobile, Now Eat This, Nuchas, Original Soup Man, Palenque, Phil’s Steaks, Pizza Luca, Rickshaw, Schnitzel & Things, Seoul Food, Solber Pupusas, Souvlaki GR, steaksncrepes, SweeteryNYC, Taco Bite, Taim Mobile, The Treats Truck, ToumTribeca, Trusty Truck, Uncle Gussys, Valducci’s, Wafels N Dinges, Mamak, Mysttik Masada, Neopolitan Express, Nuchas, Sweet Chili, Toum, Bon Chovie LLC, Brooklyn Cured, Lonestar Taco, Khao Man Gai NY, Porchetta, Carpe Donut NYC, Cholita Cuencara, Del’s NYC, Itizy, Liddabit Sweets, Oddfellows Ice Cream Co., Popitbaby, The French Quarter, Home By The Range, Hunger Construction, Molly’s Milk Truck and Tony Boloney’s Mustache Mobile.

Finalists arrive with their carts/trucks and prepare their best eats for Vendy attendees and judges. Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages will be plentiful, with tables and chairs for the food-weary. There will be live music, performances, and a raffle, culminating in a short ceremony naming the award winners!

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Brooklyn Brewery @ 9th Annual Vendy Awards
September 7, 2013
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August 15, 2013
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