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Nya Carnegie Faces Down Winter

frozen snow spirals

The winter winds are whipping across Stockholm, coating the Nya Carnegiebryggeriet brewhouse with blankets of snow and testing the hardy spirit of our Swedish sister brewery across the sea. Battling the chill, the Swedes brewed up a pair of beers perfect for enjoying by the fireside in wait for jultomte.

Who is jultomte, you ask? Well, it’s a Christmas gift-giving gnome and a haunting Swedish-speaking Santa Claus. But more importantly, it involves beer. First up is Ljusslingan, Nya Carnegie’s annual Christmas beer. Five different caramelized and dark roasted malts give the beer warm flavors of toffee, espresso and chocolate and a deep russet brown color. Finished with a dusting of Falconer’s Flight to compliment the malt character with a touch of tropical fruit, Ljusslingan is the perfect way to lighten the long, cold nights ahead.


The brewers at Nya Carnegie were not happy with just one excellent wintry beer. Searching far and wide, the Swedes looked to the furthest reaches of their land to the village of Jukkasjärvi, home to bustling reindeer hordes, sweeping waterways and the legendary ICE HOTEL carved from the mighty Torne River.

The brewers ferried a few massive ice bricks from the Torne River to Stockholm, then settled in for a few rowdy games of Swedish Shuffleboard as they waited for the ice to melt. Three weeks and many, many rounds of shuffleboard later, the ice was gone and it was time to brew with the pure, crisp water in its place, leading to Torne Islager, a strong, crisp Vienna Lager forged with light malts and rugged Nordic ice.


Head to the brewery on December 16th and 17th from 4 to 10 PM as Nya Carnegie breaks out the first bottles of Torne Islager in style. They’re firing up not one, but two wooden hot tubs on the outdoor terrace to keep you toasty during the harsh Swedish winter. Taste the Torne, feast on reindeer and take a dip. Towels, bathing suit, flip flops and viking spirits are encouraged. We’ll bring the beer.

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