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The Brooklyn Brewery Family Goes To Hong Kong


Hong Kong may be part of the list of global culture capitals like Paris, London, and New York, but no one else can claim quite the same crackling energy and mystique that run through the neon-soaked streets and alleys. It pulls in scores of visitors every year, including plenty of Brooklynites. Our president Robin Ottaway first visited in 2006, and now travels there multiple times each year. Brewmaster Garrett Oliver has been going there since the 1980s, because Garrett is usually doing cooler things than the rest of us.

Things have a way of happening quickly in places like Hong Kong. From fashion to architecture and art to good old-fashioned partying, anything the city has turned an eye to has blossomed there. Luckily, that prosperity has now spread to their craft beer scene, and we’re joining the fun with the new HK Yau Brewing Company.

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As our newest member of the Brooklyn Brewery family, HK Yau is ready to carry forth the banner of good beer in Hong Kong. We’ll be releasing Times Square Lager, Underground Pale Ale, and New Kong Wheat beer to get things started and continue to grow from there. We think the wheat beer will be a perfect match for Hong Kong’s subtropical weather and incredible culinary scene. Our pale ale will showcase the meeting of American hops and Chinese tradition. And you know we love a good lager.

We’ve teamed up with our long-time friends at the Hong Kong Brewing Company to get HK Yau out of our dreams and into glasses all over the city. The future is bright and full of intriguing paths, and we have plenty of beer to get us there. Cheers, and 干杯!

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