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Monster’s Log: Thursday, May 31

Kitten Rescue

Steve has inspired me to speak up when the time is right, so when my good pal Andrew (called “Assistant Brewmaster” by the humans) showed me an email a friend sent him about “kittens on the ‘to be destroyed’ list” at the Brooklyn Animal Control Center (2336 Linden Boulevard), I couldn’t help but pass on the word about these little guys in need of emergency placement. Scroll down to meet them…


Bayside A0933851 – 2 month old male long haired black kitten:

Papa John A0933726 – 6 wk old male cream tiger kitten:

Mira A0933543 – 9 wk female Calico:

Prince A0933710 – 10 week male orange tiger kitten:

Tommy a0933413 – 2 month old male Russian Blue (has URI):


Set of 3 kittens, 6 week old brown tigers – a0933433, 34, 35 (here is one pic):

Set of 3 kittens, 4 week old brown tigers – A0933638, 39, 45 (here is one pic):


Candice A0933448 (brown tiger, friendly) & her 7 kittens A0933753, 52, 51, 49, 48, 47, 46 (3 days old, here is one baby pic):