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Monster’s Log: Tuesday, January 31

A river runs through it.

Steve forwarded me an email last Friday with the above photograph attached and “Wwwrrooowlllll!!!!” as the subject line.

Later that day, over dropped bits of lunch I was munching off the floor, Steve explained that the picture is of his friend’s cat, Henry Hudson, and in turn I taught the perplexed brewery founder that the term wwwrrooowlllll is north African in origin and historically used to announce the sudden approach of a challenger. We deduced that Henry Hudson must believe his floating around in an empty Brooklyn mixed case is reason enough to justify an unsolicited application for my succession (not the first to try). My response to Henry Hudson:

From: Monster
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2012 3:07 PM
To: Henry Hudson
Cc: Steve Hindy
Subject: Re: Fwd: Wwwrrooowlllll!!!!

Dear Henry Hudson,

My advice to you is twofold:

[1] Ask your owner what “no vacancy” means.
[2] Get the hint.

Warmest regards,

  • Henry Hudson

    Yeah, well, I’d like to point out that they didn’t name this river “Monster.”  Did they?

    Yr pal, Henry Hudson

  • Anonymous

    No, they did not. But they did name the beer Monster — — and unless I’m entirely mistaken, beer has been around for much longer than that river.


    • Henry Hudson

      Dear Monster,
          I don’t know whether you’re going to like this, but I’ve developed a new home recipe for Henry Hudson Beer. It’s light and hoppy and just 16 ounces is enough to evoke those placid moonlit nights along the eponymous river with the water lapping gently on the shore and the flotsam glistening merrily on its way to the sea. You’re not gonna get the recipe for this one. Rrrrroowwwrrrrrrr.


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