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Foto: Studio Emma Svensson

Sending Up Smoke in Stockholm


Over the past couple years of working with our comrades at Nya Carnegie, one of the most gratifying experiences has been seeing how American and Swedish culture can come together and produce tasty results. For the next chapter in this cross-pollination, Nya Carnegie has laid their hands on one of the most celebrated hallmarks of American cooking: a bona-fide Johannes Hägg Traveling Swedish Smoker Cannon barbecue smoker, proudly designed and assembled by fellow Swedish barbecue fanatics at Vännäs Vokstad. It truly is a thing of beauty:

billy's smoker

Look at that, so new the instructions are still in the smoke cabinet! Johannes Hägg, the mind behind this beautiful beast, has been a year-round barbecue fan for years. He and Max Segerljung, the owner of Vännäs Vokstad (and Johannes’ father-in-law) developed the prototype together to further celebrate their shared love of barbecue, leading to the series’ launch last year. To our knowledge, Nya Carnegie will be the first such smoker used to serve the masses, and Johannes is thrilled to see the gospel of good cooking spread to more and more Swedes.

grillstock tray

To christen the new smoker, we called upon our pitmaster friends at Grillstock UK. We’ve been working with the folks at Grillstock for years, attending their beer-soaked and meat-spattered festivals to proudly pour Brooklyn Brewery beers for legions of thirsty eaters. We figured that if we were going to introduce Sweden to barbecue, we wanted a special team to light the inaugural fire. They’ll do just that on July 15 at the first-ever Beer Day BBQ Bash at Nya Carnegie. Brisket and ribs will be served starting at 2 PM, so don’t dawdle on your way over.

Keep your eyes peeled for more smoky, tender goodness coming out of the Nya Carnegie smoker. We’re confident they’ll do fine work spreading the word of good barbecue far and wide.

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