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A BUB Purrs in Brooklyn

After a private meeting with feline heroine Lil Bub at The Brewery this afternoon, there’s no doubt that she is indeed “the most amazing creature on the planet” — and with over 70.5K likes on Facebook, it’s probably even safe to say she’s the most popular cat on the Internet (with the possible exception of Maru). Quite unfortunately, however, Bub has quite the full schedule whilst here in NYC and could not stay for long, let along forever to be our new cat mascot (never hurts to ask). She did, however, take some time to pay respect to a very special fallen feline from Brooklyn (that’s Monster back there in case you can’t tell):

Lil Bub is so magically photogenic that she requires her very own slideshow, and so behold the below. Thanks to Bub and her people for stopping by Brooklyn Brewery!

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