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We finally distribute in CA! At Anchor Brewing. For one Week? Read on…

UPDATE // JAN 30 The photos are in! Anchor reports:

Anchor brewing staff will wear Giants jerseys and pour samples of Brooklyn’s Sorachi Ace beer during tours of its San Francisco brewery Monday, January 30 through Friday, February 3. “The Niners played a great game but the Giants came out on top, so we’ll stand by our word,” said Dannerbeck. “We’ll be pouring beer from Brooklyn Brewery and wearing the Giants’ colors this week, but don’t worry, our Niners will be back next year and we’ll be hoping for a chance to even the score.”

“We hope our friends in San Francisco enjoy the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Let’s hope for a rematch in 2013,” said Brooklyn Brewery President Steve Hindy.

Public tastings of Brooklyn Beer will not be available during this time, as Anchor tours are available by advance reservation only. Unfortunately, all tours are full this week, but you may call the brewery directly at 415.863.8350 to inquire about any cancellations.

UPDATE // JAN 27 Anchor reports that the Sorachi big bottles and Giants jerseys arrived safely, and that next week their tour guides will pour beer decked out in Big Blue during their Mon-Fri tours at 10am and 1pm, with brewery Chief Dannerbeck kicking off the first tour on Monday. Mr. Dannerbeck has promised to provide us with “photos of the heinous crime scene,” so stay tuned!

UPDATE // JAN 25 Sorachi Ace and Giants jerseys are en route to CA.

UPDATE // JAN 22 Big Blue’s Victory Brings Brooklyn Beer to San Francisco

So it shall be written! Brooklyn Brewery beer and Giants jerseys will grace the Anchor Brewery this coming week. Stay tuned for updates and photos of our seven-day West Coast distribution.

The fabled Anchor bar in The City By The Bay.

A friendly wager has been placed between Brooklyn Brewery and Anchor Brewing Co. that our respective hometown teams will win the National Football Conference game this Sunday.

John Dannerbeck, president of Anchor Brewing Co. of San Francisco, and Steve Hindy, president of Brooklyn Brewery in New York, have agreed to pour the other brewery’s beer and outfit their brewery tour staff in jerseys from the opposing team for a week if their team loses the title game in San Francisco on Sunday. The brewery chiefs will wear the jerseys of shame as well.

“We are very confident that the 49ers will come through for us and we will not have to suffer this humiliation,” said Dannerbeck. “We beat the Giants earlier this year, and I am sure we will do it again.”

“The Giants have come together in an impressive way since the post-season commenced,” said Hindy. “We think Eli Manning and his team are going to avenge that earlier loss and move on to the Super Bowl.”

May the best team win!

  • thedjtheycallc

    Go Niners! Can’t wait to see red and gold in Brooklyn!

    • Boyoyo

      Hows that working out for you now buddy?

  • Michael Gargiulo

    Is this taking into account the spread?

    • Ben Hudson


      • Michael Gargiulo

        Hard to bet against the G-Men right now. I think if the Giants win, the Anchor Brewing staff should also have to wear tight jeans and wear ironic glasses.

  • David Jensen

    Wait, what? I want Brooklyn Beer in San Francisco so … go Giants?!

    • Ben Hudson

      Exactly! If you’ve ever been a San Franciscan wishing that he or she could drink a Brooklyn in California, you better rethink your football allegiances. A Giants victory could be your only chance!

  • Dphaight

     Those clowns from California can’t handle the SUDS—GO BROOKLYN   BREWERY—-GO GIANTS—DAN-Rochester, NEW YORK!!!!!

  • Dallasjbaker

    I think it’s a win either way. Love both brews.

  • Sud Savant

    Eli neede a fluke to do it.  Couldn’t do it on his own.  Much love to the SF49ers and a season that gave me more to cheer about than I have had in a LONG time. :)

    • Ohhellyea

      I think both teams needed over time, and both teams had equal chances. Quite honestly the better team won!

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